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Selena Gomez - Bad Liar
Selena Gomez - Good For You
  1. Prije 7 sekundi

    I think the meaning behind this song is that who do her the most she wanted to lose to she can be herself.

  2. niki dam

    niki damPrije 46 sekundi

    La mejor época de selena

  3. J

    JPrije 3 minuta

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  4. J

    JPrije 3 minuta

    Please Like This: 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤🥺 thanks

  5. Fer Monroy

    Fer MonroyPrije 4 minuta

    Aaaaah... But in 2014 muuuuuy "Save you advice 'cause I won't hear. " We told her!! I ❤️ this song!!

  6. MiLouD Ahmidi

    MiLouD AhmidiPrije 5 minuta


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    Videos of POP ARTIST and morePrije 8 minuta

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  8. Videos of POP ARTIST and more

    Videos of POP ARTIST and morePrije 8 minuta

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  9. Videos of POP ARTIST and more

    Videos of POP ARTIST and morePrije 9 minuta

    I like uploading videos of Selena Gomez, Taylor, Ariana, Billie and more pop artist, please check it out and subscribe

  10. suna topal

    suna topalPrije 12 minuta


  11. Борис Пономарев

    Борис ПономаревPrije 12 minuta

    Держись, девчОнка. Долгих лет😉

  12. Lucas Chagas

    Lucas ChagasPrije 13 minuta

    Selena eu te venero❤

  13. charmer711

    charmer711Prije 14 minuta

    50 dollars for the pants jeez

  14. Dianela Castillo

    Dianela CastilloPrije 15 minuta

    Wow I cry with this song is so beautiful my love

  15. JP on Adventure

    JP on AdventurePrije 17 minuta

    The best song that you ever made !!

  16. sanadahlie

    sanadahliePrije 18 minuta

    Yet wooooooooooooow

  17. ladyjulieta linda

    ladyjulieta lindaPrije 18 minuta

    Tiene una cara de enferma, ya superelo ardida..

  18. Ellen Music

    Ellen MusicPrije 18 minuta

    Divaaaaaaaa te adoro

  19. Clair101 _time

    Clair101 _timePrije 19 minuta

    Hey Selena there’s a 50% chance you’ll see this but knowing my luck probably not BUT- How did your surgery go?

  20. Alejandra Rojas Yara

    Alejandra Rojas YaraPrije 20 minuta

    Himno Poderosa La patrona La mera mera Selena Gomez🥺❤

  21. Nicolas Hernández

    Nicolas HernándezPrije 22 minuta

    Selena más fuerte que nunca La amooo

  22. hello kitty 252

    hello kitty 252Prije 23 minuta

    Her cheeks are so damn adorable

  23. Millionaire Next

    Millionaire NextPrije 23 minuta

    I feel like Selena life is like mine. I've encountered almost everything she dealt with.

  24. Giordanno :/

    Giordanno :/Prije 26 minuta

    Who is here after 300 Millions!??

  25. Nazneen Sadiq

    Nazneen SadiqPrije 27 minuta

    Sometimes I think Selena was prettier then hailey 🤔🤔🤔

  26. N-mj Saa

    N-mj SaaPrije 27 minuta

    He left her. She stayed strong and found herself. Who is the *real* loser here?

  27. Nazneen Sadiq

    Nazneen SadiqPrije 29 minuta

    I remember I was a little girl and I was in love with her black dress ❤😂 and I still want it 😂❤

  28. Jung Min

    Jung MinPrije 31 minute

    De el amor y los sentimientos más bonitos que se perdió Justin

  29. Don’t Even Trip

    Don’t Even TripPrije 33 minuta

    So who else here really doesn’t give a rats ass 😂. Songs mediocre at best, I’ll give it that.




  31. Ander Burgow

    Ander BurgowPrije 36 minuta

    Justin escondido en el baño escuchando la canción de Selena...

  32. Teo Avillo

    Teo AvilloPrije 37 minuta

    Nunca había visto esta versión :0 😭❤

  33. dzuwesty putri

    dzuwesty putriPrije 41 minute

    Nyimak lagunya kerasa banget yg dia sampaikan lewat lirik dan raut wajah yang sesekali membuatku merinding

  34. 10 000 subs without video challenge

    10 000 subs without video challengePrije 44 minuta

    Who's sad while listening to this song?!

