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  1. AL Loko

    AL LokoPrije 5 sekundi

    Much as I like bud....I dont think he can beat a prime mayweather

  2. Breon Mitchell

    Breon MitchellPrije 19 sekundi


  3. VaShaun

    VaShaunPrije 22 sekundi

    Play smarter

  4. Belfur Blue

    Belfur BluePrije 27 sekundi

    They both been awesome. I wouldn’t be mad to have either or on my team.

  5. Akmend Elohim

    Akmend ElohimPrije 33 sekundi

    Don’t let this distract you from that Troy polamalu was on the C gap

  6. Trigo Playz

    Trigo PlayzPrije 45 sekundi

    They impacted the pats chiefs game

  7. don boch

    don bochPrije 46 sekundi

    Kyrie Kuzam is a great fit for the Los Angels Lakers. Just give him time to get going he'll be okay. He is a great defender let him get in shape too.

  8. D 416

    D 416Prije minute

    No lies were told...

  9. Admiral Xizor

    Admiral XizorPrije minute

    "One scout compared Joe Burrow to Jared Goff..." That scout has been fired.

  10. Brian Burns

    Brian BurnsPrije minute

    I think ou win 65-58

  11. MrRomeowh23

    MrRomeowh23Prije 2 minuta

    And what happened

  12. James Llyod

    James LlyodPrije 2 minuta

    Is this Asmongold's father?

  13. Kendrick

    KendrickPrije 3 minuta

    Top 3 player in the league at just 20. Can potentially be top 5 all time when it’s said and done

  14. Tamarka Diggins

    Tamarka DigginsPrije 5 minuta

    They didn't want KD after what the doctors said.🤷🏾‍♂️💯

  15. Tamarka Diggins

    Tamarka DigginsPrije 6 minuta

    Kyrie and KD don't owe the Knicks a fucking thing!🙄👉🏾

  16. Maurice

    MauricePrije 6 minuta

    i'm actually glad we lost both of those games (sea/bal) because you get ppl like this preaching how the niners aren't that great. if ppl want to underestimate the niners going into the playoffs ...yes please! even after today's win against the saints, i think niners could have played better. not to take anything away from saints (they are waaaay better than i thought they were, not that i thought they weren't that good, i just didn't know they were like super badass). what gets me though, is how the criticism for the niners is what people should be saying about the patriots. the pats have been playing mostly teams with losing records. so out of the 5 teams they played with winning records (5), they have only won 2 (PIT/BUF). i'm not saying the patriots are bad (mostly because it doesn't matter who you play, a great record isn't easy), i'm just pointing out how inconsistent some of this criticism is. it mostly sounds like they are making convenient excuses to fit their imagined narrative. but i want that narrative! so please, continue!!

  17. yung josh

    yung joshPrije 6 minuta

    bruh sas is a fucking dumbass like no offense to pippen but he isn't even in the goat conversation. kobe and lebron on the other hand..

  18. Sunny Darko'

    Sunny Darko'Prije 6 minuta

    He's been a pro for years. I think in the playoffs when people can get physical he will struggle. It's like everyone's scared to injure him. Just my opinion

  19. Gary Shokar

    Gary ShokarPrije 7 minuta

    The geeking out comment was epic. I was geeking out watching it.

  20. Jude Vincent

    Jude VincentPrije 7 minuta

    Cowboys Cleveland Chicago better sign this man

  21. The Saucy Guy

    The Saucy GuyPrije 8 minuta

    Buthter Douglath

  22. Nicooo Suaveee

    Nicooo SuaveeePrije 8 minuta

    133 - 135 .. would’ve been another overtime prolly🤷‍♂️ just to state the obvious

  23. Billy b

    Billy bPrije 9 minuta

    Why is he yelling?

  24. Alex

    AlexPrije 9 minuta

    Mike miller is the assistant coach for penny Hardaway in Memphis...I thought he left and took this job when I saw that name 🤦‍♂️

  25. Samson

    SamsonPrije 9 minuta

    I’m a knicks fan and I don’t even blame them.

