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  1. Google User

    Google UserPrije 23 sekundi

    This movie is so funny. I never liked Aniston or Adam Sandler's movies but this one is really good. I would watch it again!

  2. KMBRAZY -

    KMBRAZY -Prije 2 minuta

    Netflix needs to make more stuff set in the japan bubble ere

  3. Josh Dalton

    Josh DaltonPrije 2 minuta

    I love it. I’ll take 86 more episodes

  4. pokemaniack

    pokemaniackPrije 4 minuta


  5. danspare

    dansparePrije 5 minuta

    I can't even.

  6. Anamika Verma

    Anamika VermaPrije 8 minuta

    Former Vampire curing present vampire. Seems fun! FYI I'm simple girl I seen Ian i click! ❤❤

  7. Juniz 1982

    Juniz 1982Prije 9 minuta

    "Murray franklin" the movie

  8. erna t

    erna tPrije 9 minuta

    her kid is gonna be so lucky

  9. Giershel

    GiershelPrije 11 minuta

    I have all of the time for this

  10. seokjinkatyazutter ؟؟؟

    seokjinkatyazutter ؟؟؟Prije 12 minuta

    Katya is literally the cutest this is unfair also this is the only reason im subscribing

  11. jzneter

    jzneterPrije 14 minuta

    Always great to see Joe pesci being alive

  12. Janelle Tucker

    Janelle TuckerPrije 15 minuta

    Yup, my sis and will watch this twice, once cause she will fall asleep. Twice cause she fell asleep. I won’t complain...

  13. Victor Skywalker

    Victor SkywalkerPrije 15 minuta

    Someone didn’t wanna give Scorsese 200 mill for this. Shame!

  14. Eddie Tran

    Eddie TranPrije 15 minuta

    “Because I’m an honest and impartial judge, and if theres one thing I am very famous for it’s that I CANNOT LIE” 😂😂

  15. dandygirl6

    dandygirl6Prije 16 minuta

    They seem very happy to finally be sitting on something relatively comfortable

  16. Audra Jones

    Audra JonesPrije 17 minuta

    Drag royalty serving LOOKS in this! Two gorgeous skinny legends!

  17. Jéssica Cardoso

    Jéssica CardosoPrije 17 minuta

    netflix well done - best 2 people in the world

  18. ShakkaPanda

    ShakkaPandaPrije 17 minuta

    yes plz

  19. Hex: Give me that cherry slushy Hopper!?

    Hex: Give me that cherry slushy Hopper!?Prije 19 minuta

    My favorite part was totally purchasing this

  20. Callum Berry

    Callum BerryPrije 23 minuta


  21. Sara Levendusky

    Sara LevenduskyPrije 23 minuta

    Milwaukee reference luv it!

  22. Dallas Dude

    Dallas DudePrije 23 minuta

    I Love Trixie and Katya!

  23. Colleen Anderson

    Colleen AndersonPrije 23 minuta

    Katya straight up ended that with a leg dab

  24. ObiJuan Kenobi

    ObiJuan KenobiPrije 24 minuta

    I did it.

  25. Nigga why lebron wearing a Laker jersey

    Nigga why lebron wearing a Laker jerseyPrije 25 minuta

    I think she was trash idk bout yall

  26. Nigga why lebron wearing a Laker jersey

    Nigga why lebron wearing a Laker jerseyPrije 25 minuta

    I think she was trash idk bout yall

  27. Boumkwo

    BoumkwoPrije 26 minuta


  28. Anne Rosenthal

    Anne RosenthalPrije 26 minuta

    this is just what i needed

  29. Ivory Crest

    Ivory CrestPrije 27 minuta

    At least their finally leaving the zombie subgenre alone.

  30. Chris M

    Chris MPrije 27 minuta

    The fact that the little girl calls herself beanz is begging to be made fun of.

  31. joyce puty

    joyce putyPrije 28 minuta

    This is a movie? Or a series?

  32. JP Grace

    JP GracePrije 29 minuta


  33. us real

    us realPrije 31 minute

    Ooo... Netflix adaptation. Exciting.

  34. Paradox Playz

    Paradox PlayzPrije 31 minute

    Nobody: Dustin:🦁

  35. Tord Joseph

    Tord JosephPrije 32 minuta

    So, The Warden is thd narrator?

