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Lil Baby - Hurtin (Audio)
Lil Baby - Solid (Audio)
Lil Baby - Consistent

Lil Baby - Consistent

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  1. Dwood Mez Curry

    Dwood Mez CurryPrije sat

    I can tell my kids, that lil baby and 42 Dugg duo🔥🔥🔥

  2. Everett W

    Everett WPrije sat


  3. Erveline Camille

    Erveline CamillePrije 2 sati

    This song hit different when he say he don’t love her

  4. The Dark Vegan

    The Dark VeganPrije 2 sati

    The garbage you young cats listen to

  5. Rezylana

    RezylanaPrije 2 sati

    Great song and lyrics 💔🔥

  6. Julian Manalang

    Julian ManalangPrije 2 sati

    Why the apple music & soundcloud version sound different. This one the best is lower and the whistle isn’t that loud? Still slaps tho🔥

  7. Enes Fatih Koca

    Enes Fatih KocaPrije 2 sati

    lil baby beast

  8. Gronko Morales

    Gronko MoralesPrije 2 sati

    nle choopa should've been a feature

  9. Bukhosi Ndlovu

    Bukhosi NdlovuPrije 2 sati

    True bout lil baby never being bad😁

  10. Savage Gang

    Savage GangPrije 2 sati

    Dat part of Me Done died 💯


    GERALD DANQUAHPrije 3 sati

    Tooo fireeee

  12. Swift

    SwiftPrije 3 sati

    This and sicko mode were best hip hop songs of 2018

  13. daved

    davedPrije 3 sati

    y the whistle so mf weak in this version

  14. Josh Daniels

    Josh DanielsPrije 3 sati

    Why nobody talking about 2:11 when they hit each other

  15. DeAndre God Saves

    DeAndre God SavesPrije 3 sati


  16. NightWrex

    NightWrexPrije 3 sati

    Speed 1.25

  17. Bryant Edwards

    Bryant EdwardsPrije 3 sati

    500racks on a lambo and dont even know how to make that biigo

  18. Brian Robinson

    Brian RobinsonPrije 3 sati


  19. Bryant Edwards

    Bryant EdwardsPrije 3 sati


  20. Samuel Deck

    Samuel DeckPrije 3 sati

    this song is legende the real goatttt

  21. Tom Brook

    Tom BrookPrije 3 sati

    30,000 idiots disliked They're either stupid or have crap taste of music

  22. Speed

    SpeedPrije 4 sati

    Lil Baby is the new wave.

  23. Marley Evans

    Marley EvansPrije 4 sati

    chillllllllllll not the 2020 widebody

  24. trey trey

    trey treyPrije 5 sati

    Best rap duo out rn no kizzy

  25. Ethan Ethan

    Ethan EthanPrije 5 sati

    This or nle’s tho?

  26. Eli O

    Eli OPrije 5 sati

    The song is good asf but wtf is this video

  27. Wnc Jay

    Wnc JayPrije 5 sati

    Who got the hardest verse lil baby or 42 dugg

  28. tantrum mf

    tantrum mfPrije 5 sati

    This is the realist shit I've heard in ages listen to what this man's rapping about that's why he's the goat right now

  29. Annie Barnard

    Annie BarnardPrije 5 sati

    50 in

  30. Kaleb Kaleb

    Kaleb KalebPrije 5 sati

    Who else liked it cause they brought out the Charger 🤪🤤🤤🤤

  31. Shawn H

    Shawn HPrije 5 sati

    This shit go hard can’t wait to bump this in my truck!

  32. Niatooboujee

    NiatooboujeePrije 5 sati

    I was weak when they crush into eachother 😭😭😭

  33. TheApple Donkey878

    TheApple Donkey878Prije 5 sati

    What a legend

  34. Big Dave

    Big DavePrije 5 sati

    Here I am, back every week. Relistening to this banger. Like if you do the same.