  26. Sunny Darko'

    Sunny Darko'Prije 10 minuta

    I don't like Luka. I will when he makes the playoffs... Respect to him. But he's overrated (opinion)

  27. Zack Richards

    Zack RichardsPrije 10 minuta

    Pierce please come up with some good arguments please

  28. Cool Like The Fonz

    Cool Like The FonzPrije 10 minuta

    Nice! Tiger is still the best! I don't care what anybody says. 🐯💪🏌️

  29. Charles Avery

    Charles AveryPrije 11 minuta

    Troy Polamalu and Joe Green had similar on/off field characteristics: humble, tenacious, intelligent, sinister, and winners!!

  30. Matthew Alkman

    Matthew AlkmanPrije 12 minuta

    If Rodman was around during Social Media and now with the Kim Jong Un he might be one of the most iconic celebrity athletes in the CENTURY. His timing was always off just a little bit. Unreal.

  31. S E B A S S

    S E B A S SPrije 13 minuta

    jerry will pass before he sees another lombardi in dallas

  32. illusive_nezzy88

    illusive_nezzy88Prije 13 minuta

    You can tell thats shaq immediately 😑

  33. Hill Monica

    Hill MonicaPrije 13 minuta

    How is worthless ohio ranked 2nd and clemson favored by 3?? Clemson should be 2. Tigers vs. Tigers in final.

  34. Professor Triip

    Professor TriipPrije 13 minuta

    The ball went thru the rim and almost went in again

  35. handello

    handelloPrije 14 minuta

    Mitchub Trubisky!

  36. vipers6

    vipers6Prije 15 minuta

    Depending on where you think Capela gathered the ball, it wasn't a travel. Good non-call from the ref

  37. locomojoboy2

    locomojoboy2Prije 15 minuta

    Morris white supremacist confirmed 👌🏼

  38. robobop

    robobopPrije 16 minuta

    idk i prefer those younger flight attendants

  39. knee time

    knee timePrije 16 minuta

    warriors get jamal release draymknd gree plsss

  40. PlugBoy Lyrics

    PlugBoy LyricsPrije 16 minuta

    LeBron is overrated right now tbh Respect what u did Bron but Young fellas are better than you. GIANNIS FOR MVP 100%.

  41. erowell91

    erowell91Prije 16 minuta

    It's about time they beat Bama it's only been what 8 years. Lol.

  42. carl kash

    carl kashPrije 17 minuta

    Because they wanted their money and knew nets were better and it would be great going forward for them

  43. Thin Playz

    Thin PlayzPrije 17 minuta

    What about Miley Williams 😂

  44. Phil Sega

    Phil SegaPrije 18 minuta

    Zaire gone come back strong 💪🏽

  45. Dragonspheres

    DragonspheresPrije 18 minuta

    This didn't age well we beat them all easily

  46. Luis Alberto Carrillo Bacab

    Luis Alberto Carrillo BacabPrije 18 minuta

    Must get great fights 29 fights whom he has fought??

  47. FreshPrinceShaun

    FreshPrinceShaunPrije 18 minuta

    Knicks are Trash though lol they not gonna ruin their career for your comfort

  48. Jason Wells

    Jason WellsPrije 19 minuta

    Graham was a good college player but he wasn’t THIS good. He’s shooting the lights out!!!

  49. DianaLWalker

    DianaLWalkerPrije 19 minuta

    This interview is bull! Poor little Michael Vick. Kills dogs with his bare hands and he is feeling sorry for himself for going to jail. No remorse, then or now!

  50. manwichwithmayo

    manwichwithmayoPrije 20 minuta

    Bronny has a lot of growing to do, but very few freshman, 6'2 guards in the country are catching alley-oops and throwing passes from half court like that. it's just a fact.

  51. aroe3out LGR

    aroe3out LGRPrije 20 minuta

    Please!!! Get rid of the Wilpons, they’re terrible!

  52. Lore Bohn

    Lore BohnPrije 20 minuta

    Let’s just remember Clemson hasn’t played anyone. They haven’t faced a defense like Ohio state. They certainly haven’t played an offense like ours. I think it’s going to be a lot closer than everyone thinks. 21-17 Ohio State

  53. Justin Young

    Justin YoungPrije 20 minuta

    They should pay Troy to coach these guys on defensive, especially the DBs like Haden 😏

  54. Jay- Jay

    Jay- JayPrije 21 minute

    Thumbs up for the saints row music in the back ....

