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  1. Felipe Salas

    Felipe SalasPrije 23 sati

    Lo que entendí es que zapatero asu zapato

  2. Dimas Novandika

    Dimas NovandikaPrije dan

    The twin

  3. Jose Garcia

    Jose GarciaPrije dan

    That boy throwing heat! Yea big Francis is a heavyweight but if he didn't have pads on that definitely would've affected him as long as he can't throw anything back cuz then Ryan better Run! Ahhh LMAO 😂😅

  4. Rocky Bullwinkle

    Rocky BullwinklePrije dan

    Just when I thought I could whoop any ex champion over 50 I see Mike train and yep he can still whoop my ass

  5. DJ C

    DJ CPrije dan

    I wish they fought. Could Overeem have beat Cain if he got past Big Foot in 2013?

  6. angieb669

    angieb669Prije dan

    Man he was hittin the white off that vest

  7. kuroro

    kuroroPrije dan

    He's way better at this than boxing.

  8. EveryDay Training

    EveryDay TrainingPrije dan

    it's like only his face changed a bit :D

  9. 6eight5 NS

    6eight5 NSPrije dan

    That punch on his jaw would put him to sleep

  10. Swapnil Bandodkar

    Swapnil BandodkarPrije dan

    Anthony Joshua vs Tyson fury next match to make up............ (Wembley stadium)

  11. Lorenzo Garcia

    Lorenzo GarciaPrije dan

    Now Ryan puts it on right?

  12. Aaron Fleisher

    Aaron FleisherPrije dan

    Screw this MMA BS. Tickle fight!

  13. Eduardo Orozco

    Eduardo OrozcoPrije dan

    He hyped that's it.

  14. meftah mourad

    meftah mouradPrije dan

    Fight against lomachenko and let us see what are you going to do 😂

  15. Mahabub Molla

    Mahabub MollaPrije dan

    He is so damn right,,, wwe is fake , scripted , but Cena is not fat.....and Conor can beat many wwe asswholes

  16. Matthew Howell

    Matthew HowellPrije dan

    Floyd's the smartest dude I've seen he could tell what was going on with Adrian. Floyd pushed him out his life like a midwife😂

  17. James Warden

    James WardenPrije dan

    You little fucken squirt 😂😂

  18. Matthew Howell

    Matthew HowellPrije dan

    If you're about billions why would you be upset about 10 million😕. Do the math the talk and the numbers aren't adding up.

  19. Craft Vibez

    Craft VibezPrije dan

    Y'all must of forgot ft Roy jones still 🔥🔥🔥

  20. hunahil2

    hunahil2Prije dan

    Poor kid probably broke his hand...

  21. Jorge Calvo

    Jorge CalvoPrije dan

    Linares wearing 16oz winning and fly UK training boxing gloves looks more powerful than ryan's on 8oz horsehair no boxing no life fight gloves

  22. yomal perez z

    yomal perez zPrije dan

    Un peso hombre va un peso mujer.

  23. Joseph Hillery

    Joseph HilleryPrije dan

    Roy yours great but Tyson will Destroy you

  24. Solomon Smith lll

    Solomon Smith lllPrije dan

    Roy please dont do this. Stop. IRON MIKE TYSON wasnt human then and hes still not human now. " if he dies he dies". Listen to Drago.

  25. Titanium Born

    Titanium BornPrije dan

    Ass kisser😆

  26. Mansa Joka

    Mansa JokaPrije dan

    Yoo seriously ?? Come on Thurman smh we know guys tough mentally but wear damn gear man smh taking blows from any body to your hands let’s be honest

  27. Titanium Born

    Titanium BornPrije dan

    Runtime 🏃

  28. iron life

    iron lifePrije dan

    Damn he's got a little taller since different strokes 🙊🤣🤣..yea get you some tyson Willis

  29. Crystal Thomas

    Crystal ThomasPrije dan

    Fake as hell like most of these rappers now days

  30. Crystal Thomas

    Crystal ThomasPrije dan

    I'm watching this after he got his ass whooped 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  31. Outcold Fella

    Outcold FellaPrije dan

    He laughin like this is light work to him but he did push him bak alittle doe wit those big hard shots

  32. Lemar Plump

    Lemar PlumpPrije dan

    Barry Hunter doesn't need to agree with the scores because he isn't a judge. That's why they have judges to score the fight. Spence clearly won the fight.

  33. Carlos Toribio

    Carlos ToribioPrije dan

    Ya make me laugh i swear one of those shots to the jaw from ryan would put that francis in a comatose people really think they invincible

  34. coolsweat67 Masbate island

    coolsweat67 Masbate islandPrije dan


  35. AE 123

    AE 123Prije dan

    After fame nothing's changed. Even rich and can just do anything he wants. He's priority is still boxing and will always be his love of his life. This is what a real great boxer is. Not just because of winning. But because of what they've done for their country and for others. Manny Paquiao is a senator and a Father and a Boxing Legend how could you not say he is the one of the GOATS in boxing?.

