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  1. Emmanuel Okanla

    Emmanuel OkanlaPrije 14 sati

    "I’ve Slowed down a few things " 😭

  2. Ab Masky

    Ab MaskyPrije 14 sati

    No one should ever describe this as “tragically entertaining.” Men die, a little girl loses her father, and families are forever destroyed. It’s just fucking tragic. smh...

  3. Gen Kurai

    Gen KuraiPrije 14 sati

    Habe u seen an alien pls

  4. DaPrinc383

    DaPrinc383Prije 14 sati

    Angela Ye showed her TRUE agenda on this show with the "Oh you got jealous?" When Treach was telling the truth about who was doing the actual cheating!

  5. Hector Fludd

    Hector FluddPrije 14 sati

    His impersonation of CASSIDY @1:46 was too fucking funny‼️😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  6. rcandminilover

    rcandminiloverPrije 14 sati

    "EGYPT",is FINE!!!

  7. Unicornasaursss

    UnicornasaursssPrije 14 sati

    This girl mad at about something Laila said years ago. Trying to get clout off of a true legend. That boxer chick was reaching. Laila wasn't even thinking about that girl. 🙄

  8. Dave Nagrom

    Dave NagromPrije 14 sati

    Truth hurts! If you are confident in who you are, why should you care what someone else’s OPINION on the health consequences of their size. Lizzo is upset because, she KNOWS that what was said is true!! Truth hurts!

  9. Lovely Rich

    Lovely RichPrije 14 sati

    Chile that nigga crazy!

  10. stacrafty

    stacraftyPrije 14 sati

    Pretty sure he was talking about trying to impress Paris Hilton

  11. Richard From Kennington!

    Richard From Kennington!Prije 14 sati

    Ars won against Cassidy!! It was not the best battle either!!

  12. Nick Hernandez

    Nick HernandezPrije 14 sati

    That battle was the worst ever in battle rap history ..

  13. Lovely Rich

    Lovely RichPrije 14 sati

    When I prayed I prayed for her strength to leave his toxic ass! Like Mo is a strong woman but he definitely dimmed her light! Yayyyy for Mo.

  14. B Hicks

    B HicksPrije 14 sati

    lol this is not good for selling tickets lmao we not trying to dodge bullets to watch yall battle

  15. vivansh

    vivanshPrije 14 sati


  16. Lisa Lisa Willi

    Lisa Lisa WilliPrije 14 sati

    These 2 are so annoying with their gay jokes every day. Find new content already.

  17. Keishauna Jones

    Keishauna JonesPrije 14 sati

    They definitely need to get Bill Blurr up there he is Bone Chilling Funny The White Dave Chappelle!!!🤣

  18. jarl-caysen

    jarl-caysenPrije 14 sati

    damn people are mad hah. this shit was all jokes.

  19. Monique walker

    Monique walkerPrije 14 sati

    Arsenal is 🔥🔥🔥with the bars!!!!!!

  20. Ala Farah

    Ala FarahPrije 14 sati

    “Thank you for not being there” - that is so brave to say! She went through abuse, trauma, the foster system, wasn’t allowed to be a child, met a man who broke her heart and despite that persevered. She is enough, she is strong and she ‘ readdddy!!! So amazing.

  21. Kevin Lee

    Kevin LeePrije 14 sati

    Charlemagne is a fake clown don't like his black skin.light skin stfu !

  22. UrbanClassics Tv

    UrbanClassics TvPrije 14 sati

    Casa won ars corny as fuk fuk out of here

  23. Yahya Sandeyl

    Yahya SandeylPrije 14 sati

    If u hvnt seen the humor in this! Quit

  24. Shontara Duncan

    Shontara DuncanPrije 14 sati

    Both iconic in their own right.. however.. Martin has so many qouteable scenes that everyone knows .. name threefrom fresh prince ..ILL WAIT!

  25. Thato Thase

    Thato ThasePrije 14 sati

    The irony of this interview "The Breakfast Club Disrespects Donnell Rawlings" LOL

  26. Ala Farah

    Ala FarahPrije 14 sati

    This is an amazing interview - very inspiring!! She went through soOo much and yet brings people so much joy and laughter.

  27. Medusa Medusa

    Medusa MedusaPrije 14 sati

    I get wildin out is wildin out but that was really personal shit Justine was saying

  28. Lil Boba

    Lil BobaPrije 14 sati

    Show is better without yee

  29. Lil Boba

    Lil BobaPrije 14 sati

    Dramos needs to stop with that gum. Definition of a fucc boi

  30. Damien Morgan

    Damien MorganPrije 14 sati

    Ima UNSUBSCRIBED cause im sick of these gay acts and conversations. This show aint never been so gay.