  35. Victerran

    VicterranPrije 44 minuta

    Yo song is normie AF but tge video is like she getting them shakes after quitting nicotine Bruh

  36. marlon costa

    marlon costaPrije 44 minuta


  37. sherell palmer

    sherell palmerPrije 47 minuta

    The most beautifully harmonic song ive heard this year. This was a way of her expressing herself and being okay with her feelings. Selena, you're beautiful inside and out. And even though your're still a person with feelings and emotiona like the rest of us. Thank you for this song, thank you for expressing how a lot of us feel but won't say. Please everyone remember PLEASE PUT YOURSELF FIRST. Often times we put others first, we love just to be let down. But the only true happiness you find will be from inside. Everyones beautiful in their own image, everyone has problens in their lives, and everyone has been down or out before. Remember that the next time you approach someone. Be humble.

  38. em chào anh

    em chào anhPrije 49 minuta

    When you met a girl. You and she loved each other so much. But something wrong happened, You lost her not because haven't loved each other anymore. It's because you and she were too young to know how to love.

  39. Andrey Sandoval

    Andrey SandovalPrije 50 minuta

    Futuro PopLove 2019

  40. Inês Figueira

    Inês FigueiraPrije 53 minuta


  41. Jenny Gulstad

    Jenny GulstadPrije 55 minuta

    Nice song but i feel bad for his wife..

  42. Maxim Smirnov

    Maxim SmirnovPrije 55 minuta

    Todos dicen que la canción es para J.B, pero... Talvez no es para Theweknd? No lo se que alguien me quite esta duda.

  43. fIur1sh hAh

    fIur1sh hAhPrije 55 minuta

    i couldnt understand the concept of this when it first came out. now i relate to it more than i have ever done

  44. Brandon Nilsson

    Brandon NilssonPrije 55 minuta

    This song is so powerful and beautiful ❤️❤️

  45. Bomarz

    BomarzPrije 55 minuta

    Check out my cover version of this song!!! extremly proud, would love to hear feedback from Selena fans

  46. Ana Mariasdf

    Ana MariasdfPrije 56 minuta

    is this song made from my last summer story ? xD

  47. Nick Belser

    Nick BelserPrije 56 minuta

    Whoever did all this stuff to her is gonna regret it when she becomes a LEGEND!

  48. Kylee Dines

    Kylee DinesPrije 57 minuta

    I got chills up and down my body. This song is so relatable

  49. yesenia jeronimo

    yesenia jeronimoPrije 57 minuta

    me encantaaa

  50. Michał Czajkowski

    Michał CzajkowskiPrije 57 minuta


  51. EdMaMsAc

    EdMaMsAcPrije 58 minuta

    For me was 2019 like a world war..... With myself.

  52. Julia Carbajal

    Julia CarbajalPrije sat

    My feelings exactly to the last asshat I was stupid enough to love. Well I love me now!

  53. Liliane pereira da costa Lili

    Liliane pereira da costa LiliPrije sat

    Linda música mim apaixonei linda mesmo 👏👏👏👏👏

  54. orianna reyes jimenez

    orianna reyes jimenezPrije sat

    In each second i think what án adorable woman Is Selena Gómez this Is the reason whom i love her 💕💞😍😭

  55. 20cher09

    20cher09Prije sat

    Who wants to hear about all the rich people involved in this? I know their whole life History in this town, and I'm an excellent writer.

  56. sun of may

    sun of mayPrije sat

    ma fav song 4ever

  57. mimmy zainol

    mimmy zainolPrije sat

    So Selena, you just take Justin word 'U should love yourself' ?


    K.E PHOTO ART TUBERPrije sat

    Selena is the best she inspire me to paint one painting and this is the results amazing 💗💖💓❣❤💘💝

  59. Alejandra Marin

    Alejandra MarinPrije sat

    Quiero quiero quiero mas carne:v

  60. Annika Schulz

    Annika SchulzPrije sat

    It's easy to sing about beauty when you're beautiful

  61. Alex Lopez Xd

    Alex Lopez XdPrije sat

    La propaganda de Pantene!