  36. Jose Arana

    Jose AranaPrije dan

    Is it me or did he bulk up a bit

  37. Rock God

    Rock GodPrije dan

    Miesha Tate is one sexy lady 😊😊😊

  38. Javier Lopez

    Javier LopezPrije dan

    Estas son puterias ni que una pinché truza pesará 100 gramos

  39. the realm

    the realmPrije dan

    You look good Mike but don't do it.

  40. Cjcg 650

    Cjcg 650Prije dan

    Make Canelo do it with him 😂😂

  41. shark

    sharkPrije dan

    Manny, so humble good job using rubberbands for your fists in your boxing gloves against Margarito, you want to see the tape with the boxing commissioner?

  42. Mr. M

    Mr. MPrije dan


  43. El Hebreo

    El HebreoPrije dan

    Iron Mike looks fit 😳

  44. Ant Man

    Ant ManPrije dan

    Holyfield look to old to fight Tyson right now, he is 57 and Tyson 53. Or he does box so slow on purpose to dupe Tyson that could be that ... I hope it is the case or he will be in serious trouble ... Whatever, Holyfield was the real deal back in time what ever Tyson fans have to say.

  45. jian chen

    jian chenPrije dan

    Fedor is cute

  46. justin angpo

    justin angpoPrije dan

    You called him a pusssi bitch, listen you ate famous coz you got to talk to him, peopl will now know you as you get to face Cornor and talk bitch

  47. matt gage

    matt gagePrije dan

    Last thing the ufc heavyweights want to see is mike Tyson showing francis nganou how to sharpen his technique. he gonna end up being Elon musks biggest competition when it comes to launching people into space.

  48. Satch Persaud

    Satch PersaudPrije dan

    I think it would be big for boxing, the heavyweight class is nothing like it was in his day, I would love to see him become a real contender again

  49. Anthony Mcken

    Anthony MckenPrije dan

    I love it. Real talk.

  50. Ramy Tube

    Ramy TubePrije dan


  51. Nikola Maodus

    Nikola MaodusPrije dan

    Dam those 2 women are gorgeous

  52. han solo

    han soloPrije dan

    Garcia is no joke......francis was bracing

  53. Popice Rachiid

    Popice RachiidPrije dan

    لما تعطى الإمكانيات للمغاربة سيحطمون جميع الأجناس في الحلبة ⁦🇲🇦⁩⁦🇲🇦⁩⁦🇲🇦⁩⁦🇲🇦⁩💪💪💪💪

  54. Bruno Barny

    Bruno BarnyPrije dan

    Avec Tyson, sur un coup tout peut s arrêter !!!!

  55. Marcus Maxwell

    Marcus MaxwellPrije dan

    Tank don't want that Devin smoke. Plus Mayweather's done trained him. Should of never took Floyd girl lol

  56. Tyro Cyr

    Tyro CyrPrije dan


  57. bamz23

    bamz23Prije dan

    idk why all the hate on ryan, the kid can punch

  58. Fighters Corner

    Fighters CornerPrije dan

    Ggg is a fantastic fighter he his inspirational I personally thought he won both Canelo fights he was so humble after the fights too. I really like Canelo I am a fan but I thought Canelo lost both fights to be truthful

  59. Kai Johnson

    Kai JohnsonPrije dan

    Wilder on Joshua "This is gonna be another Lennox Lewis V Riddick Bowe effect"

  60. yagura ouno

    yagura ounoPrije dan

    THEY FUCKING SUCK i swear i don't even know how he made it to the world champ, honestly they suck

  61. Robert Rouse

    Robert RousePrije dan

    If h3 is jacked then by your standards I am and I know I am not

  62. Adriano Queiroz

    Adriano QueirozPrije dan

    Mais encenado que WWE

  63. Damagedone56

    Damagedone56Prije dan

    Ryans got hands for sure

  64. I am god sent

    I am god sentPrije dan

    1:11 I was drinking water and spilt it everywhere from laughing

  65. Wayne Mathews

    Wayne MathewsPrije dan

    Its only fair that Mayweather gets into to cage with Conor too

  66. babytstorm

    babytstormPrije dan

    I think holyfield the more he moves his body and gets his body moving after all those years out will be interesting right now looks like he never trained and age caught him, tyson just never stopped training and his diet is what kept his body in shape i think tyson right now would sleep holyfield love the both of them but give another couple of months to see the progress of evander, the more you train the speed and power comes with it. So good luck to both just really excited to see two greats get in the ring for such great occasions. Much love and respect.

