YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Lost Motives [Official Music Video]

YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Lost Motives
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  1. Gandhi Latham

    Gandhi LathamPrije 21 sat


  2. Nba 7383638

    Nba 7383638Prije 22 sati

    Young boy got so much fucking music bruh 😂 I look at a video I’m like oh shit forgot bout this track it’s fire I’m telling you it’s rare to have a rapper that drop so constantly and every time it don’t disappoint people don’t realize rappers like nip YoungBoy juice they different don’t take them for granite cause you won’t when they dead trust

  3. Detric Ware

    Detric WarePrije 22 sati

    I love this song

  4. aaliyah.amarai

    aaliyah.amaraiPrije dan

    2020 anyone?

  5. Raeoniah Morris

    Raeoniah MorrisPrije dan

    was that his girl?

  6. Regina Watson

    Regina WatsonPrije dan


  7. Kalanna Grice

    Kalanna GricePrije dan


  8. RiceEater Beats

    RiceEater BeatsPrije dan

    check out my beats

  9. Candice Boyland

    Candice BoylandPrije 2 dana


  10. ndiver

    ndiverPrije 2 dana

    anyone know where i can get the sweater with the tiger on it that he's wearing?

  11. Guillermo iQUIT RIGGodeaux

    Guillermo iQUIT RIGGodeauxPrije 2 dana

    Too much auto tune...

  12. Cormori Willams

    Cormori WillamsPrije 2 dana


  13. Alex Anderson

    Alex AndersonPrije 3 dana

    NBA because Nle steal every beat from NBA youngboy,besides NBA youngboy,s best song isFreedawg

  14. Miles Cumbermack

    Miles CumbermackPrije 3 dana

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="75">1:15</a> to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="106">1:46</a> the hardest part🔥

  15. lambert good

    lambert goodPrije 3 dana


  16. Kathy Coutee

    Kathy CouteePrije 3 dana


  17. marcus buchanan

    marcus buchananPrije 4 dana

    NBA young boy 🤑🤑🤑🤑

  18. Bossman G

    Bossman GPrije 4 dana

    Don’t let’em steal u 👌🏾

  19. Like Mikejrtv

    Like MikejrtvPrije 4 dana

    I’m one of your Biggest fan

  20. Like Mikejrtv

    Like MikejrtvPrije 4 dana

    If one of your biggest fans

  21. Lyn Jenkins

    Lyn JenkinsPrije 5 dana

    Dkdododdjcjhup is a

  22. lourde sylvain

    lourde sylvainPrije 5 dana


  23. Antonio11 Erving

    Antonio11 ErvingPrije 5 dana


  24. maelynn grimes

    maelynn grimesPrije 5 dana


  25. BlackBoy Almostfamous

    BlackBoy AlmostfamousPrije 5 dana

    Choppa and Yb need to make some music who think its going to hard..! Like if u think comment if u don't.. :(

  26. Cali Mckenzie

    Cali MckenziePrije 6 dana

    Ant that the girl from dirty iyanna

  27. Tavaren Daniels

    Tavaren DanielsPrije 6 dana


  28. NBA king

    NBA kingPrije 8 dana


  29. NBA king

    NBA kingPrije 8 dana


  30. Ke'Ondra Alexander

    Ke'Ondra AlexanderPrije 8 dana

    So much baby

  31. Ke'Ondra Alexander

    Ke'Ondra AlexanderPrije 8 dana

    My baby

  32. Ke'Ondra Alexander

    Ke'Ondra AlexanderPrije 8 dana

    Love you

  33. Maiuca De jong

    Maiuca De jongPrije 9 dana

    Nba yb is better🐐💚

  34. KingRell81

    KingRell81Prije 9 dana

    Can someone tell me that white car behind the Maybach

  35. KingRell81

    KingRell81Prije 9 dana

    Can someone tell me all the cars

  36. 7 wonders

    7 wondersPrije 9 dana

    Nigga what

  37. lilk2 spookie

    lilk2 spookiePrije 10 dana

    Slime 4ktray

  38. boom shakatacalaka

    boom shakatacalakaPrije 11 dana

    Boy got them 70s tight disco pants on he my boy though NBA keep doing your thing keep bettering yourself mfs ain't your friends and use your voice to help these kids your voice more powerful than you think my lil cuz going through it rn and I dont want my mans dead and he loves you please show these kids the way u came along way keep progressing for them babies sir 💯💯

