YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Astronaut Kid (Official Video)

YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Astronaut Kid (Official Video)
"Until Death Call My Name Reloaded" available now!
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  1. JU MANE

    JU MANEPrije 30 minuta

    1 of the REALEST flows

  2. Rogang badswagking1

    Rogang badswagking1Prije dan

    um i don't like the way that he saids come suck on his ds nuts ewwwww.

  3. patrick james

    patrick jamesPrije dan


  4. patrick james

    patrick jamesPrije dan


  5. patrick james

    patrick jamesPrije dan

    Guytrtjeuie8u438ttigj5mti4ni87tu4ti7t9itjh8u/u58uu9ti4ijgifju47tjumb tohiyyyo iolpbknmiyjt8^%/j343i47tu4uru4huhmgjhmg Gkkgmyihu

  6. Nicole Thomas

    Nicole ThomasPrije dan

    Like a rocket

  7. Derrick King

    Derrick KingPrije 2 dana

    My boy youngboy

  8. Hezi Anthony

    Hezi AnthonyPrije 2 dana

    NBA youngboy can you still rap soon you 40 years

  9. Hezi Anthony

    Hezi AnthonyPrije 2 dana


  10. robert young

    robert youngPrije 2 dana

    this gave me memberies

  11. Lashanti Horton

    Lashanti HortonPrije 2 dana


  12. Jadenthegodfrm GS9xESB Bbg

    Jadenthegodfrm GS9xESB BbgPrije 4 dana

    Who banging this track in 2020

  13. lulkaay

    lulkaayPrije 4 dana

    Sexc 💚

  14. JaylenDanery

    JaylenDaneryPrije 4 dana

    Yo son look like you young boy

  15. ELCHAPO 32130

    ELCHAPO 32130Prije 4 dana

    1:21 hold tf up

  16. Macey Richardson

    Macey RichardsonPrije 6 dana

    I got my niggas on my side 🔐💚💚💚💚

  17. ACE Goon

    ACE GoonPrije 7 dana

    Days I cried to this song fr... I'm truly blessed

  18. Thomas Locklear

    Thomas LocklearPrije 8 dana

    L love this song

  19. Aniyah Wallace

    Aniyah WallacePrije 8 dana

    Who still bumping into this in 2020 like if you are

  20. Kierra Powe

    Kierra PowePrije 9 dana

    NBA young boy I’m a young fan

  21. Kierra Powe

    Kierra PowePrije 9 dana


  22. sosa lavontae sosa

    sosa lavontae sosaPrije 9 dana


  23. Alex Ayala

    Alex AyalaPrije 10 dana

    Nice video gg bro


    HASHIM BAKHITPrije 12 dana

    Love. You 😘

  25. Cordell Williams

    Cordell WilliamsPrije 12 dana

    who still listing to this in 2020 me

  26. Jaterria Peterson

    Jaterria PetersonPrije 13 dana

    NBA Young Boy was broke not rich

  27. Vince Villanueva

    Vince VillanuevaPrije 13 dana

    2020 anyone?

  28. Adrevion Harris

    Adrevion HarrisPrije 13 dana

    He was to rauy on this video

  29. Post Script

    Post ScriptPrije 13 dana

    Best music video of all time

  30. ɢʜxsᴛɢɪᴍsᴇʟғ

    ɢʜxsᴛɢɪᴍsᴇʟғPrije 13 dana


  31. HH Music

    HH MusicPrije 14 dana

    Un saludos desde #CiudadJuárez 🥴🇲🇽 exito, hay mexicanos aquí?

  32. Kayla Simpson

    Kayla SimpsonPrije 15 dana

    This has a certain vibe

  33. Fortnite Acc Shop

    Fortnite Acc ShopPrije 15 dana

    I love this song cause it’s so innocent and has a nice message

  34. Jessica Walker

    Jessica WalkerPrije 15 dana

    He need some space

  35. Vernell Jackson

    Vernell JacksonPrije 16 dana

    I love YB

  36. Ruben Robinson

    Ruben RobinsonPrije 16 dana

    No cap YB love you!!$ he get and ain't going to stop

  37. Damien Hollis

    Damien HollisPrije 16 dana


  38. I am D'Shante

    I am D'ShantePrije 16 dana

    If you bumping this in February 2020 u a real one💚💚🤑

  39. Naturally Amyree

    Naturally AmyreePrije 17 dana

    Thanos: I will snap my fingers and the world will ceased to exist. Youngboy: i GoT tHe WoRLd iN mY eYeZ

  40. QUEEN T plays

    QUEEN T playsPrije 17 dana

    It was at 0:48

  41. QUEEN T plays

    QUEEN T playsPrije 17 dana

    Was not*

  42. QUEEN T plays

    QUEEN T playsPrije 17 dana

    Umm did anyone notice that he was not wearing his astronaut hat if he was on the moon and wearing it how could he breath?

  43. BIG DAWG

    BIG DAWGPrije 18 dana

    1:57 wen u and ur parents arguing in front of you

  44. BIG DAWG

    BIG DAWGPrije 18 dana

    2:40-2:50 the way i hold and look at my girl

  45. Camron Brown

    Camron BrownPrije 19 dana

    Do you need to be a God can 💵😭😭🤬🤬😡💘💘💘💘

  46. Camron Brown

    Camron BrownPrije 19 dana


  47. Monae Carter

    Monae CarterPrije 19 dana

    All youngboy haters they can die right now cuz we slime out we won't die today

  48. Lily_.pastelowo Ree

    Lily_.pastelowo ReePrije 19 dana

    Only real NBA YoungBoy fans can like this

  49. Ryan Hall

    Ryan HallPrije 19 dana


  50. weplaycod4 ___

    weplaycod4 ___Prije 19 dana

    nba is my nigga

  51. pc

    pcPrije 20 dana

    You going to space

  52. Young Baller

    Young BallerPrije 20 dana

    I like all of the songs like a

  53. ReVerb_GassedupYT

    ReVerb_GassedupYTPrije 20 dana

    My nick name is tay tay too thats carzy

  54. Boulla Tapp

    Boulla TappPrije 20 dana

    Yea mann this song should have had 100mil...

  55. Kyro Marine

    Kyro MarinePrije 22 dana

    Nba merch go add me on Instagram @spam_kyro

  56. Josiah Reeves

    Josiah ReevesPrije 22 dana

    I love Yb I’m a fan

  57. Troll Only

    Troll OnlyPrije 23 dana

    You looking At a ball

  58. Brian Charles

    Brian CharlesPrije 24 dana

    How’s listening in 2020🔥🔥🤘🏾

  59. Gavin Albert

    Gavin AlbertPrije 24 dana

    A y'all #4kt

  60. Eric Taylor

    Eric TaylorPrije 24 dana

    i blasting this in class

  61. Latoya Sims

    Latoya SimsPrije 25 dana

    I feel him ,on this im take off n do so much better n my life,