    Lol they hit the lights on him

  32. jarl-caysen

    jarl-caysenPrije 14 sati

    i am way too high for this interview lmao

  33. Angelo Jones

    Angelo JonesPrije 14 sati

    Will Smith cool as hell, but why he laugh like a super villain🤣

  34. dukecityspecialist

    dukecityspecialistPrije 14 sati

    Donnell 2 pieced the fake ass LOL!!!!!!

  35. ManCodeTV

    ManCodeTVPrije 14 sati

    She's a nice looking woman. She's got a nice level of femininity, as well. She was raised well, good job Treach. This is a great example of a Black American woman. Did I say she was beautiful? She's bad in my book.

  36. Cadillac Music Group

    Cadillac Music GroupPrije 14 sati

    OMG the serge Ibaka gift got me in tears!!!

  37. G M

    G MPrije 14 sati

    “Once again I’m here...”

  38. GB

    GBPrije 14 sati

    This guy arsenal has BEEN overrated. Fan reactions aren't indicators of performance

  39. Beatbox Poet

    Beatbox PoetPrije 14 sati

    Donnell Rawlings Gets Disrespected by The Breakfast Club"*

  40. Nicholas Rimbi

    Nicholas RimbiPrije 14 sati

    lol this man just had a whole interview about cassidy lol

  41. Bin Wahli

    Bin WahliPrije 14 sati


  42. Joanna Regan

    Joanna ReganPrije 14 sati

    Thankfully the guy in red head phones is reasonable.

  43. nyeeezy

    nyeeezyPrije 14 sati

    shes beautiful and remember her in the olympics and saw her beat the latest her fighter she met, with all that said why is ryan destiny who doesnt identify as a black

  44. Charleston Tea

    Charleston TeaPrije 14 sati

    All of these women body parts weren’t always desirable throughout history. Should women cover up everything that us men deem as attractive? So she should wear gloves to not incite the man that has a hand fetish? You’re teaching the wrong teachings brother. Teaching self control to us men is the key.

  45. Cecilia W

    Cecilia WPrije 14 sati

    Grandma sweaters popping bc of u😁😁😁

  46. William Crowley II

    William Crowley IIPrije 14 sati

    Yall worshipping a last name. She is not the greatest female fighter to ever live. Just Ali's dauoghter. She opened a door to female boxing with her name...which means people watched cause her names Ali. Claressa Shields is on a new level. Laila need to sit her old ass down. She is ruining women boxing by trying to act like she the only woman with hands on earth.

  47. Dee woods

    Dee woodsPrije 14 sati

    Ms Anita said "Mf i ain't dying, im just retiring shit" lol

  48. Kenneth Johnson

    Kenneth JohnsonPrije 14 sati

    Y’all taking things too serious, the interview was like this on purpose and such good’s all fun and games.

  49. Bella Scott

    Bella ScottPrije 14 sati

    Everyone on Angela cause she boring!!! Envy and Charlamagne at least let a little of they life in to give credit, context and life to a character. Angela sits there and asks some random trivia question but mostly rumor shit but brings no personality. Over her.

  50. Omar Hargrove

    Omar HargrovePrije 14 sati


  51. Mommy Time

    Mommy TimePrije 14 sati

    The Carolinas is so general...fayetnam is not Charlotte #period

  52. Donnie

    DonniePrije 14 sati

    I'm only here for Yg Addie 🤷🏽‍♂️🤫 S/o to Dj Nick and Marino Gang 💙💪🏽

  53. Cookies 4 Isaac

    Cookies 4 IsaacPrije 14 sati

    Oh!!! I almost ran MC Hammer over in my car in the late 90’s! I was on my way to pick my daughter up from school in Vallejo, California. I was late and turned the corner too fast. He was just stepping off of the sidewalk. He stepped back and I said sorry as I drove by! It was then that I realized it was Hammer!

  54. Carmelina Haulbrook

    Carmelina HaulbrookPrije 14 sati

    Cardi couldn't hang with Candace.

  55. Emile Beetha

    Emile BeethaPrije 14 sati


  56. Dandri Jackson

    Dandri JacksonPrije 14 sati

    number 1 viewed bs

  57. Nick Hernandez

    Nick HernandezPrije 14 sati

    Ayo good interview.. the breakfast club always bring it.. 😂😂😂😂

  58. Gabriel K

    Gabriel KPrije 14 sati

    Act hard n funny wit Darnell....but scared and quit as hell wit anyone that will really bring it to you... I dont respect that ish!

  59. Samuel Jurah

    Samuel JurahPrije 14 sati

    Is it just me, or did anyone notice, he speaks differently. His pronunciation is super different from 3 yrs ago... proper English, I can dig it..


