YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Untouchable (Official Music Video)

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  1. Britany Trier

    Britany TrierPrije 2 sati

    This man is so lyrical i can hear every thing he is saying not mumble rapper smh

  2. Jemele Harrison

    Jemele HarrisonPrije 8 sati

    This Shiit still bumping in 2019


    FCK THEM ROBLOXPrije 15 sati


  4. Chalisa Beal

    Chalisa BealPrije 16 sati

    I his fan

  5. Dan Brazeau

    Dan BrazeauPrije 19 sati

    💯 🗣 ❤❤❤❤ 🎲 🗣🎉🏆

  6. Ty'von Thompson

    Ty'von ThompsonPrije 21 sat

    Still listening to in December like it up

  7. asxhmh kopela

    asxhmh kopelaPrije 23 sati

    Royalty and loyalty

  8. Tyler Orszulak

    Tyler OrszulakPrije dan


  9. BigGucciSosa

    BigGucciSosaPrije dan

    baby goat

  10. Bean Flicker

    Bean FlickerPrije dan

    This song hit different when you just made it out the hood

  11. Mushfeeqa Davids

    Mushfeeqa DavidsPrije dan


  12. Eyasu Haile

    Eyasu HailePrije dan

    If you still listening to this in December like it

  13. AndrewFx

    AndrewFxPrije dan

    I feel like none of his songs can ever beat this one

  14. AndrewFx

    AndrewFxPrije dan

    Who’s still listening end of 2019

  15. Clyde Rayburn

    Clyde RayburnPrije dan

    Rip juice wrld..

  16. xXTRM Xx

    xXTRM XxPrije dan

    2019 anyone?! Gotta go into 2020 with this song 🙏🏻🗣

  17. Matz Reyz

    Matz ReyzPrije dan

    NBA young boy do live integral with lilbxanks

  18. Josh Cooper

    Josh CooperPrije 2 dana

    Stop with all the clickbait comments and just say something from the heart: Youngboy got me through some hard times with this song, never fails to connect with his audience through his pain/voice.

  19. Vibe

    VibePrije 2 dana

    December 2019?

  20. Mr. Ezekial

    Mr. EzekialPrije 2 dana

    0:36 yoo wtf I got the same shoes as NBA YoungBoy lol

  21. Eli Mor

    Eli MorPrije 2 dana


  22. Jared Harris

    Jared HarrisPrije 2 dana

    Im a pussy

  23. ken mari

    ken mariPrije 2 dana


  24. Lenore Alvord

    Lenore AlvordPrije 2 dana

    Whoever disliked is the biggest nle choppa dick rider/hater

  25. Lenore Alvord

    Lenore AlvordPrije 2 dana

    December 2019

  26. Bella Ibarra

    Bella IbarraPrije 2 dana


  27. Big Huncho

    Big HunchoPrije 2 dana

    Leave a like for yb

  28. A fat 40 year old Mom

    A fat 40 year old MomPrije 3 dana

    Can’t believe yb brother he got arrested for the shooting

  29. The burnt chicken nugget

    The burnt chicken nuggetPrije 21 sat


  30. Lucia Galindo

    Lucia GalindoPrije 3 dana

    Se love yungboy

  31. Jake Poole

    Jake PoolePrije 3 dana

    Everyone felt this song IDC he done related to everyone even fucking newborns

  32. Rajvir Singh

    Rajvir SinghPrije 3 dana

    Fuck This R.i.p Gee money


    KAYLEN SIMSPrije 3 dana

    This lit as hell this been my fav song since 4 days after the realease

  34. WAr YEa

    WAr YEaPrije 3 dana

    Anyone listening December

  35. Zero Xavier

    Zero XavierPrije 4 dana


  36. diamond teeth samurai two2

    diamond teeth samurai two2Prije 4 dana

    Do he even know this song anymore

  37. Young J

    Young JPrije 4 dana

    Who likes this song 🤪🤪


    LANCE WILLISPrije 4 dana

    Who rocking this December 2019

  39. Cam 2sauceyy

    Cam 2sauceyyPrije 5 dana

    keep grinding free ddawg lonliveboozie dump, lil david

  40. Cordavion Sly

    Cordavion SlyPrije 5 dana

    yeees sirr!

  41. Jasmine Owen

    Jasmine OwenPrije 5 dana

    I've been through everything he has and still going through that's why I listen to his music it's real shit