YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Murda (feat. Trippie Red) [Official Audio]

YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Murda (feat. Trippie Red) [Official Audio]
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  1. Parker Hale

    Parker HalePrije 2 dana


  2. Parker Hale

    Parker HalePrije 2 dana

    Trippie went off

  3. James Mancilla

    James MancillaPrije 3 dana

    2020 fireeeee

  4. 12 forl

    12 forlPrije 6 dana

    1:29 is the best part 📈❄️


    WILLIAM FANNINPrije 6 dana

    Follow me on IG at pointgaurd24

  6. IntroVERSION

    IntroVERSIONPrije 6 dana

    so glad my guy has a good taste in music

  7. joemoneygee hughes

    joemoneygee hughesPrije 6 dana

    no cap this the shit

  8. King Shiloh

    King ShilohPrije 6 dana

    Where I’m from

  9. Lexie Breean

    Lexie BreeanPrije 7 dana

    It won't load

  10. Zachery Marco

    Zachery MarcoPrije 11 dana

    Damn Trippie red sounds a lot like Trippie Redd

  11. Zell

    ZellPrije 14 dana

    trippe was trippen on this one🧡

  12. //LIL MOZART //

    //LIL MOZART //Prije 15 dana the lyrics

  13. Christi Hughes

    Christi HughesPrije 17 dana

    Your songs are🔥

  14. Arlington sweeting

    Arlington sweetingPrije 20 dana

    Is it only me but if u heard this song before does it seem like the slowed down from the first time u heard it or is it only me like this if it's not only me

  15. Malachi Isreal

    Malachi IsrealPrije 22 dana


  16. Frederick Owens

    Frederick OwensPrije 22 dana

    Am skid to die😂😂

  17. Frederick Owens

    Frederick OwensPrije 22 dana

    Am skid to die😂😂

  18. William Dail

    William DailPrije 23 dana

    Rip my cuz xzaver hven I hop

  19. K-Ro Flo Music

    K-Ro Flo MusicPrije 23 dana

    All 4 the luv of the murda... Murddaaaa..!!

  20. Camille Whyte

    Camille WhytePrije 25 dana

    Stop playin wit trippie 😁🤧

  21. spahgetti toes

    spahgetti toesPrije 27 dana

    trippie let himself go...

  22. Dreadheaddre Vape box

    Dreadheaddre Vape boxPrije 29 dana


  23. Dylan Rip

    Dylan RipPrije mjesec

    Are we just not gonna act like trippe totally killed this?

  24. Ricardo Peralta

    Ricardo PeraltaPrije mjesec

    187 send your ass to heaven: most badass part of the song

  25. UziGotFame

    UziGotFamePrije mjesec


  26. Zaydaballer

    ZaydaballerPrije mjesec

    If ya here 2020 sub to me 😂😂

  27. Anthony Easterling

    Anthony EasterlingPrije mjesec


  28. Ethel Broom

    Ethel BroomPrije mjesec

    I love this

  29. Fair

    FairPrije mjesec

    2020 anyone?

  30. Faze Mari Good

    Faze Mari GoodPrije mjesec


  31. Nicholas Fonseca

    Nicholas FonsecaPrije mjesec

    Who still listening to dis in 2020 like if u r

  32. NOT izyourboi

    NOT izyourboiPrije 9 dana

    Nicholas Fonseca 4kt nigga 🔫🔴

  33. Shun Mccants

    Shun MccantsPrije 13 dana


  34. Javi monchelo

    Javi moncheloPrije 19 dana

    real fan nba

  35. Liljay64 64gang

    Liljay64 64gangPrije 23 dana

    Nicholas Fonseca me

  36. Mr Gaby

    Mr GabyPrije mjesec

    Es song go hard i listen to it every day😂

  37. Family Love

    Family LovePrije mjesec

    4KT I'm slime if you is a fan like

  38. Aaron Jones

    Aaron JonesPrije mjesec

    2020 anyone?

  39. Code Blue

    Code BluePrije mjesec

    I come back.... I’m still not feeling trippie I don’t understand

  40. B O

    B OPrije mjesec

    2020 anybody

  41. king Malone

    king MalonePrije mjesec

    If u a real fan of nba like this

  42. High LifeQc

    High LifeQcPrije mjesec

    Do you actually that’s a diss about 187 à canadian explicit gang un Québec

  43. Mauricio Luevano

    Mauricio LuevanoPrije mjesec

    Who listing 2114

  44. Victoria Gettings

    Victoria GettingsPrije mjesec

    Who still fw this is 2020

  45. Envy p3

    Envy p3Prije mjesec


  46. ZERO

    ZEROPrije mjesec

    The song cover is pretty shit

  47. Bart Wing

    Bart WingPrije mjesec

    Idk if it's only me but trippie sound like a white dude half the time

  48. cole simons

    cole simonsPrije mjesec


  49. Aaron Alcaraz

    Aaron AlcarazPrije mjesec

    Trippier red and NBA young boy make a good collab

  50. marquesh302

    marquesh302Prije mjesec


  51. Kevin Knox

    Kevin KnoxPrije mjesec

    Fuck that talkin run down on em hunnid shots in that drum Said he want me but I ain't scared we go to war where I'm from 💯

  52. karlfire karlfire

    karlfire karlfirePrije mjesec


  53. Yo Mama

    Yo MamaPrije mjesec

    If u a nba young boy fan like this

  54. Demarion Foster

    Demarion FosterPrije mjesec


  55. Jermaine Galloway

    Jermaine GallowayPrije mjesec

    On my mom slime da lron it murde in my city

  56. Zander McLean

    Zander McLeanPrije 2 mjeseci

    -listening to this in the car friend: *ALL FOR THE LOVE OF THE MURDAAAA*

  57. Bb Bb

    Bb BbPrije 2 mjeseci

    It’s 2019,December and I’m still listing to dis song. Like if you a real youngboy fan and if this song lit

  58. Wilens Galette

    Wilens GalettePrije 2 mjeseci

    “Ain’t nothing to get’cha wacked off. Act hard.” 🔥 🔥 🔥

  59. JayEsAye

    JayEsAyePrije 2 mjeseci


  60. Julia Freitas

    Julia FreitasPrije 2 mjeseci

  61. Eduardo Luis

    Eduardo LuisPrije 2 mjeseci

    R.I.P JUICE WRLD ;;;-;;;

  62. Ariel Salazar

    Ariel SalazarPrije 2 mjeseci


  63. Akazo Houston

    Akazo HoustonPrije 2 mjeseci

    Song still good

  64. Katine Martin

    Katine MartinPrije 2 mjeseci

    If you from Louisiana 👍like my comment 🐊🐊❤️

  65. jay thatboy

    jay thatboyPrije 2 mjeseci

    I'm dying with it I'll never change up