  36. Vikas Biliye

    Vikas BiliyePrije 33 minuta

    A woman who hates men. Who happens to choose to look like a man.

  37. Rajesh Sarkar

    Rajesh SarkarPrije 33 minuta

    Priceless & indomitable acting skill .

  38. JordanBlake

    JordanBlakePrije 34 minuta

    Ugh I love the crown and I love these queens 😍😍

  39. Therealchris929 Lol

    Therealchris929 LolPrije 34 minuta

    Such a great trailer for the best season yet.

  40. XxXx XxXx

    XxXx XxXxPrije 35 minuta

    The actor who plays Obama is my cousin

  41. ppearinwonderland

    ppearinwonderlandPrije 35 minuta


  42. xSun Flowerz

    xSun FlowerzPrije 35 minuta

    Wait why did everyone have olivia

  43. lee tsi

    lee tsiPrije 36 minuta

    I ship Joey and Ava

  44. ricky

    rickyPrije 38 minuta

    did you know being overweight is bad for a baby. weird how people shame people who smoke and drink during pregnancy's but not over eating.

  45. Kjaerbye Gaming

    Kjaerbye GamingPrije 39 minuta

    anyone else disgusted by drag

  46. Adam Etherton

    Adam EthertonPrije 40 minuta

    Just release it already! It's ready to go and has been viewed at several festivals.

  47. 1000 Subs & No Content

    1000 Subs & No ContentPrije 40 minuta

    I don’t understand drag queens. I mean if you want to dress up as a girl from time to time, I guess good for you, but I don’t understand the buoyant wigs and particular makeup? Is that fashion? If so, it’s very odd.

  48. Tachikoma Days

    Tachikoma DaysPrije 40 minuta

    I was initially concerned about the CGI. But I read that the writer and director of the original SAC series' (Kenji Kamiyama) is writing and directing this, so I know it ought to be fine.

  49. devin augo

    devin augoPrije 41 minute

    When Is this coming out?????

  50. Noelle Nn

    Noelle NnPrije 41 minute

    Katya and Trixie are the new Ab Fab.

  51. Kid_YT Boy

    Kid_YT BoyPrije 42 minuta

    Mike and el a.k.a mill or eike

  52. Devil's Advocate

    Devil's AdvocatePrije 45 minuta

    I came for trixie, but stayed for katya, then came for katya

  53. Zymon B.

    Zymon B.Prije 45 minuta


  54. S Smith

    S SmithPrije 45 minuta

    I love this so much.

  55. geekishkitty

    geekishkittyPrije 46 minuta

    This is absolutly fantastic

  56. ari wibowo

    ari wibowoPrije 47 minuta

    fanmade hentai lol


    RAJAB WASWAPrije 47 minuta

    Robert ... ma man .. its soon 2020 Happy new year

  58. Golden Tiger

    Golden TigerPrije 47 minuta

    Vanessa Hudgens is my FREAKIN FAV ACTRESS I've seen dis movie twice now cuz i love it & im a guy😅my fav #1 Christmas Movie thx u Vanessa, josh & the director Monika Mitchell❄️

  59. Bryan K

    Bryan KPrije 47 minuta

    I’m in heaven watching this fabulousness!


    J THE DRUMMERPrije 48 minuta

    he came to my school today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Ya Mama

    Ya MamaPrije 48 minuta

    We got crap in return

  62. Valentina Vee

    Valentina VeePrije 48 minuta

    This is by far the best thing Netflix has ever made. And yes, I am talking about this reaction video, not The Crown.

  63. Teddy Kurniawan

    Teddy KurniawanPrije 48 minuta

    Vanessa's Netflix Christmas movies are my new tradition. Just like watching Home Alone in Christmas or December. 😁🙌

  64. Roshni Sh

    Roshni ShPrije 48 minuta

    Wow again my demon

  65. pratt mathur

    pratt mathurPrije 49 minuta

    Here just because of IAN 😍

  66. Carlos Lopez

    Carlos LopezPrije 51 minute

    Please have Black Mirror on this series

  67. Chloe Huppe

    Chloe HuppePrije 51 minute

    I immediately need more of this perfect content

  68. Dr D Musicalmasterrecords

    Dr D MusicalmasterrecordsPrije 52 minuta

    The whole crew is here

  69. dieyoung

    dieyoungPrije 52 minuta

    Adam Driver is so over rated. He is so transparent, you can always tell he's acting, lacks any real passion. He is so out of his league with Scarlett Johansson. How does he get so many good roles? There are quite a few actors with a more natural skill set that deserve a shot a stardom.