  35. King Clarenzo

    King ClarenzoPrije 5 sati

  36. Jmoney Fye

    Jmoney FyePrije 5 sati

    Get money 💰

  37. Rise above and beyond

    Rise above and beyondPrije 6 sati

    best bet keep it 100

  38. Rise above and beyond

    Rise above and beyondPrije 6 sati

    so did future wake up we up we upp outa mudddd

  39. Rise above and beyond

    Rise above and beyondPrije 6 sati

    baby killd it 400%

  40. James mwale

    James mwalePrije 6 sati

    Lil Wayne still hitting it

  41. Kevin Grey

    Kevin GreyPrije 6 sati

    That shit fire 🔥🔥🔥♿♿ gotta whole nother new M in the bank this week hope a nicca dnt think I'm sweet lil homie graduate buy a new jeep

  42. Whitney Cooper

    Whitney CooperPrije 6 sati

    Been listening to this song everyday for a year now. When i lost my job, my man, my best friend...some times you just gotta ball with no assist! All lot of time you come out better when you just go hard for YOU👏🙏🖤💯💯💯

  43. Naruto Uzamaki

    Naruto UzamakiPrije 6 sati

    the soap you shower!?....wit iz 💩

  44. XFB

    XFBPrije 6 sati

    damn this song hit me straight in the heart

  45. JoyJoy Kids

    JoyJoy KidsPrije 6 sati DO NOT CLICK🚨 BUT YOU CAN SHARE

  46. Fade Chungus

    Fade ChungusPrije 6 sati

    “Don’t stand too close”

  47. George Floyd

    George FloydPrije 6 sati


  48. Ballislife MO

    Ballislife MOPrije 6 sati

    That whistle was weak asl

  49. Brennen Jarrett

    Brennen JarrettPrije 6 sati

    Ayy lil baby on real and this is fire tho

  50. Daniel Paredes

    Daniel ParedesPrije 6 sati

    Mak another song wit polo g

  51. Elko Alidzanovic

    Elko AlidzanovicPrije 6 sati

    Gunna the real goat, he got the drip nobody else can pull.

  52. Malik [EL] Shabazz

    Malik [EL] ShabazzPrije 6 sati

    I'm The King De #YMCMB.

  53. Daniel Paredes

    Daniel ParedesPrije 7 sati

    Polo G and Lil baby are the fuckin goats 🐐 no 🧢

  54. Malik [EL] Shabazz

    Malik [EL] ShabazzPrije 7 sati

    #GDK #SDK

  55. Malik [EL] Shabazz

    Malik [EL] ShabazzPrije 7 sati

    Love Foe Us!!!

  56. Mojo King

    Mojo KingPrije 7 sati

    niggas crashed 💀💀 2:10

  57. melvin jacko

    melvin jackoPrije 7 sati

    Ain't looking for no sympathy won't cry about no loss🔥🔥🔥💯

  58. gho0oo0ost

    gho0oo0ostPrije 7 sati

    if u bleed this u blessdd

  59. Ken Griffin

    Ken GriffinPrije 7 sati

    My dawg jus lost his dawg to the system/ it got me fucked up/ i cant tell him nun negative so i told em he gon luck up/ had a bittersweet birthday/ got a bad call and a rolls truck‼️🔥🔥🔥🔥 1:32

  60. Jayden Lumas

    Jayden LumasPrije 7 sati


  61. Wild WestSide

    Wild WestSidePrije 7 sati

    This Song 🔥 to lit the beat they killed it 💯

  62. gmoney baggs

    gmoney baggsPrije 7 sati

    All day 1 baby Fan$. 4PF 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲 Quarantine 🧀💸💳💰💰💰💰💰💰💰. FUCK THE ODDS PROTECT U AND YOUR FAM AN GET THE 💰💰💰