  67. thisizdub

    thisizdubPrije dan

    They're not thinking about you. He'd get hurt vs mike. 1st round

  68. Bashar200 Alkhayyat

    Bashar200 AlkhayyatPrije dan

    When vidal started talking shanon ligit seemed like a clown to everyone lmao, and after ksi won hes more of a clown then ever

  69. Kai Johnson

    Kai JohnsonPrije dan

    So disappointed that he never ended up fighting Joshua

  70. Tin Star

    Tin StarPrije dan

    Don't hire Don King this time. Keep your money

  71. Hard4Jesus

    Hard4JesusPrije dan

    The boy is gonna hurt his hands.


    OCNBXNGPrije dan

    He's such a nice guy

  73. mattoss ツ

    mattoss ツPrije dan

    Where the fuck can I buy one like that

  74. Cobra R

    Cobra RPrije dan

    Teach him how to fight, and not how to run😂 ok?

  75. 5 Star MGTOW

    5 Star MGTOWPrije dan

    At 53 he moves better than 90% of teenagers on the planet

  76. Freddy

    FreddyPrije dan

    Tyson is a great boxer and moves fast for a massive guy. Deontay was out of his depth but what a great boxer and great champion he was.

  77. Freddy

    FreddyPrije dan

    I agree with Clarissa first knock down though was a left hook on the point of Deontay's chin and a fast short right side of the head not, definitely not behind the ear.

  78. Freddy

    FreddyPrije dan

    I like listening to Mr Porter and don't forget Deontay is a great guy and a fabulous champion and Tyson is a good guy.

  79. Blazerdurando

    BlazerdurandoPrije dan

    Is it the 🐅 that became a 🐈 over the time?

  80. Ian Folmar

    Ian FolmarPrije dan

    Mc Bride II !!!!!!$$$$$$$

  81. Jacob Sirak

    Jacob SirakPrije dan

    I see where Joshua is coming from but Lennox would box him into the dark realm

  82. Real Money

    Real MoneyPrije dan

    You meant to say you lost to canelo a fight you should have won if you fought the bigger man fight 🤷🏾‍♂️

  83. Randy Nunez

    Randy NunezPrije dan

    Great fighter!!

  84. Ochoa Bey

    Ochoa BeyPrije dan

    Yall keep hyping *Haney* and *Lopez* up just to get knocked out. Tank knocking both them kids out. Stop playing with his name like that."

  85. deem ay

    deem ayPrije dan

    Pauline sees like he is on cokes 24/7 . Are you kidding me ? Look how he looks , the way he move , the way he talks !!

  86. Jaylin Lawson

    Jaylin LawsonPrije dan

    You Got Your Ass Whopped 😂😂😂😂

  87. Adrian Chambliss

    Adrian ChamblissPrije dan

    Mayweather just showed him his C - game to beat Berto . Mayweather didn’t have to use strength like he did vs cotto. Or his accuracy vs Canelo or Pac Man.

  88. Dante Mactavish

    Dante MactavishPrije dan

    But Francis would knock him out for 3 years with one punch

  89. Sunny Rathod

    Sunny RathodPrije dan

    Foreman at his prime was a different animal. The upper cut that lifted Joe Frazier off his feet makes that very clear.the man said he wanted to kill someone in the ring to prove he's the best.In his second career, that wasn't the case. so even though he was that big and strong, he shortened his punches and sacrificed power for accuracy..but what's crazy is that even with that adjustment, it was still awesome power!!

  90. Jaylin Lawson

    Jaylin LawsonPrije dan

    His Laugh At 12:34 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  91. Manuel Sanchez

    Manuel SanchezPrije dan

    Canelo number 1

  92. El Giro De Jalisco

    El Giro De JaliscoPrije dan

    Pinches entrenadores pendejos empujando a un señor grande que no les hizo nada

  93. Uirebit Mihca

    Uirebit MihcaPrije dan

    Jones vs tyson... I think tyson is too big for him... I thought the fight would make sense and it would be the best fight....but i don't see it if i think better. At the moment mike seems to be in an awesome shape

  94. Y al

    Y alPrije dan

    Who's tickled me? "Francis"

  95. Oddshan

    OddshanPrije dan

    Let nganou hit him

  96. Ensighty_ Disgrace

    Ensighty_ DisgracePrije dan

    He just moved like a thousand times. 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣

  97. dress2impress1000

    dress2impress1000Prije dan

    He barely beat Ruiz , he should've retired after that fight. He can never beat Mike even in his prime ,

  98. Joris DH

    Joris DHPrije dan

    Doe Hét!

  99. Sofiane up

    Sofiane upPrije dan

    Hate him or love him, loma is the best in the world !

  100. Raine Canlas

    Raine CanlasPrije dan

    H O O D