  70. Dayvideo

    DayvideoPrije 54 minuta

    Add Sharaya J from The Four please

  71. Jireh Danice Encarnado Jurquina

    Jireh Danice Encarnado JurquinaPrije 57 minuta


  72. F Vegas

    F VegasPrije 57 minuta

    Can't wait!!

  73. Daniel Asencio

    Daniel AsencioPrije 57 minuta

    When I saw the add for this on Instagram I fully re downloaded Netflix on my phone thinking they finally gat their own show on Netflix...but no

  74. YEE

    YEEPrije 58 minuta

    Just finished season 2...this show is crazy good!!!

  75. Yanhan Lu

    Yanhan LuPrije 58 minuta

    Times like this make every penny I spend on the subscription seem worth it

  76. Mr. Lee

    Mr. LeePrije 59 minuta

    I smell alot of haters in here !

  77. Victor Torres

    Victor TorresPrije sat

    They are SO ready for their own show on Netflix!!❤

  78. Ellie L

    Ellie LPrije sat

    I really don’t mind if she becomes the queen of Christmas films. She should also do a Halloween Netflix film, it would make sense considering she’s really into It. Love a cheesy film every now and then.

  79. Heather loves donnie

    Heather loves donniePrije sat

    Zim: *surprise pikachu face*

  80. Wyatt Pug

    Wyatt PugPrije sat

    can we get them a show on netflix already

  81. Johnny kal Playz

    Johnny kal PlayzPrije sat

    Netflix you said that wizards tales of Arcadia would be released in December. Cant we atleast see a teaser ifnot a trailer so we can atleast know what it is

  82. damian chastelaine

    damian chastelainePrije sat

    Six days is taking forever!!!!

  83. E105_Alpha

    E105_AlphaPrije sat

    1. This movies great! I’ll be sure to spread the word around! 2. The way Alva makes that look during school session during the kids were trying to write their names on the chalkboard 🤣

  84. Daniela Rodriguez

    Daniela RodriguezPrije sat

    She’s overacting it! 👎🏼 and like someone else previously said, she’s trying to imitate Jlo’s Selena, not Selena herself.. i take it she doesn’t really know much about Selena

  85. sweetlogo

    sweetlogoPrije sat

    Man, I feel like I'm about to get shot just sitting on my couch. Great scene.

  86. kewl bean

    kewl beanPrije sat

    Katya: “...softcore porn-“ Trixie: : )

  87. genixbearcub

    genixbearcubPrije sat

    Kinda of strange casting that Helena Bonam Carter has played both the daughter and the mother.

  88. Dragon Rider

    Dragon RiderPrije sat

    Free Roger Stone 🇺🇸🇺🇸👍🏻Fuk the left

  89. gege p

    gege pPrije sat

    I watched it this morning, it gives me goosebumps just like the iron giant, the story also great 9.5/10

  90. Miss Belle

    Miss BellePrije sat

    I can not believe I’m watching this! AHHHH TRIXIE SCREAMING 💝💝💝

  91. Mervin

    MervinPrije sat

    Ok great. But Carole & Tuesday when? (Aside from that, there looks like to be some good movies/series coming u

  92. Miss Laine

    Miss LainePrije sat

    The society asian version?

  93. Carlo El Don

    Carlo El DonPrije sat

    When you listen Robert de niro sayin yeah and you Now your death.

  94. 666dram

    666dramPrije sat

    The Trifecta: Japanese, Fat and got Money. They are not as rare as Unicorns.

  95. KyleG

    KyleGPrije sat

    First of all, I AM HERE FOR IT! Secondly, I want more! Thank you.

  96. fejadu

    fejaduPrije sat


  97. Paloma Ortiz

    Paloma OrtizPrije sat

    They did Selena dirty for this one

  98. Elligons

    ElligonsPrije sat

    This doesn't "dive deep", but more a just a toe in the water. It's boring and gives no info as to why people love anime so much. They hired some pretty lady that had no idea where to start or what to focus on, when there are literally thousands of anime fans out there that could've presented this more clearly and easily.