  63. Kevin Quince

    Kevin QuincePrije 7 sati


  64. DisaplynFN

    DisaplynFNPrije 7 sati

    this song went stinky poo poo no cap

  65. Dylan Webb

    Dylan WebbPrije 7 sati

    Yall niggas really dont feel this like i do 💯♥️

  66. DariusGotDrip

    DariusGotDripPrije 7 sati

    0:50 I spot a rare gunna

  67. tosha chick

    tosha chickPrije 7 sati

    Are there cousins or like brothers

  68. Adrian Sabarots

    Adrian SabarotsPrije 7 sati

    the hellcat drifting go hard

  69. cu37

    cu37Prije 7 sati

    The song fire and all but some reason I find myself coming back just for the music video 😩

  70. Josh Deloya

    Josh DeloyaPrije 7 sati

    Man the Dodge Charger matches this song so much

  71. Thegamer -_-hype

    Thegamer -_-hypePrije 8 sati

    Plzzz stop showing money 💰 show ur heart ❤️ the amount of viewers gonna double boiii but the song is fire 🔥

  72. Gido

    GidoPrije 8 sati

    Atlanta niggas after looting IceBox:

  73. Dark Joel76

    Dark Joel76Prije 8 sati

    This is fire

  74. Alrick Thompson

    Alrick ThompsonPrije 8 sati

    This beat sounds familiar

  75. Robert Dyer

    Robert DyerPrije 8 sati

    Who listening to this rn when everything is FREE?

  76. Benjamin Debebe

    Benjamin DebebePrije 8 sati

    the first time i heard 42 Duggs voice i was dying but now it kinda goes hard

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    YRC StudiosPrije 8 sati

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  79. YRC Studios

    YRC StudiosPrije 8 sati

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  80. GamerJay 111

    GamerJay 111Prije 8 sati

    This F🔥re as hell

  81. YRC Studios

    YRC StudiosPrije 8 sati

    go check out my music!!

  82. YRC Studios

    YRC StudiosPrije 8 sati

    go check out my music!!

  83. Mishari Harimis

    Mishari HarimisPrije 8 sati


  84. Therandomone Withnolastname

    Therandomone WithnolastnamePrije 8 sati

    “Young age learn how to get paid” I felt that

  85. Cameron Long

    Cameron LongPrije 9 sati

    This version doesn’t sound as good as just the audio

  86. Zeeshan Mehar

    Zeeshan MeharPrije 9 sati

    Random person who like this would be a billionaire someday. i think WIZ KHALIFA is not using AUTHENTICVIEWS D O T C O M to get views

  87. alb972 Officiel

    alb972 OfficielPrije 9 sati

  88. Shaniqua Burton

    Shaniqua BurtonPrije 9 sati

    Lil baby we on the same time trying to make all of us into millions airs got one life to live come together and there will be a better tomorrow put God first keep your eye open talking about the 3rd eye💯💯💯

  89. Austin Moran

    Austin MoranPrije 9 sati

    Can sum one tell me the original song I’m pretty sure it’s by lil Durk but I can remember it’s drivin me crazy

  90. Scott Billy

    Scott BillyPrije 9 sati

    *After making more deal with hack_scott14 on iG I got a new car*

  91. Scott Billy

    Scott BillyPrije 9 sati

    *After making more deal with hack_scott14 on iG I got a new car*

  92. Jeremy Esters

    Jeremy EstersPrije 9 sati

    Whoops, lol 2:10

  93. Demarcus Barnes

    Demarcus BarnesPrije 9 sati

    I felt that

  94. Pyrrhic Default

    Pyrrhic DefaultPrije 9 sati

    That boy needed Saving - B.O.Y - Bet on Yourself

  95. The Real E.T.

    The Real E.T.Prije 9 sati

    Best duo out rn🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  96. Black G

    Black GPrije 9 sati


  97. jessica bunker

    jessica bunkerPrije 9 sati

    I try to lie

  98. Tim Barnes

    Tim BarnesPrije 9 sati

    I’m sry but Iil baby kilt dis shit

  99. Wavy Jay

    Wavy JayPrije 9 sati

    42 dugg flow is hard and his sound and Dababy to tuff

  100. Jordan Audinette

    Jordan AudinettePrije 9 sati

    Bro literally hit each other cars Ohn 🤣