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  1. Hector Diaz

    Hector DiazPrije 7 sekundi

    I'll be buying both and the switch Pro if it comes out.

  2. Ben Edapal

    Ben EdapalPrije 2 minuta

    I want a Playstation client on pc so that games are still Playstation exclusives... I do not want to get 100% again on all my games on pc, my ocd is going to kill me... Coz pc has the most customisation

  3. Doua Yang

    Doua YangPrije 2 minuta

    The teleporting rings are in the game. Don't you remember? Go back and play it again. If you get a high score of rings, a big rings will appear and Sonic would have to jump into it. Trust me... Go back and play it again. You'll see.

  4. Mahmoud Gamal

    Mahmoud GamalPrije 3 minuta

    National Treasure 3

  5. Johan Åberg

    Johan ÅbergPrije 4 minuta

    The only way i would switch is if i got that console for free and got at least 1 million dollars.

  6. AnonyGuy

    AnonyGuyPrije 4 minuta

    Man, this game is scary at night.

  7. Lee Croft

    Lee CroftPrije 4 minuta

    Legacy of Kain series. Metro 2033. Gears of War.

  8. Tiger Bob

    Tiger BobPrije 4 minuta

    Am I the only person who still lives for Mercanaries?

  9. Whiterun Guard

    Whiterun GuardPrije 5 minuta

    This is a bad trailer

  10. Hopper Mantis

    Hopper MantisPrije 6 minuta

    Can't wait for fallout. Texas edition.

  11. JSamuraii

    JSamuraiiPrije 6 minuta

    Missed so Many darths and siths is hurts my head.

  12. aque happy

    aque happyPrije 7 minuta

    wow pokemon fire red gba rom is know 3D how to download?😮

  13. Tibor Horvath

    Tibor HorvathPrije 7 minuta

    Most of these, if not all are delayed again.

  14. Unknown Soldier

    Unknown SoldierPrije 9 minuta

    If you play Pasific War and hear some terible sound from the plane, You have to go as far as possible

  15. Svetlin Dimitrov

    Svetlin DimitrovPrije 9 minuta

    Can't wait!

  16. View From Venice

    View From VenicePrije 10 minuta

    that game is more than likely to be mediocre not getting it. they over hyped this game trash

  17. Alice Tkach

    Alice TkachPrije 10 minuta

    Lexa is the best character

  18. Siddharth Nair

    Siddharth NairPrije 11 minuta

    Looks like the outer worlds

  19. Hafim Mansoor

    Hafim MansoorPrije 11 minuta

    It literally reminds me of games from the PS2 era

  20. Everything batman collector

    Everything batman collectorPrije 12 minuta


  21. Lily Addison

    Lily AddisonPrije 13 minuta


  22. Proud Misfit

    Proud MisfitPrije 13 minuta


  23. Radix Lecti

    Radix LectiPrije 14 minuta

    Will just be getting both...

  24. Irene Karabel

    Irene KarabelPrije 15 minuta

    Wow,first 2020 comment. Yaaaaayyy.

  25. Alex Crowther

    Alex CrowtherPrije 15 minuta

    This is one of the most inspiring videos that I have every seen. Video games have been my most favourite hobby for as long as I can remember. I've always wanted to work in the industry but I've never known how because I'm not artistic enough and I'm not a developer or a writer. One day I'll take the plunge and go it alone in the industry that I love so much and I don't think it's hyperbole when I say that this story could be the seed that starts it for me!

  26. Fuyukai UWU

    Fuyukai UWUPrije 17 minuta

    Nintendo Switch is going to be the first Nintendo console I'm going to own

  27. Josh Freeman

    Josh FreemanPrije 19 minuta

    Power how smooth gameplay and graphics are

  28. Darth_Melek

    Darth_MelekPrije 19 minuta

    I just hope that this time they won’t be lazy with the game’s localization

  29. Kreia

    KreiaPrije 19 minuta

    Diversity is our weakness.

  30. Randy Smith

    Randy SmithPrije 20 minuta

    PlayStation had trophies. I’m locked into the ecosystem.

  31. KReGaDeTH

    KReGaDeTHPrije 20 minuta

    Why is the didact in doom?

  32. yallanki devesh

    yallanki deveshPrije 20 minuta

    He has a golden pot means he climbed it 50 times

  33. FORBZ Yt

    FORBZ YtPrije 20 minuta

    Thermite didn’t plant because defuser was at West main stairs

  34. Draken Kartikay Kaul

    Draken Kartikay KaulPrije 21 minute

    They should also focus a bit on the campaign part of the game.

  35. FriendlyNeighbourhoodCrusader

    FriendlyNeighbourhoodCrusaderPrije 22 minuta

    Nobody is appreciating "Raze Hell" instead of "raise hell" and I think that's a one liner that needs to be addressed

  36. AMGAMO

    AMGAMOPrije 22 minuta

    What about the precuels?

