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  1. Poppet Pebbles

    Poppet PebblesPrije 19 sati

    This song is what inspired my creative journey, and kind of,, lit something in me. When I heard this song, I imagined up characters and a unique universe that I carry with me to this day, and I still want to run far away from my own problems into the mountains. What I’m saying, is that years ago, I heard this song, years later, nothing has changed.

  2. Maria Barretto

    Maria BarrettoPrije 20 sati

    Sensibilidade fazer um clip com duas mulheres com idade diferente..que tem um affair..ficou ótimo

  3. hassan palomo

    hassan palomoPrije 22 sati

    When you say f*** Mountain Sounds I'm trying to hear it rain f*** you sellouts


    STYLE byTRENDPrije 22 sati

    The skreets aren’t t safe

  5. Rukin_III

    Rukin_IIIPrije 23 sati

    The whale in the back is the third wheel friend and the school of fish are the other people who want to get in on the drama.

  6. Matthew Bowden

    Matthew BowdenPrije dan

    TClearly represents satan Yo serpent wise sitting back with his legions of a 1000 eyes that we don't see that is staring on to this apocalyptic time the reason why hes probly smiling as the Dea's time the beast Marcus come mark of the beast is coming everything's coming and a fast paced so he likes to boast that I was stone and a heaven I guarantee you that's what it is it's all about symbolism

  7. Aᴇʏʀɪɪs •

    Aᴇʏʀɪɪs •Prije dan

    i am not here because of TikTok

  8. Mark Mcauliffe

    Mark McauliffePrije dan

    Stuck in my brain,could have a lot worse tho.

  9. Michael Muchai

    Michael MuchaiPrije dan

    Alone we traveled armed, with nothing but a shadow... Best line here

  10. Glenn B

    Glenn BPrije dan

    Sounds like shit will carry on,but it's ship to shore

  11. Itube Itube

    Itube ItubePrije dan


  12. Default Player

    Default PlayerPrije dan

    Lyrics: _Jumping up and down the floor , My head is an animal_ _And once there was an animal , It had a son that mowed the lawn_ _The son was an OK guy , They had a pet dragonfly_ _The dragonfly it ran away , But it came back with a story to say_ Dragonfly: *two to the one from the one to the three , I met a bad bee'tch last night in D*

  13. TheOfficialTrashKing

    TheOfficialTrashKingPrije dan

    Friend chose this on one of their Roadtrip CDs for Scotland, was my first time hearing it. Now when I think of that time I think of that song

  14. Flippin' Free

    Flippin' FreePrije dan

    This song makes me smile until I try to sing along. Then I can't stop crying.

  15. Mike Hunt

    Mike HuntPrije dan

    Anyone else get some Fran bow vibes?

  16. grendelwasajedi

    grendelwasajediPrije dan

    red jumpsuit a hat-tip to Money Heist (La casa de papel) perhaps? this tune doesn't get enough credit on the hard rock scene. it's pretty heavy

  17. Mark Mcauliffe

    Mark McauliffePrije dan

    So, just heard these now.

  18. Mason Wallace

    Mason WallacePrije dan

    nanna can have my kids

  19. Purple Strike

    Purple StrikePrije dan

    I remember this.

  20. ad bc

    ad bcPrije dan

    Daniel Baron - a lion's heart

  21. Craig

    CraigPrije dan


  22. Tomislav Brleković

    Tomislav BrlekovićPrije dan

    All of their songs are just randomly piled words, with no straight meaning and lots of la la and hey hey. I was crazy about them when I was stupid little kid and now (when I'm just stupid) all these years later I realize they possibly just threw bunch of words together hoping that freedom of art will make people blind to how empty their songs are.

  23. Elijah Grizzard

    Elijah GrizzardPrije dan

    this music video is the embodiment of a fortnite concert :dance:

  24. grumpyhornet019

    grumpyhornet019Prije dan

    NHL 20 brought me here. One of my fave tracks

  25. L B

    L BPrije dan

    part that always makes me smile is now wait, wait, wait for me, I'll see you when i fall asleep 🥺

  26. PugsArePeopleToo

    PugsArePeopleTooPrije dan

    I love the tune of this song, and i just actually really listened to the lyrics and it gave me the chills! This hopefully hits a hard part in everyone's heart so they can appreciate it as much as i do! thank you Of Monstes and Men <3





    AMEX DA_GOATPrije dan

    I remember when this song was played constantly on MTV PUSH. Good old times!!!

  29. Edison Andres Miranda

    Edison Andres MirandaPrije dan

    A nice song 🇨🇴❤

  30. Katija Dobrić

    Katija DobrićPrije dan

    I really dont know why this song reminds me of star wars

  31. KingChicken

    KingChickenPrije dan

    I’d be fine if they just zoomed in on the beach ball the entire time.

