The Late Late Show with James Corden
The Late Late Show with James Corden
The Late Late Show with James Corden

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Dogs In Sunglasses

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  1. yee yeee

    yee yeeePrije 21 sekunde

    RIP to every parent being forced to watch this video 156 times by their 7 year old child

  2. Chloe Pattison-Conrad

    Chloe Pattison-ConradPrije 43 sekundi

    "James Corden Kidnaps An Old Asain Man" (the musical)

  3. Kevin Luo

    Kevin LuoPrije 49 sekundi

    Petition for long red lights in LA

  4. Lane Shaeffer

    Lane ShaefferPrije 2 minuta

    Imagine trying to date Gordon’s daughter lmao

  5. Senate Shakya

    Senate ShakyaPrije 2 minuta

    Man i effin love TC!!!

  6. TyoGalang426

    TyoGalang426Prije 2 minuta

    Crosswalk the Musical for CATS!!!

  7. Dallas Diva

    Dallas DivaPrije 3 minuta

    Please replace Adam Lambert with Marc Martel.

  8. Esa Jae

    Esa JaePrije 3 minuta

    i can't understand nothing teyana sing all in her nose

  9. Tiktok_MIND

    Tiktok_MINDPrije 4 minuta

    This only happens in LA

  10. MasiaDe

    MasiaDePrije 4 minuta

    Fun fact @adamlambert was Pretty Little Liar's iconic its This Is A Dark Ride which broke twitter record of 1.2 million.And He was also acted on Glee as Starchild. :P

  11. Samuel Litaba

    Samuel LitabaPrije 5 minuta

    He looks free and happy, I like how the word has set me free too. God is King.

  12. nat delgado

    nat delgadoPrije 5 minuta


  13. Adnan A

    Adnan APrije 5 minuta

    Jason Momoa is so smooth

  14. Joe QB

    Joe QBPrije 6 minuta

    I’m couple years late. I just finished orphan black on amazon. Amazing show. This lady is incredible.

  15. Rumiana W

    Rumiana WPrije 6 minuta

    I have said it so many times and I will say it again. Geoff is so cute!!!

  16. Erica Lynch

    Erica LynchPrije 6 minuta

    Is no one gonna talk about how the guy from Mind Hunter is Kristof?! How am I just finding out about this

  17. jessica nasca

    jessica nascaPrije 6 minuta

    They have such an entertaining relationship

  18. pEpa iS mE mOMmy :l

    pEpa iS mE mOMmy :lPrije 6 minuta

    My mom said i should Read more

  19. Toni De Luna

    Toni De LunaPrije 7 minuta

    Kristen Bell looks more like real life Anna than anyone I've ever seen before. Also she looks REALLY good in red hair. Is there anything she can't do?

  20. ARMS Can

    ARMS CanPrije 7 minuta

    What infinity war wasn’t even a thing

  21. Michael Owen

    Michael OwenPrije 9 minuta

    Idina Menzel is Elsa. Let it go, snowflake. 😂

  22. Unidentified

    UnidentifiedPrije 10 minuta


  23. Undescribed _

    Undescribed _Prije 10 minuta

    This why I rock with his late show

  24. Mathew Gulka

    Mathew GulkaPrije 11 minuta

    I thought Gaston hated books

  25. OldsXCool

    OldsXCoolPrije 12 minuta

    How can I laugh and gag so hard at the same time???!!!!

  26. Mary Anderson

    Mary AndersonPrije 12 minuta

    Why the hell is Josh Gad just adorable in that Olaf costume?!? 😍

  27. Bronte Critchley

    Bronte CritchleyPrije 12 minuta

    The guy on the left is me 5:39

  28. Shally

    ShallyPrije 12 minuta

    I thought of drawing a tree... maybe bc he said something about a tree earlier? Also im more of an auditory learner than visual so that may explain that his visual cue didnt work strongly on me. Perhaps most people are visual learners.

  29. Prathibha selvakumar

    Prathibha selvakumarPrije 14 minuta

    carpool karaoke with adam lambert next pls!!!!! so that i can die happy

  30. ジジ

    ジジPrije 15 minuta

    Something about Ariana makes me have a smile on my face. She’s the greatest!

  31. Its_ SJ

    Its_ SJPrije 15 minuta

    Shawn at 5:30 is the cutest thing

  32. Hunter Winslow

    Hunter WinslowPrije 15 minuta

    Everyone talking about glee and I’m like PUSHING DAISIES!!!!

  33. Juliette H

    Juliette HPrije 16 minuta

    Is it possible to know when are you going to do the next one? I would love to see it.

  34. Hunter Winslow

    Hunter WinslowPrije 16 minuta

    Why does this song always make me cry???

  35. Ariadlus Daedaladne Enigmus Proximo

    Ariadlus Daedaladne Enigmus ProximoPrije 16 minuta

    Today I learnt that turmerics too have tumors!