  39. Sheronda Selmon

    Sheronda SelmonPrije 11 dana

    NBA is very talented so hope he keep his shine

  40. Sheronda Selmon

    Sheronda SelmonPrije 11 dana

    Love his music yessss

  41. Shakerra Laster

    Shakerra LasterPrije 12 dana


  42. Falicilicano King

    Falicilicano KingPrije 12 dana

    Yesssssirrr 🙏💯💯

  43. Kale real Game on

    Kale real Game onPrije 12 dana


  44. Tay K91

    Tay K91Prije 13 dana

    Congratulations!!!....! Check out my artist HRgo page Tking west....we need beats

  45. Tay K91

    Tay K91Prije 13 dana

    Who made this beat

  46. Lakisha Morens

    Lakisha MorensPrije 13 dana

    Change us

  47. Seph the goat god Xx

    Seph the goat god XxPrije 13 dana

    NBA YoungBoy is my favorite rapper

  48. Jeremia Bates

    Jeremia BatesPrije 13 dana

    The thumbnail look like he frated 😂😂#childish af 😂😂

  49. Matthew Rivera

    Matthew RiveraPrije 13 dana

    Will he ever do a big feature?

  50. Freddie Jamison

    Freddie JamisonPrije 14 dana


  51. Man Hue

    Man HuePrije 14 dana

    Is there even lyrics to yb songs

  52. Michelle Crayton

    Michelle CraytonPrije 14 dana

    Nle choppa is scared of nba young boy

  53. Kevin psg

    Kevin psgPrije 14 dana

    Mercedes Maybach S 650 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="39">0:39</a>

  54. Kevin psg

    Kevin psgPrije 14 dana

    Nice Dodge Challenger <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="26">0:26</a>

  55. Boogie

    BoogiePrije 15 dana

    Who da fuck is this boy?

  56. George Salazar

    George SalazarPrije 15 dana

    Told her I love you, she responded bitch i hate you!!!🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♂️💚

  57. Destiny Perez

    Destiny PerezPrije 15 dana

    Goat 🐐

  58. Destiny Perez

    Destiny PerezPrije 15 dana


  59. Destiny Perez

    Destiny PerezPrije 15 dana


  60. Marquin Gordon

    Marquin GordonPrije 15 dana


  61. Almightyaaron 2xx

    Almightyaaron 2xxPrije 15 dana

    sub to my youtube its my name

  62. Ely Mekhi

    Ely MekhiPrije 16 dana

    Get this to 50 million if your a true NBA YoungBoy fan💚!!!!!!!

  63. Tryhard Z

    Tryhard ZPrije 16 dana

    Any one in 2020

  64. gamingwithdrw andre

    gamingwithdrw andrePrije 16 dana

    i like young boy

  65. cameron dudley

    cameron dudleyPrije 16 dana

    this shit was goated

  66. Petey Gilbert

    Petey GilbertPrije 16 dana


  67. Markell Birt

    Markell BirtPrije 17 dana

    HMU if you want to come talk slime

  68. Ray May

    Ray MayPrije 17 dana

    Live it up🔥


    EL PERFUMÉPrije 17 dana

    Why do I feel like NBA Youngboy is next to die, he's at his peak.

  70. Tsion

    TsionPrije 17 dana

    Put this on Apple Music plz

  71. PreKay Drip

    PreKay DripPrije 18 dana Original Everthing.!! I made Everything. U Believe in Me??

  72. bighollowda1

    bighollowda1Prije 19 dana check this out nba full show recap first performance in a YEAR❗️❗️❗️or click my profile

  73. Sugga

    SuggaPrije 19 dana

    his auto tune giving me nb rida mc magic vibes.. 😭

  74. Challa Woods

    Challa WoodsPrije 19 dana

    My name is kendyn an your number one fine

  75. Mally Breeze

    Mally BreezePrije 19 dana

    Check out Lil Jav - My Door (Fast) 🤟🏾🔥🔥

  76. Mono!

    Mono!Prije 20 dana

    His voice ain’t gonna sound like this if he keeps smoking cigarettes.

  77. Kameisha Perry

    Kameisha PerryPrije 20 dana


  78. Melissa

    MelissaPrije 20 dana

    This beat is to hard n his lyrics tuff asl 🔥

  79. flii solo

    flii soloPrije 20 dana

  80. Patrina Roberts

    Patrina RobertsPrije 20 dana

    C boy 😂😂😂😂😂