YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Head On (feat. Kevin Gates) [Official Audio]

YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Head On (feat. Kevin Gates) [Official Audio]
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  1. BIG 4X SLIME Kymani

    BIG 4X SLIME KymaniPrije 9 dana


  2. Ay Jay

    Ay JayPrije 25 dana

    Nba stole that "run up a check" part from this song Jedro & trill mike- Run up a check Check the dates of this video n that video..

  3. Tay Tay

    Tay TayPrije mjesec

    Youngboy said Hop off a Jet, 1 year Later Young Thug said Jump off a Jet LMAO SLATT

  4. Dallas WorldStarNews

    Dallas WorldStarNewsPrije mjesec

    #rns5000 #subscribeback and #watch #The #Lost #Black #Migos #Southern #Kulture #2 #Explicit by Tree Dogg Mr. ATM #on @HRgo - @DJGEETV @DJGEE @iamdjgee @TREEDOGGMRATM @THEREALDJGEE @VSattenXXL #thelostblackmigos #southernkulture2 #arkansas #texas #canada #atmarkansastexastomemphis

  5. Taisha Channel

    Taisha ChannelPrije 2 mjeseci

    My mom listen to dis, dats how im hiped

  6. Godspeed

    GodspeedPrije 2 mjeseci

    2020 this?

  7. Sharleen Sherafatian

    Sharleen SherafatianPrije 2 mjeseci

    This my ridin music

  8. Keith Taylor

    Keith TaylorPrije 2 mjeseci

    Head on 🥶🦍

  9. Trick SFL

    Trick SFLPrije 2 mjeseci this nigga stole the flow from this song and the lyrics🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  10. Derek Dreke

    Derek DrekePrije 3 mjeseci

    Best 1:58 of my life

  11. John Fagundes

    John FagundesPrije 4 mjeseci

    what's the url for this vid

  12. Tyrone Biggums aka Duke

    Tyrone Biggums aka DukePrije 5 mjeseci


  13. ツInsomniac

    ツInsomniacPrije 5 mjeseci

    1:18 when Kevin gates says "Do without breaking a sweat and I been tellin kentrell go till we run out of breath" really inspires me to play harder at football practice

  14. Frank Dorch

    Frank DorchPrije 5 mjeseci

    This song is heat🔥🔥🔥

  15. Cracky Sbţ

    Cracky SbţPrije 5 mjeseci

    Y'all stole this song from jedro' run up a check?

  16. Derek Dreke

    Derek DrekePrije 5 mjeseci

    Why the greatest songs have to be so dam short

  17. Kenny 4kt

    Kenny 4ktPrije 5 mjeseci

    She say roger that😂🤣❗️

  18. Lee Henry

    Lee HenryPrije 5 mjeseci


  19. BATLLE09_

    BATLLE09_Prije 6 mjeseci

    I put it 1.5x sounds like a boss battle If you to get light headed try rapping as fast as the song

