YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Can't Be Saved (Official Audio)

trying to slander me ....... I'm already slayed fuck you bitch fuck everybody changed
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Can't Be Saved (Official Audio)
"4Freedom" available now!
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  1. Exzavior Williams

    Exzavior WilliamsPrije 2 sati


  2. Jimmy Moore

    Jimmy MoorePrije 22 sati

    Who here in 2020

  3. Tay Tay

    Tay TayPrije dan

    Accept yourself You reading your gifted

  4. i'm the god on fn

    i'm the god on fnPrije 5 dana

    :i hot harpies as blood"

  5. Dalvin Thomas

    Dalvin ThomasPrije 6 dana

    I’m here now 💯🙄

  6. Da sean Pandy

    Da sean PandyPrije 7 dana


  7. Jamerson Thomas

    Jamerson ThomasPrije 7 dana


  8. Kariel Gaulden

    Kariel GauldenPrije 8 dana

    Traumatized verse by nba youngboy said 2020 we all gone die😢😭💔

  9. Christopher Jarrell

    Christopher JarrellPrije 8 dana

    Who still bumping dis in 2020 👇🏾

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  11. fidged spinner aya

    fidged spinner ayaPrije 10 dana

    I like this song

  12. JuJizzle

    JuJizzlePrije 10 dana

    He snitching on his self. Young nigga shhh 🤫. But this shit from the heart. Applause to the young nigga 👏🏾

  13. SellOut Ry

    SellOut RyPrije 10 dana


  14. Chris Reyes

    Chris ReyesPrije 10 dana

    All of y'all got herpes now lol

  15. racona

    raconaPrije 11 dana

    I been through this shit now they tryna rewind

  16. Jaheim Brown

    Jaheim BrownPrije 12 dana


  17. Jay fleegang

    Jay fleegangPrije 12 dana

    This shit is greatness

  18. Camille Heard

    Camille HeardPrije 12 dana


  19. franklin broussard

    franklin broussardPrije 13 dana

    Who fucking wit it rn tho!

  20. sha M

    sha MPrije 13 dana

    Trust gone thought you loved me 😢❤️💪

  21. Chris Telsede

    Chris TelsedePrije 14 dana

    Will be a classic one day 💯

  22. Chris Telsede

    Chris TelsedePrije 14 dana

    Tah Smith lol aye you right though

  23. Tah Smith

    Tah SmithPrije 14 dana

    It was a classic when it dropped in the mist of all that bullshitt. You can always depend on YB to be involved in some crazy shitt lmaooo

  24. Tobias Edwards

    Tobias EdwardsPrije 15 dana

    I can’t wait for the new album 🤞🏾🐍

  25. ᗰYᔕᗴᒪᖴ ᒍᗩᗰᗴIOᑎ

    ᗰYᔕᗴᒪᖴ ᒍᗩᗰᗴIOᑎPrije 16 dana


  26. Ca M

    Ca MPrije 17 dana


  27. Dexter Tolbert

    Dexter TolbertPrije 17 dana

    who lit

  28. 1sexymona

    1sexymonaPrije 18 dana

    Who still listening in 2020?? 🔥🔥🔥❤

  29. Tyler Lee

    Tyler LeePrije 19 dana

    I'd rather knock some one down b4 they can help..

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  31. iSell X Rage

    iSell X RagePrije 19 dana


  32. Aniyah and Taj tv

    Aniyah and Taj tvPrije 20 dana


  33. Dello

    DelloPrije 20 dana

    Brung this to 2020 with me real shit🥶💯🗣

  34. layah challenge channel

    layah challenge channelPrije 20 dana

    Who here in 2020?🥱

  35. Darren Dreboty

    Darren DrebotyPrije 21 dan

    RIP kobe NBA youngboy reminds me of kobe but for the rap game

  36. Nasir Jones

    Nasir JonesPrije 21 dan


  37. Angel Alvarez

    Angel AlvarezPrije 21 dan

    What does he mean by again?

  38. Andre Moore

    Andre MoorePrije 22 dana

    rip kobe

  39. retrojaayy

    retrojaayyPrije 22 dana


  40. Patricea Scott

    Patricea ScottPrije 22 dana

    Damn Nene why u do that

  41. Bryan Ramirez

    Bryan RamirezPrije 22 dana


  42. mer berry

    mer berryPrije 22 dana

    2020 anyone

  43. Danny Ramos

    Danny RamosPrije 22 dana

    Who here 2020!?

  44. Supreme TJ

    Supreme TJPrije 23 dana

    2020 ganggg like dis


    TRINITI ARIELEPrije 23 dana


  46. Moddie Mod

    Moddie ModPrije 23 dana

    Feel ya

  47. Kamauri Moore

    Kamauri MoorePrije 24 dana


  48. tariqtoomuch •

    tariqtoomuch •Prije 24 dana


  49. Joshua Jones

    Joshua JonesPrije 25 dana

    This is one of his best songs on god !

  50. Demari Evans

    Demari EvansPrije 27 dana

    Young boy

  51. SpazzTheGamer 106

    SpazzTheGamer 106Prije 27 dana


  52. Enrique Rincon

    Enrique RinconPrije 28 dana

    0:50 he said herpes in my blood

  53. SALAS 831

    SALAS 831Prije 29 dana

    I fw the ending that little speech he gave thats💯 Talk Yo Shit this shit 🔥

  54. Xavy TV

    Xavy TVPrije 29 dana

    Who listening in 2020🧐?

  55. Jamack Nicholson

    Jamack NicholsonPrije mjesec

    Can't be saved that's me on the phone

  56. Skorpionyx

    SkorpionyxPrije mjesec

    Bro 0:50

  57. Christian Riveron

    Christian RiveronPrije mjesec

    Rip x

  58. Eli Sligh

    Eli SlighPrije mjesec

    still play in this shit

  59. No kizzap

    No kizzapPrije mjesec

    who here 2020?🔥

  60. Nicolas Wilson

    Nicolas WilsonPrije mjesec

    If you listening to this in 2020 like this

  61. Ethan Hayes

    Ethan HayesPrije mjesec

    Who here in 2020

  62. Darrious Bolton

    Darrious BoltonPrije mjesec

    " Herpes in my blood and that shit got me crying" 😭man I felt that😪