  55. Carlos Alfonso

    Carlos AlfonsoPrije 22 minuta

    Really, ? They should be players that score 60 pts a game more often because nobody plays defense. Even Kobe score his highest games after the hand checking was gone.

  56. DrStrange YT

    DrStrange YTPrije 22 minuta

    the only team wit a involved owner that's dos well is the mavs

  57. YouTube Commenter

    YouTube CommenterPrije 23 minuta

    DAK: 6-9 on the road since 2018. Can’t beat winning teams with his arm. Always Meaningless Stat Padford yards in garbage time when defenses are sitting back.

  58. Tamo Daleko

    Tamo DalekoPrije 23 minuta

    Come on guys, everybody has bad day !!!

  59. venom snake

    venom snakePrije 23 minuta

    They have to win the rest of the games to go

  60. Ray

    RayPrije 23 minuta

    It’s about Jimmies and Joes. Not Xs & Os.

  61. Marquez Vaughn

    Marquez VaughnPrije 24 minuta

    Even KD and Kyrie couldn't change the Knicks.

  62. John Liles

    John LilesPrije 25 minuta

    Divincenzo gets pay back for Giannis @1:08 with the step over...

  63. 3 Minute Poetry Analysis

    3 Minute Poetry AnalysisPrije 26 minuta

    Harden scores those points by traveling, carrying, drawing touch fouls, and shooting almost every shot in an NBA without hand checking.

  64. Marcos Cabezola jr.

    Marcos Cabezola jr.Prije 26 minuta

    Greatest safety ever and a great man💪

  65. Marcos Cabezola jr.

    Marcos Cabezola jr.Prije 27 minuta

    The GOAT(of the steelers😒) speaks😃

  66. jethawk1172

    jethawk1172Prije 27 minuta

    This man is the exact type of person to say something like that. Such incompetence. Forget the pressure. You see what decisions the Knicks made in the offseason. Why in the world would they want to go to the Knicks. Even if they got kd and kyrie what other actual good talent were the Knicks putting around them? The Nets already had good talent( a 6th man of the year contender and top 5 3pt shooter in the league for example. Just cause of the money? Smh

  67. Danny DangGang

    Danny DangGangPrije 27 minuta

    I love the Celtics but I fear the 76ers and the bucks.

  68. iam_ryau

    iam_ryauPrije 28 minuta

    I been saying this..but it wont happen..romo is living his beat life. Play golf and be the best announcer you can be homeboy.

  69. caca yang

    caca yangPrije 28 minuta

    Crazy fans, crazy owner, they need crazy players.

  70. trey trey

    trey treyPrije 29 minuta

    Jason Kidd will even be great Head Coach for the Knicks. One thing is for certain if the Knicks don't make Mark Jackson or Jason Kidd their Head Coach and let them pick their players and get out of their way; the Knicks will continue to SUCK TRASH.

  71. supbape

    supbapePrije 29 minuta

    Simps in the comments agreeing with her😭😭😁😱

  72. matt forte

    matt fortePrije 29 minuta

    Jason, show me on the doll where Jerry touched you.

  73. 77

    77Prije 29 minuta

    Trae Young will be MVP China. -Mike Jones

  74. Reuben Blanco

    Reuben BlancoPrije 29 minuta

    The 2 best teams ohio st and Clemson get to beat each other up while LSU gets the easier OU thus trying to insure a SEC team in the final but for all we know the sooners could surprise everyone.

  75. stormking989

    stormking989Prije 30 minuta

    *Both teams are bad but the Knicks have the edge in the worst run basketball team in the NBA.*

  76. jennifer gunther

    jennifer guntherPrije 30 minuta

    I’m a Knick fan but won’t watch them anymore- I’ve adopted the Mavericks until the Knicks get better. Now there’s an owner who does his best to put a good team on the court. My feeling is that no decent players want to play for Dolan.

  77. ThePrIsMcAURA

    ThePrIsMcAURAPrije 30 minuta

    Molly STFU agenda drama

  78. JRLM

    JRLMPrije 30 minuta

    Lilard trusts melo completely.