  32. Ryan Robert Ventolero

    Ryan Robert VentoleroPrije dan

    i remember listening to this song in my junior year in high school. I'm now in college

  33. Himada sama

    Himada samaPrije dan

    7 yıl sonra yine yollarımız kesişti seni ilk dinlediğimde otobüs garında çalıyordun ve senin kimin eseri olduğunu öğrenemeden otobüse binmem gerekti bir kaç sözün ve ritmin haricinde elimde bir şey yoktu yolculuk süresinde seni aradım ama bulamadim sonraki süreçte aklıma gelince yine aramaya devam ettim sonunda bu gün şanslı olduğumu hissettiğim bu gün seni aradim ve karşımdasin yine ve seni bu sefer kaybetmeyeceğim

  34. Iggywiggywoo 3000

    Iggywiggywoo 3000Prije dan

    Love this song!

  35. E. Arnosa

    E. ArnosaPrije dan

    Good Song.

  36. Look At The Flowers

    Look At The FlowersPrije 2 dana

    Damn, Malfoy has changed a lot

  37. Ni Chan

    Ni ChanPrije 2 dana


  38. C Bree

    C BreePrije 2 dana

    Video is about silencing the tyrants in society by speaking up and gathering other Like minded people to defeat a common enemy of the people.

  39. C Bree

    C BreePrije 2 dana

    Anyone else sleeping to the sun comes down because of the coronavirus, and miss ur homies from college ?

  40. Savannah Jade

    Savannah JadePrije 2 dana

    “Though the truth may vary, this ship will carry our bodies safe to shore.” I’m twenty years old and never understood this line until now. This is a beautiful song and really resonates with me

  41. Savannah Jade

    Savannah JadePrije 2 dana

    This song plays on the radio at my restaurant all the time. It’s so beautiful and has become one of my favorites

  42. Thecoolkid

    ThecoolkidPrije 2 dana

    I loved this song when I was 5 and have been trying to find it on HRgo, even though I didn’t know the name, I’m 13 and I still love the song

  43. Finn Parrant

    Finn ParrantPrije 2 dana

    i find it annoying. How i never really looked into this kind of music. when i was 10/11 it was just another song on the radio to me, now i'm 16, and incredibly into philosophical music, still completely unaware of the genre, but fuck it, i love this so much lol. Funny how only now i'm coming back to these guys, they feel like a part of me that i never truely tapped into until now, this is empath music, and i'm slightly annoyed at myself for not coming back to them sooner. Where are my empaths at?

  44. bTs TwIcE

    bTs TwIcEPrije 2 dana

    finally i found this song!!!! I'M SO EXCITED I-

  45. AnderWorld

    AnderWorldPrije 2 dana

    This song is the best one they released on my birthday: ") on February 2 haha

  46. Valentino Sanchez herrera

    Valentino Sanchez herreraPrije 2 dana

    Que linda es la chica

  47. Marcos Vinicius

    Marcos ViniciusPrije 2 dana

    every time i listen to some OMAM song, i immediately google search "Iceland university opportunity"

  48. Haukur Valdimarsson

    Haukur ValdimarssonPrije 2 dana

    That’s my friends brotha!

  49. Nina Iglesias

    Nina IglesiasPrije 2 dana

    In a world full of Rosalias and Bad Bunnies...I feel so lucky to be able to really enjoy and appreciate such an amazing song from such an amazing band.

  50. Ocean Deyy

    Ocean DeyyPrije 2 dana

    This is literally 1 of my top 3 fav indie folk songs

  51. Fan of everything Song lover

    Fan of everything Song loverPrije 2 dana

    The real meaning of this song is a woman grieving her dead husband. At the beginning her voice was scared and the man was calm.

  52. Laura Tude

    Laura TudePrije 2 dana

    I'm over that love, but this is still the most painful song I know

  53. pretty groovy!

    pretty groovy!Prije 2 dana

    bruhhhh the sound system ruined it :/

  54. I’m Batman !

    I’m Batman !Prije 2 dana

    for anyone wondering the song is about nothing it's just nonsense but it's still really good

  55. WHITE9

    WHITE9Prije 2 dana

    This is the most beautiful video for years to come ♥️

  56. Vishal Jaiswal

    Vishal JaiswalPrije 2 dana

    52k down votes? Why

  57. Vishal Jaiswal

    Vishal JaiswalPrije 2 dana

    2.1k people believes in big talks

  58. Shirelife

    ShirelifePrije 2 dana

    I listen to this before therapy sessions. Thank you. 🌱

  59. Débora Borges

    Débora BorgesPrije 2 dana

    I prefer the lyric video, it's more attractive

  60. Default Player

    Default PlayerPrije 2 dana

    A moment of silence for *_Me_* for trying to find this song for a very long time. _I deserve it._

  61. At Home

    At HomePrije 2 dana

    Everyday some person found this song after so long, Just like everyone else in the comments, I wish I could go back to when I heard it first and I loved. Every time I heard this beat I would go in the search. 5 years later I remember it and look it up

  62. Lynxr

    LynxrPrije 2 dana

    I swear Of Monsters And Men, Glass Animals and Radical Face make the best songs

  63. Desktop Kitty

    Desktop KittyPrije 2 dana

    This song is so deep and beautiful, my tiny mortal brain cannot comprehend its meaning.