    YOUNGG KINGGPrije 14 sati

    Tbh I think battle rap nowadays is to touchy and to disrespectful and the stage is to crowded smack don’t have crowd control. And they can’t shut the ppl up. Cassidy is real hip hop these new niggas chasing spot light

  61. MICHELLE Wideman

    MICHELLE WidemanPrije 14 sati

    I’m heat for Mo n Dime yesssss

  62. Prince Von

    Prince VonPrije 14 sati

    wow he did pep dirty revealing her business but sb i love the relationship he has with his daughter that's good to see

  63. bookishnatural

    bookishnaturalPrije 14 sati

    🔥 🔥 interview

  64. Spookum Rozay

    Spookum RozayPrije 14 sati


  65. Victor Perez

    Victor PerezPrije 14 sati

    Charlamagne's hatred towards Em is still palpable.

  66. ComeAtMeBro

    ComeAtMeBroPrije 14 sati


  67. Jackie Elam

    Jackie ElamPrije 14 sati

    I’m January 15th

  68. lacez2k8

    lacez2k8Prije 14 sati

    “What kinda question is that” 😭😭

  69. Kevin A

    Kevin APrije 14 sati

    Dumb ass prank .

  70. Troy Bradley

    Troy BradleyPrije 14 sati

    Awwwe Angela in her feelings 😂

  71. Amen Ra

    Amen RaPrije 14 sati

    I’ll tell you, she look just like she could be related to Charlemagne. Wow she look just like certain features

  72. Mommy Time

    Mommy TimePrije 14 sati

    We shoot first...blah blah blah

  73. Valerie Naylor

    Valerie NaylorPrije 14 sati

    Flint Michigan 💪💪

  74. Mommy Time

    Mommy TimePrije 14 sati

    Live fro. Da #704 born and raised

  75. Natasha Mosley

    Natasha MosleyPrije 14 sati

    I love it.. Yall had me smiling the whole time

  76. TASDN Inc

    TASDN IncPrije 14 sati


  77. Troy Bradley

    Troy BradleyPrije 14 sati

    Lori Harvey is fine and I’d definitely hulk smash!

  78. CallMe King

    CallMe KingPrije 14 sati

    I’ll beat her ass

  79. mrgarnerjr1

    mrgarnerjr1Prije 14 sati

    Flag on the Mutha fukkin PLAY!!!!!!!!! LOL How dare you give a grown ass man that Bullshit!!!!!!!! LOL

  80. Buck Tv

    Buck TvPrije 14 sati


  81. Cumilous Cloud

    Cumilous CloudPrije 14 sati

    They need to fire Envy ASAP foreal!!!!! see what I did there? but for real though they do.

  82. Yah Yah

    Yah YahPrije 14 sati

    I lovvvvvvvvve Joseline !!!!!!!!! 💗💗💗

  83. jjk087

    jjk087Prije 14 sati

    The guy who named himself after a french king doesnt like white people. Lol.

  84. jon mar

    jon marPrije 14 sati

    I never understood The Em and Red comparison. They rap cadences is completely different

  85. Lateshia Childs

    Lateshia ChildsPrije 15 sati

    I'm a huge fan of Erykah I would love to meet her one day

  86. Sal nour

    Sal nourPrije 15 sati

    Funniest interview

  87. Beatbox Poet

    Beatbox PoetPrije 15 sati

    Donnell Rawlings Gets Disrespected by The Breakfast Club"*

  88. Beatbox Poet

    Beatbox PoetPrije 15 sati

    Donnell Rawlings Gets Disrespected by The Breakfast Club"

  89. Cookies 4 Isaac

    Cookies 4 IsaacPrije 15 sati

    Such a beautiful woman. Her Faith in God is beautiful too.

  90. Jay

    JayPrije 15 sati

    Will G checked charlaMane

  91. Pablo Escobar's Search Bloc

    Pablo Escobar's Search BlocPrije 15 sati

    This was great

  92. lil bettis

    lil bettisPrije 15 sati

    If he was gay it would be an insult to force a straight life on him, the fact that this seems normal shows the problem we have in this Country smfh

  93. Tieshia White

    Tieshia WhitePrije 15 sati


  94. Don Edwards

    Don EdwardsPrije 15 sati

    Martin's first episode loocked everybody in.

  95. whitney denise

    whitney denisePrije 15 sati

    Go see donnell live he is amazing

  96. e13kid

    e13kidPrije 15 sati

    So Claressa can say she's the best woman ever and that's no diss to Laila Ali, but Laila Ali says there's nobody for her and Claressa has to take personal offence?

  97. Gee Oooo

    Gee OoooPrije 15 sati

    The Weeknd , A$AP yams, Belly, lookalike lmaooo and schoolboy q

  98. Donnell Lee

    Donnell LeePrije 15 sati

    Beans will never change he's the truth Iller Killa Philla you are not qualified you are not from my world beans a beast

  99. Jaron Vance

    Jaron VancePrije 15 sati

    These Louisiana people with this son word 🤣

  100. Kwasi Atiba

    Kwasi AtibaPrije 15 sati