  79. James Blanton

    James BlantonPrije 31 minute

    This dude is a dumbass.. Loma will beat bim blue and davis will ko him too

  80. Martin ‘The Lender’ Davis, Mba [Like and Subscribe]

    Martin ‘The Lender’ Davis, Mba [Like and Subscribe]Prije 31 minute

    Why are we debating who won a weekly award? Give me at least a month!!!

  81. Tol Enid Naya

    Tol Enid NayaPrije 31 minute

    He just reminded the people in LA that the supreme Alpha Dog Mamba is still the king in LA even if Lebron is recognised as King Lebron!.

  82. jdareyah

    jdareyahPrije 31 minute

    Clemson vs LSU will be a good heard it here first

  83. Albë

    AlbëPrije 33 minuta

    You better look at this lovely lady when she is talking to you

  84. New Standard

    New StandardPrije 33 minuta

    U gotta sell the foul. The league need to come w a consistent stance on contact/fouls so it could stop being used by the refs as a grey area to manipulate games

  85. trey trey

    trey treyPrije 33 minuta

    I wont be surprised to find out the reason why Kyrie and KD chose Brooklyn instead of the Knicks is because the Knicks made David Fizdale their Head Coach, instead of Mark Jackson.

  86. Uncle Peaceful nih

    Uncle Peaceful nihPrije 33 minuta

    Antetokumpo is actually just a meaaaaaan mannnnnn

  87. Dark Star

    Dark StarPrije 34 minuta

    The Knicks could make anyone sad even if you're not a fan of them or Basketball itself....

  88. Daniel Kisinger

    Daniel KisingerPrije 35 minuta

    I remember that dream team Jersey

  89. Christian Cooke

    Christian CookePrije 35 minuta

    Garbage organization

  90. Bundy Kainn

    Bundy KainnPrije 35 minuta

    So don’t compare him too Vick but compare him too other quarterbacks that’s stupid don’t compare him at all let him be his own quarterback

  91. Relax Homie

    Relax HomiePrije 35 minuta

    The way Rachel talk you wouldn’t even think Kendrick and them sitting right there

  92. trey trey

    trey treyPrije 35 minuta

    The Knicks need to make Mark Jackson their head coach, give him whateva he feels he needs to win, let his pick his own players and leave him alone while he does his job. I might even make him head coach and GM to see it he can do both jobs, if he can't you take his GM title away so he can just focus on Coaching and let it be known that MARK JACKSON is their Head Coach indefinitely for years to come the way Erik Spoelstra has it in Miami.

  93. Pierre Degaré

    Pierre DegaréPrije 36 minuta

    Stop dismissing Oklahoma. This Oklahoma team isn't like '17, '18....Oklahoma has a defense now. See the stats. The problem now with Oklahoma is Hurts down field passing. Oklahoma defense will be fine.

  94. Money Money

    Money MoneyPrije 37 minuta

    Max's come on for nothing to happen to the guy. F### out of here.

  95. kitdacraze deadbydaylight

    kitdacraze deadbydaylightPrije 38 minuta

    Yes definitely He would be a good coach Flyeaglesfly

  96. Raymond Crisostomo

    Raymond CrisostomoPrije 38 minuta

    Ever since Lowry and Ibaka came back on the rotation. The Raptors just sucks big. First of all Lowry is hogging to the ball to much. ibaka always committing unnecessary fouls and as he is not focus at all time to trade this guy. Nurse can't use Lowry and Vandvleet against Sixers as they are undersize.. he should try to use the same guys went Lowry and Ibaka was injured. The ball is not rotating and as if they are thinking what to do. Let the game come to you ....lowry move to everyone.

  97. Garrett Brown

    Garrett BrownPrije 38 minuta

    Hi from the future, Gainnis goes to the suns during the off season. The bucks lose in the 2nd round against the heat

  98. Jason Brown

    Jason BrownPrije 40 minuta


  99. Vripper

    VripperPrije 41 minute

    Jeff Bezos should buy the Mets and do what Jim Busz did with the lakers

  100. Jason Brown

    Jason BrownPrije 41 minute

    Nobody wants to play for the dumpster fire Knicks