  64. david fdez

    david fdezPrije 2 dana

    my favorite song

  65. AlphafloW

    AlphafloWPrije 2 dana

    It was such a great time to ne a teenager in... :)

  66. jazmín gonzález

    jazmín gonzálezPrije 2 dana

    erika is sooo beatiful

  67. demarco767

    demarco767Prije 3 dana

    New thumbnail hey?

  68. Kenoma

    KenomaPrije 3 dana

    This is a very depressing but nevertheless beautiful song

  69. wpariah

    wpariahPrije 3 dana

    Nanna is so beautiful and expressive here.

  70. Don Sears

    Don SearsPrije 3 dana



    JAKSON SILVAPrije 3 dana

    05/24/2020 In The Pandemic Wolrd , this music Save Us

  72. vidalibre online

    vidalibre onlinePrije 3 dana

    The 100 serie. Temporada 6 mayo 2020....like

  73. Jasy Davis

    Jasy DavisPrije 3 dana

    How is it that every Of Monsters and Men song is amazing?

  74. E. Arnosa

    E. ArnosaPrije 3 dana

    Good song, but in Live it's better.

  75. Luciana Sampaio

    Luciana SampaioPrije 3 dana

    Me divirto muito kkkk

  76. Casey Giglio

    Casey GiglioPrije 3 dana

    In its simplicity, this pairing, of music and video, still remains one of the most memorable out there.

  77. a u s g e f u x t

    a u s g e f u x tPrije 3 dana

    There are just some Songs that bring back memories where life was better and easier and that's one of them

  78. Liathan Rats

    Liathan RatsPrije 3 dana

    I always thought the lyrics were “I would’ve fucked you” rather than “empire for you” so I had to look it up.

  79. Gearjammer

    GearjammerPrije 3 dana

    That is the entire Icelandic population there.

  80. Giuseppe Pennacchio

    Giuseppe PennacchioPrije 3 dana

    Mtv in 2012 was magic

  81. Chang Xinh

    Chang XinhPrije 3 dana

    Light music with yellow sun? cool, now i'm blind

  82. Chang Xinh

    Chang XinhPrije 3 dana

    Still good

  83. uma usuaria da internet

    uma usuaria da internetPrije 3 dana

    Absolutamente todas as músicas da banda são boas,não tem uma ruim Bixo

  84. skinny husband

    skinny husbandPrije 3 dana

    i feel like i'm losing the battle

  85. sowjanya laxmi sai prasanna

    sowjanya laxmi sai prasannaPrije 3 dana

    I remember the lyric bodies was my first word I was a little kid

  86. Regina Ross

    Regina RossPrije 3 dana

    Im 13 and back in 2017 me and siste ruse to duet this, good times when i was 9

  87. HJ J

    HJ JPrije 4 dana

    Amazing... Love this version too

  88. Marcjevin Miguel

    Marcjevin MiguelPrije 4 dana

    I feel blessed that I was able to see them in a concert <3 Milan Fabrique gang rise up

  89. CavalryHasArrived

    CavalryHasArrivedPrije 4 dana

    Same not being the same they are the same. That's just perfect. 💜

  90. Seif Mzoughi

    Seif MzoughiPrije 4 dana

    Who else is listening to this song 'cause his boring will quarantine Team quarantine where are you????

  91. Liza Flink

    Liza FlinkPrije 4 dana

    2:54 Just ignore this :)

  92. William Manning

    William ManningPrije 4 dana

    She is stunning, a natural beautiful woman.

  93. Shaun Bishop

    Shaun BishopPrije 4 dana

    0:04 Feels great. Thanks for asking.

  94. 1000 subscribers with no videos challenge

    1000 subscribers with no videos challengePrije 4 dana

    A moment of silence for those who still can't find this song... P.S. (I found it in 2014)

  95. John Jordan

    John JordanPrije 4 dana

    Spirit led me here. For that I AM Eternally grateful.....

  96. June Bug

    June BugPrije 4 dana

    Anyone else picture Janner and Kalmar from Wingfeather Saga? “You’re a king” (Kalmar) “and I’m a lion heart” (Janner, Throne Warden)

  97. klara Petrijevčanin

    klara PetrijevčaninPrije 4 dana

    This reminds me of Redeeming love, like it really fits Angels and Micheals relationship

  98. Brqken Karma

    Brqken KarmaPrije 4 dana

    I'm confused by the actual like, video- not the music but the video? Can someone explain?

  99. Ja Anolin

    Ja AnolinPrije 4 dana

    I don’t get it :(

  100. Kiki Klages

    Kiki KlagesPrije 4 dana

    This song reminds me of when I was 8 at Canada's wonderland on the weekend