  20. ilhan Mohammed

    ilhan MohammedPrije 6 mjeseci


  21. Derek Dreke

    Derek DrekePrije 6 mjeseci

    One of my all time favs B3T

  22. Dead Switch ClanYT

    Dead Switch ClanYTPrije 6 mjeseci

    You know... it feels like a gunna beat

  23. 美的–Aesthetic ∞VIBEZ▩

    美的–Aesthetic ∞VIBEZ▩Prije 7 mjeseci

    *Head on, apply directly to forehead, but It's lit*

  24. Anbie TM

    Anbie TMPrije 7 mjeseci

    Apply directly to the forehead

  25. Timmy Turner

    Timmy TurnerPrije 7 mjeseci

  26. Barbara Hines

    Barbara HinesPrije 8 mjeseci


  27. Blake Creel

    Blake CreelPrije 8 mjeseci


  28. Blake Creel

    Blake CreelPrije 8 mjeseci

    If you reading this I hope you getting some head soon bitches and niggas lmao

  29. Scooter860JR

    Scooter860JRPrije 8 mjeseci

    Gates is the man

  30. foxxii monroe

    foxxii monroePrije 8 mjeseci

    Don't like to text need to get in yo face where you at

  31. lanster 559

    lanster 559Prije 8 mjeseci

    Tell Yo Hoe go fetch🐶 She say Rodger that🔊

  32. Brandon Cousins

    Brandon CousinsPrije 8 mjeseci

    My shitt

  33. Rae'Lynn Rose Vangure

    Rae'Lynn Rose VangurePrije 8 mjeseci

    If you not a fan then don't comment on this video but I'm a fan

  34. Aiden Jackson

    Aiden JacksonPrije 9 mjeseci

    if ur reading dis like if youngboy da ship and y’all gon be da shi yallself

  35. ItsSandra Nation

    ItsSandra NationPrije 9 mjeseci


  36. Hadden Lower

    Hadden LowerPrije 9 mjeseci

    Who else think gates eat every beat he on ?🤣

  37. CRTR

    CRTRPrije 9 mjeseci

    Apply directly to the forehead

  38. Camping Outlanders Association

    Camping Outlanders AssociationPrije 9 mjeseci

    If your reading this an have a roof over your head and food in your stomach YOU ARE WINNIN.

  39. real_ Jones

    real_ JonesPrije 9 mjeseci

    This the most slept on song I ever heard💯

  40. Bubba & Tasha4Lyfe

    Bubba & Tasha4LyfePrije 9 mjeseci

    Best colab right here this hole mixtape is 🔥🔥💯💯 shits a banger fa shoo

  41. Kenteaka Simon

    Kenteaka SimonPrije 10 mjeseci

    My sHit😈

  42. jr biscuit

    jr biscuitPrije 10 mjeseci

    Ah hell ya

  43. Charles Stoudmire

    Charles StoudmirePrije 10 mjeseci

    💪"Walk in and Flex,,,, women be breakin dey neck. They do."🤕

  44. Frances East

    Frances EastPrije 10 mjeseci

    🤯🤯🤯young boys part

  45. Pucasso Red

    Pucasso RedPrije 10 mjeseci

    He Rich no b.s. we all Rich even tho it ain't cash mann./ Understand let me elaborate first I congratulate/ no mistake ur dealn wit the real from the getting on up get ur ass up/ state yeeeahh there's hate not my mind state/ mentally and with confidence been existed / better whenever then late./ Better than never/ever ever/ anyway I'm too clever/turn up the lever / whatever way which way/ this way that way/

  46. Skorpio Savage

    Skorpio SavagePrije 10 mjeseci


  47. SharkidonOfficial

    SharkidonOfficialPrije 10 mjeseci

    Baddest f*cking rappers !!!!!💯🖕🖕🖕

  48. johnnie mitchell

    johnnie mitchellPrije 10 mjeseci


  49. Philande Gallagher

    Philande GallagherPrije 10 mjeseci

    This song isn't long enough 😞

  50. O T M

    O T MPrije 10 mjeseci

    Swear every Youngboy song go hard🤘🏼💯

  51. crunchking 13

    crunchking 13Prije 10 mjeseci

    Wet a block in a day boy I been onnat (“bow” den niggas running)

  52. Cheryl Long

    Cheryl LongPrije 11 mjeseci

    💯💯 💯💯 💯💯 💯💯 💯💯 💯

  53. P YeahMe93

    P YeahMe93Prije 11 mjeseci

    Gimmie neck

  54. Chandler Jaypaul

    Chandler JaypaulPrije 11 mjeseci

    When he mentions, "Oh two bodies we done stretched," he was talking about gee money and blvd quick he a fool.... I bet fredo bang already noticed comment if u agree!!🤔🤔

  55. Liliana Ruvira

    Liliana RuviraPrije 11 mjeseci

    Kevin gates killed it

  56. zay Chosen

    zay ChosenPrije 11 mjeseci

    4K trey

  57. max_

    max_Prije 11 mjeseci

    Gill ?

  58. TheColGateMann

    TheColGateMannPrije godine

    gill with aimware XDD

  59. CroutonGang

    CroutonGangPrije godine

    Here from Gill

  60. jabaridrose fortnite

    jabaridrose fortnitePrije godine

    I love this song and i play with hackers on fortnite