  37. lodovico odak

    lodovico odakPrije 23 minuta

    People say this is an xbox exclusive. But I really don't understeand what they mean. For me that phrase makes no sense at all

  38. Omar Wiswasi

    Omar WiswasiPrije 23 minuta

    I think the game delayed because they want to be played on the next generation console

  39. Sam 29

    Sam 29Prije 24 minuta


  40. Potatoe_Pancake

    Potatoe_PancakePrije 25 minuta

    I faded a espurr in rut 5

  41. e21big

    e21bigPrije 25 minuta

    12 minutes and 14 seconds

  42. atomiswave1971

    atomiswave1971Prije 25 minuta

    All starting with a trip to Asia.

  43. Byron MacDowell

    Byron MacDowellPrije 26 minuta

    I'm a gamer. I play games, not consoles. I do not subscribe to the whole "I'm loyal to one machine" mentality, especially in this day & age where a player has to own several machines just to have any variety. Is there one I like better than the others? Absolutely, but if I owned only that machine, I would miss out on a lot of great games. For me, "jumping ship" is a foreign concept. I'm not on a ship, thank you.

  44. True.Defect

    True.DefectPrije 26 minuta

    That jager in round 1 looked like mouse and key

  45. NoxZero

    NoxZeroPrije 27 minuta

    There's a charisma drought in young action stars of today if there are any.

  46. dave comish

    dave comishPrije 27 minuta

    Whats this being released for though?

  47. SpringCraft 059

    SpringCraft 059Prije 27 minuta

    Its time to MEW MEW Dance SHOW

  48. Fire the Blazing Hedgehog

    Fire the Blazing HedgehogPrije 27 minuta

    I watch this on my switch for hrs.

  49. Commander Shepard

    Commander ShepardPrije 27 minuta

    The rising of the gun hero

  50. Kaizir

    KaizirPrije 28 minuta

    Well, I'm excited.

  51. zacki ahmed

    zacki ahmedPrije 29 minuta

    Sky and land difference between original and the game

  52. H0tspicy knives

    H0tspicy knivesPrije 30 minuta

    It was said TROS is suppoused to be 3 hours long and then into 2 hours and 30+ minuted long when it was revealed and THEN the real Movie Lenght is 2 hours and 22 minutes??? Wat Disney must've taken down some scenes from the movie.

  53. Doc_Steelhammer

    Doc_SteelhammerPrije 30 minuta

    mega MANLINESS:BLOOD;GUNS AND heavy metal;yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  54. Dock Adika

    Dock AdikaPrije 30 minuta

    So its literally gonna come out in 2077

  55. Darksoulsfail

    DarksoulsfailPrije 31 minute

    You can see easily why console isnt the way to go for shooters, on pc everyone on that peek would have been dead minutes earlier

  56. Branson Gregory

    Branson GregoryPrije 31 minute

    Is it really coming up on 3 years jeez time really does go by fast and this game is still golden and always will be amazing game!

  57. Tora-Ky

    Tora-KyPrije 34 minuta

    Sorry if i doubt

  58. Tzybi _

    Tzybi _Prije 35 minuta

    It was my first star wars game. I loved it.

  59. Clueless Valkyrie88

    Clueless Valkyrie88Prije 35 minuta

    Those Hud doesn't make to the final game. Which is surprise

  60. Shivang Mishra

    Shivang MishraPrije 36 minuta

    That background piano tune sounds familiar🤔

  61. thejax 034

    thejax 034Prije 36 minuta

    Doomguy: His silence speak louder than words and actions

  62. iamdmc

    iamdmcPrije 37 minuta

    can't stand her voice

  63. Victor Nguyen

    Victor NguyenPrije 37 minuta

    Great. Nemesis in 2020 graphics

  64. gmike777hot

    gmike777hotPrije 37 minuta

    Nothing. I always get Xbox 1st. I get ps when the console goes for $200.00 as I only use PS for the exclusives I want to play.

  65. Emirza Irfan

    Emirza IrfanPrije 38 minuta

    Fran's English voice is so charming to me.

  66. Avoozl

    AvoozlPrije 39 minuta

    Ugh, I think they based it on the stripped down Kai version which makes no sense since it's supposed to be an RPG and basing it on the uncut series would make more sense.

  67. Kick Ass

    Kick AssPrije 39 minuta

    The best mission of the game, basically.