  36. Jessica Chin-Shong

    Jessica Chin-ShongPrije 17 minuta

    Does mena and noami date?

  37. Miles L.

    Miles L.Prije 17 minuta

    10:01 holy crap that was a close call.

  38. Maruchan ConCamaron

    Maruchan ConCamaronPrije 17 minuta

    Oh thank you good lord for blessing us with this majestic being

  39. Hannah Đỗ

    Hannah ĐỗPrije 18 minuta

    kristen bell embodying some strong eleanor traits

  40. Darren Anderson

    Darren AndersonPrije 19 minuta

    you people are fools this video is the truth

  41. I’m Is Ann

    I’m Is AnnPrije 20 minuta

    Nice shoutout to his wife, Julia. 😉

  42. Ralf Moon

    Ralf MoonPrije 20 minuta

    Loranna please call me

  43. HappyLandFarms

    HappyLandFarmsPrije 20 minuta

    I hate her songs. How did she become famous.

  44. oakleyducati1

    oakleyducati1Prije 20 minuta

    I think James Corden has an opportunity to differentiate himself from the other late night hosts by not taking about politics in his opening or skits. Besides, he isn’t that good or anywhere close to Colbert, Kimmel or Meyers. He is very good at doing carpool or eating weird stuff or live tinder.

  45. Tauvale King

    Tauvale KingPrije 20 minuta

    In the thumbnail, I was looking at the picture like “where’s Kristen”...

  46. Vidhi Dalwadi

    Vidhi DalwadiPrije 20 minuta

    Bruno loves his songs😍😍😍

  47. clo

    cloPrije 20 minuta


  48. Glenn Weeks

    Glenn WeeksPrije 20 minuta

    he nailed the ending...I.always hated the ending if that song...too funny

  49. Darren Anderson

    Darren AndersonPrije 22 minuta

  50. Abu Eyad

    Abu EyadPrije 22 minuta

    Okay..... I just figured out Christoph is Holden Ford in Mindhunters!!!!! What the......

  51. Isabella Bruno

    Isabella BrunoPrije 23 minuta

    2017: *angrily* is NOT Cats! 2019: guess who is in the live-action version of Cats you gotta love James

  52. Yellow & Pink Wednesdays

    Yellow & Pink WednesdaysPrije 23 minuta

    That moment where you realize Kristen Bell is real life Anna 4:59

  53. Liva Behji

    Liva BehjiPrije 23 minuta

    this is my favorite performance of history because 1) harry can't keep his eyes off lou and 2) james can't keep his eyes off all four of them. the love in the room is so evident, between them all and the audience. what a beautiful moment, and how it hurts in 2019.

  54. Lexy s

    Lexy sPrije 24 minuta


  55. OutOfThisVan

    OutOfThisVanPrije 24 minuta

    Kristen Bell is EVERYTHING. 🖤🤘🏼

  56. ella carrigan

    ella carriganPrije 25 minuta

    okay we need harrys now !

  57. Miles L.

    Miles L.Prije 25 minuta

    2:24 A D E L E D A Z E E M

  58. Gabriela Ortiz

    Gabriela OrtizPrije 26 minuta


  59. YoSoyMami

    YoSoyMamiPrije 26 minuta

    It's Mary Poppins and Princess Anna!!! Such a shame that Julie can't sing anymore, a duet with those two would have been amazing. ❤️

  60. Your Local Memer

    Your Local MemerPrije 27 minuta

    Jonathan in a blonde wig is a mood

  61. Mehmet Umur

    Mehmet UmurPrije 27 minuta

    Please put subtitle in Turkishhh ⤵️ likee

  62. Max 'It Is What It Is' Holloway

    Max 'It Is What It Is' HollowayPrije 27 minuta

    He played them all hahahahahahah, what a sick kunt

  63. Victoria Sillo

    Victoria SilloPrije 28 minuta

    Idina throwing shade is everything I didn’t know I needed until now

  64. Mel

    MelPrije 28 minuta

    When you're old enough to remember She's Out of My League...

  65. Gabrielle Holt

    Gabrielle HoltPrije 28 minuta

    I mean....this is a cute idea, but some of these people could have legit been on their way to the hospital or some other urgent emergency. Or just, ya know, their jobs....I appreciate the joy James is spreading but if I was in a hurry I would've been annoyed too

  66. Neil Kerr

    Neil KerrPrije 28 minuta

    James Corden is a pratt !he is loathed in Britain. The guy is an odious, talentless wannabee.He spent his life pushing his ego and lack of talent into the spotlight.......its embarrassing to see this twat on American TV. A genuine waste of space.....He really has zero talent.