  62. Nowell Klevemann

    Nowell KlevemannPrije sat

    Your so pretty my favorite person

  63. IamSupanatural

    IamSupanaturalPrije sat

    Sounds much like a track i would have produced...i have a song i co produced yet to be released...nice ballad

  64. Just Mehgames

    Just MehgamesPrije sat

    Who knew Alex from wizardlys place turned to this

  65. Just Mehgames

    Just MehgamesPrije sat

    Songs like this just come to mind

  66. Chering Kungka

    Chering KungkaPrije sat

    I 😍 all her song and she's my Favorite

  67. Chering Kungka

    Chering KungkaPrije sat

    She's so Beutiful and nice😊

  68. Chering Kungka

    Chering KungkaPrije sat

    i like her

  69. Chering Kungka

    Chering KungkaPrije sat

    Selena Gomez is so cute also

  70. sofia danai servou

    sofia danai servouPrije sat

    please all understand that this song wasn't written for justin

  71. Mohammed Almousawi

    Mohammed AlmousawiPrije sat

    وينكم يلعرب تعالو شوفو ابداع سلينا 😘❤️


    LUCY ALVAREZPrije sat

    I love You Selena Gómez

  73. VickVix 129

    VickVix 129Prije sat

    sit in that chair, you need a rest.

  74. Mereo Hernandez

    Mereo HernandezPrije sat

    I love you ❤😘

  75. Greta Niebel

    Greta NiebelPrije sat

    that is her unofficial coming out. JUHUUUU

  76. Natalie Baker

    Natalie BakerPrije sat

    Love the song but i don’t really like the video

  77. burcu temel

    burcu temelPrije sat

    I just cry so hard everytime i listen to this song.

  78. Ïčhïğø Mäšhïmäřø

    Ïčhïğø MäšhïmäřøPrije sat


  79. Cykeitha Anderson

    Cykeitha AndersonPrije sat

    That 1 boy in High School: She's ugly and she's not my type🙄🤮🤢😒 After she leaves High School & he sees her: MMMMM, Look at her now. 🥰😘😍😉

  80. Lida Mousavi

    Lida MousaviPrije sat

    I searched the whole net for this

  81. jojo omar

    jojo omarPrije sat

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  82. Sharon Anderson

    Sharon AndersonPrije sat

    Love Selena All Song..From Bangaldesh 🇧🇩

  83. blackkk Nataly

    blackkk NatalyPrije sat

    I'm the only person here that thinks that Selena and Justin will still be together in the end?😂

  84. Sabiel Official

    Sabiel OfficialPrije sat

    Me quebranta su voz al principio del video desearía abrazarla en ese momento y decirle todo esta bien

  85. Jan Bühler

    Jan BühlerPrije sat

    this song hits differently

  86. Kimberly Harrison

    Kimberly HarrisonPrije sat

    You glow girl💖

  87. Sharon Anderson

    Sharon AndersonPrije sat

    Listen November 2019.. From Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧

  88. Erika Recinos

    Erika RecinosPrije sat

    I love your song Selena 🥰🥰

  89. kenzie rae burnside

    kenzie rae burnsidePrije sat


  90. kenzie rae burnside

    kenzie rae burnsidePrije sat


  91. kenzie rae burnside

    kenzie rae burnsidePrije sat

    Share the love

  92. XX_Shadow_XX XX

    XX_Shadow_XX XXPrije sat

    Oh my gosh Selena I am here for you,not the Justin b** jerk

  93. Satou-chan

    Satou-chanPrije sat

    -w- Beautiful uwu i love this uwu

  94. вαηgтαη мιxεя

    вαηgтαη мιxεяPrije sat


  95. ******

    ******Prije sat

    You can make subtitles in french please

  96. Travis Arceneaux

    Travis ArceneauxPrije sat

    My love Selena Gomez aww a dove flying from above 💘 she's to be applauded for it her looks gorgeous not just that her heart it filled with sooo much love in it even I feel it love you baby Selena Gomez super star lady my baby💝😘🌷😊🌠blessed

  97. Hi There

    Hi TherePrije sat

    Sounds very 80s.

  98. kenzie rae burnside

    kenzie rae burnsidePrije sat


  99. Travis Arceneaux

    Travis ArceneauxPrije sat

    My baby starlit lady Selena Gomez amaze me beautiful pretty lady my baby bless😘💝🤗

  100. Lockhart Juju

    Lockhart JujuPrije sat