  68. Kyle L

    Kyle LPrije 39 minuta

    I won’t be buying this. I had hopes for it but it’s still not close to how it should be. Smashing your enemies and watching then fly through rocks or across the ground into a ditch creating a crater or punching your opponent into a mountain untill the mountain breaks or hearing the ball of the kam mi am I arrr beam in your hands build up first and hearing Goku screaming it and it leaves the planet and go into space etc. Watching the spirit bomb ruin the area your fighting in etc watching your attacks collide and mashing buttons to beat your opponent’s attack. Transformation in a fight transforming to different levels to get the edge. This game will never be the dragon ball z I remember when I was a kid and the nostalgia won’t beat me to buy it. Finding items etc fishing...RPG dead in this game it’s part fighting and part quest finding items crap. The passion in this game just isn’t how it should be and for all dbz fans you guys going to be let down by this.

  69. Dylan H

    Dylan HPrije 39 minuta

    Games still dying to hackers and broken physics and hit reg

  70. Toranaga

    ToranagaPrije 40 minuta

    Awful game, user options are bad, can't eliminate replays... just awful.

  71. Liam Williams

    Liam WilliamsPrije 41 minute

    I’ve spent 3 years on both lmao

  72. witch, please

    witch, pleasePrije 41 minute

    That's a guy?

  73. A Hatfield

    A HatfieldPrije 44 minuta

    The part of Heilung‘ s song In Maljean was perfect for this trailer

  74. humanature

    humanaturePrije 45 minuta

    I knew I've seen this concept somewhere. www.netflix.com/title/81083880?s=a&trkid=13747225&t=cp

  75. Hyunsung Kim

    Hyunsung KimPrije 45 minuta

    Wtf why did this pop up in my recommended today

  76. Peter Griffin

    Peter GriffinPrije 46 minuta

    Sooooo.... will you bring back snapmap? Or are you just gonna make me cry 😭

  77. Roaring Lion

    Roaring LionPrije 46 minuta

    Free skip to 255 CR this month. DCUO has free character advance to 255 Combat Rating this month.

  78. Clark Kent

    Clark KentPrije 46 minuta

    The guy looks like marilyn mason

  79. random internet

    random internetPrije 49 minuta

    Best movie ever .

  80. Hameik Jones

    Hameik JonesPrije 50 minuta

    Michael b will be a different kryptonion and Henry Cavill will be Superman again maybe a team up or opposing sides

  81. Connor Mcsweeney

    Connor McsweeneyPrije 50 minuta

    Wow Dani Pudi only gets one line in the trailer yet top billing on the title.

  82. RMA Universe

    RMA UniversePrije 51 minute

    I love this part 0:27

  83. Jaime Bongaerts

    Jaime BongaertsPrije 51 minute

    Join xbox you don't know the power of the dark side

  84. AlyssaB

    AlyssaBPrije 55 minuta

    How did they crap the bed so badly that the ds version has better graphics than the wii u version?

  85. Couldnotic

    CouldnoticPrije 57 minuta

    This first fighter pass is really underwhelming for me, because none of these fighters speak excitement for me other then Banjo Kazooie, even though I've never played any Banjo games ever in my life and probably never will. I just know he was a big deal back in the 90s. All the other fighers they've release just seem rather boring. The only Fire Emblem character that I've ever liked in Smash is Roy because he was my go-to fighter since Melee. Joker I've heard of before but just dont care for it, same with the Dragon quest character. The Fatel Fury character Terry is just like whatever. Crash Bandicoot deserves more to be added to smash then all these other gaming characters people keep wanting, but I'm just like why all these early 2000s and 2010s type characters, like where all the 90s gaming Icons and Mascots at like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Lara Croft and etc.

  86. Captain Cluster

    Captain ClusterPrije 57 minuta

    Now I've had Gamepass for a year I'd really miss it. I bought one game new last year but played over 50, many of which I'd never have tried normally. Happy to stay Xbox.

  87. Jamille Chaves

    Jamille ChavesPrije 57 minuta


  88. BisPro

    BisProPrije 57 minuta

    I'm buying it on steam :) lets be friends guys.

  89. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Obi-Wan KenobiPrije 58 minuta

    I mean, you can fast travel from Old Town to the Slums and vice versa by going to either tower. You can also set a quest on active near an area you want to be and then quit to main menu and load back in. It will spawn you near the quest. I got the game on my SSD so it's really fast. Otherwise, just freerun. It's a lot of fun to do anyways 🤷🏻‍♂️

  90. Monty Mills

    Monty MillsPrije 58 minuta

    PS for life....I will raise my kids and grandkids on PS....

  91. deon x

    deon xPrije sat

    It’s 2020 we still fighting freeza foh with this game

  92. Opinionated Ape

    Opinionated ApePrije sat


  93. NIgHTMaReFortyTwo

    NIgHTMaReFortyTwoPrije sat

    His whole dream sequence bit about transhumanism/augmentation being like icarian flight is pretty cool, actually. Its getting rapidly more relevant now that we're in 2020. 'It's not the end of the world, but you can see it from here.'

  94. Lewis Abraham

    Lewis AbrahamPrije sat

    Very noice

  95. Alex Wagner

    Alex WagnerPrije sat