  67. lala3328lb

    lala3328lbPrije 29 minuta

    Flavor Flav: I'm the best hype man ever. James: Hold my mic! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I was hype as hell when he kicked that in. He's many moves past a "triple threat". Seriously. Those harmonies, tho... Love these carpools for soo many reasons!

  68. JagularsAndTiggers

    JagularsAndTiggersPrije 30 minuta

    The two guys in the white t-shirt and gray t-shirt crossing the street at 10:25 immediately cross right back again at 10:40 😅

  69. Iman Safiyyah

    Iman SafiyyahPrije 30 minuta

    i can't wait for harry styles !

  70. Alexander Daniels Escobar

    Alexander Daniels EscobarPrije 30 minuta

    We so need part 2!!!

  71. The Wright Magic

    The Wright MagicPrije 31 minute

    Omg!!!! Soooooo fucking FUNNY!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!

  72. Yousif Ajmaya

    Yousif AjmayaPrije 32 minuta

    She looks like a heroin addict 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  73. Minh đỗ

    Minh đỗPrije 35 minuta

    Where is Spider-Man?

  74. Patrice Thess

    Patrice ThessPrije 35 minuta

    Yes he is so underrated, and also love him on American Idol

  75. YoSoyMami

    YoSoyMamiPrije 35 minuta

    She's not Julie, she's not Jules... she's *MARY FRIGGIN POPPINS!!!* 😍😍

  76. Jeremiah the realest

    Jeremiah the realestPrije 35 minuta

    So James didnt watch Bill Burr stand-up Fat people from his special Walk your way out lol

  77. Daniel Lugo

    Daniel LugoPrije 36 minuta

    It would be incredible that a band somewhat similar to The "Traveling Wilburys" was formed, but now with: Julian Casablancas, Bille Joe Armstrong, Anthony Caleb Followil, Ed Sheran, Liam Gallagher and Jhon O'Callaghan

  78. Lupita styles

    Lupita stylesPrije 37 minuta

    Johnathan groff so cute asf

  79. this is me

    this is mePrije 38 minuta

    He is actually the most dangerous to tRump. Doesn't have to worry about future employment and, can afford the caliber of lawyers needed.

  80. I Snorted GFuel

    I Snorted GFuelPrije 38 minuta


  81. Aseel Snober

    Aseel SnoberPrije 38 minuta

    it’s obviously adele

  82. M.

    M.Prije 39 minuta


  83. W. A.

    W. A.Prije 40 minuta

    Boss: why you late Driver: frozen was happening on a crosswalk

  84. mosilflutil10

    mosilflutil10Prije 40 minuta

    I think I’ll stick with Colbert

  85. shimmy 1973 Schermerhorn

    shimmy 1973 SchermerhornPrije 40 minuta

    Gronk: CBS Sports employee. Looking forward to.retirement there too..

  86. Lupita styles

    Lupita stylesPrije 41 minute

    Whos excited for the movie it comes out tomorrow! Like if ur excited for frozen !!! 👇👍

  87. sweet dreams

    sweet dreamsPrije 41 minute

    Lol what if one if them actually got run over tho...

  88. yanelle tamayo

    yanelle tamayoPrije 42 minuta

    I’m eating cereal while watching this but I’m lactose intolerant

  89. Daksha Krishnan

    Daksha KrishnanPrije 42 minuta

    grace vanderwaal: 15 year old performing live on james corden's show me: 16 year old that hasn't accomplished anything

  90. Janna the Rebel

    Janna the RebelPrije 43 minuta

    5:38 just look at that guy's face

  91. Keelia Buchanan

    Keelia BuchananPrije 43 minuta

    0:35 "Why would it be the $%&*ing smurfs?!" I laughed so hard

  92. maddie dowodzenka

    maddie dowodzenkaPrije 43 minuta

    Omg David blane in saw

  93. Dro D

    Dro DPrije 44 minuta

    Lol james looked lost after that run sam did 😂💕 @ 8:22

  94. Deviben Patel

    Deviben PatelPrije 44 minuta

    Wow I *was not* expecting for this collab to happen... I mean I am not complaining ✨

  95. mayra tello

    mayra telloPrije 44 minuta

    Idk what I love more now , the movie or cross walk the musical 😂

  96. Zara Hasan

    Zara HasanPrije 44 minuta

    Lol when u realize LA to SF is 7 hours + another hour for traffic

  97. Harray

    HarrayPrije 44 minuta

    I had no idea the guy from mindhunters is Christov in Frozen

  98. Mindy Broffman

    Mindy BroffmanPrije 44 minuta

    I loved everything Jackson cooked!🤩🥰

  99. UberLummox

    UberLummoxPrije 45 minuta

    So Steven Colbert and Benny Hill ahd a love-child names James Corden? : )

  100. Kalya Magbutay

    Kalya MagbutayPrije 46 minuta

    Where is Jack Whitehall?