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Future - Mad Luv (Audio)
Future - Showed Up (Audio)
Future - Gangland (Audio)
Future - 2Pac (Audio)

Future - 2Pac (Audio)

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Future - Fetti (Audio)

Future - Fetti (Audio)

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Future - Throw Away (Audio)
Future - My Savages (Audio)
Future - Monster (Audio)
Future - Hardly (Audio)
Future - Radical (Audio)
Future - Please Tell Me
Future - St. Lucia

Future - St. Lucia

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Future - Government Official
Future - Love Thy Enemies
Future - XanaX Damage

Future - XanaX Damage

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Future - Shotgun (Audio)
Future - St. Lucia (Audio)
Future - Extra (Audio)

Future - Extra (Audio)

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Future - F&N

Future - F&N

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Future - Crushed Up


    I really believe this should be your new vision for every video y'all put out from now on this s*** is great I love life is good

  2. shaquille achmad

    shaquille achmadPrije 9 sati

    Future ruin this song, sorry

  3. RachiFam Nate

    RachiFam NatePrije 10 sati

    this video funny asl

  4. Auzhy

    AuzhyPrije 10 sati

    this shit is so fire yo 🔥🔥

  5. The Hoodie Family

    The Hoodie FamilyPrije 10 sati


  6. The Hoodie Family

    The Hoodie FamilyPrije 10 sati

    Go subscribe to the hoodie family right now 🙏🏾👀

  7. Emily Landeros

    Emily LanderosPrije 10 sati

    I love this song so much it’s so good

  8. J2Wavey

    J2WaveyPrije 10 sati

    Oxymoron - a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction. "Medicine man, Medicine Man, taking off never to land, United we fall, together we stand." -Lil Wayne

  9. yo mama

    yo mamaPrije 10 sati

    Future ruins it

  10. Spicy Yoghurt

    Spicy YoghurtPrije 10 sati

    1:40 is probably what your here for.

  11. Truely Goated

    Truely GoatedPrije 10 sati

    So I had this song on speaker and when the horn blew on the song or music whatever you want to call it my dog end up barking he went crazy

  12. Danielle Turner

    Danielle TurnerPrije 10 sati

    I love they relationship 🖤 my two favs 🚦🚦❤️

  13. Alen Basil

    Alen BasilPrije 10 sati

    Autotune hits harder

  14. Boden Broy

    Boden BroyPrije 10 sati

    me** looks at smart kids test teacher* i got u Me** 0:28

  15. Parish Ingram

    Parish IngramPrije 10 sati

    When two Scorpio Alphas get together💜😍

  16. Iman Hewamanage

    Iman HewamanagePrije 10 sati

    did anyone else see at 4:29 his partner is not Drake?

  17. Guilherme Costa

    Guilherme CostaPrije 10 sati


  18. Jaymoneywayy Aikens

    Jaymoneywayy AikensPrije 10 sati

    Future bold for this 💀

  19. Brendon Marinho

    Brendon MarinhoPrije 10 sati


  20. Deutschrap Lyrics

    Deutschrap LyricsPrije 10 sati

    Whos here After big trip

  21. Deutschrap Lyrics

    Deutschrap LyricsPrije 10 sati

    Whos here After Big trip

  22. Legion

    LegionPrije 10 sati

    futures verse practically raped drakes.

  23. Beautiful Nightmare

    Beautiful NightmarePrije 10 sati

    This shit slaps harder than Plastic bag! Dang, the duo is BACK!

  24. Arav Saxena

    Arav SaxenaPrije 10 sati


  25. Bahati R

    Bahati RPrije 10 sati

    Life is good .. I’m rich bitch

  26. Genie1 X

    Genie1 XPrije 10 sati

    Why does drake look better as a trash man than he does as a rapper 🤔


    STEMSWIMPrije 10 sati

    The sins of the father are visited on the children

  28. AmberJay16

    AmberJay16Prije 10 sati

    I need that peach slap shirt in my life!!!


    BEN TRAVELSPrije 10 sati

    Let's get him a record deal hrgo.info/video/xpSq2Z92rbuNtYc.html

  30. SAmY

    SAmYPrije 10 sati

    1:08 Lil Yachty?

  31. Poly Huncho

    Poly HunchoPrije 10 sati

    It’s a hit 🤘🤘🤘🤘💯💯💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  32. Hideika

    HideikaPrije 10 sati

    Song starts at 1:43

  33. Fish Drowner

    Fish DrownerPrije 10 sati

    Every single rapper: lambo Drake ; lemme hop on dat garbage truck

  34. Josh obla

    Josh oblaPrije 10 sati

    Ay future you might not know me but I was paralyzed waist down in 2014 and today I got up for the first time just to shut your garbage ass music off

  35. Chris K

    Chris KPrije 10 sati

    1:06 yachty out of nowhere just being yachty

  36. pro gaming

    pro gamingPrije 10 sati

    I didn’t like the song at first but I got used to this

  37. 4:13 Productions

    4:13 ProductionsPrije 10 sati


  38. Designer Cam

    Designer CamPrije 10 sati

    Better without future lowkey

  39. SGprod

    SGprodPrije 10 sati

    Drake gave future a hit song and Future just ruined it. Don't @me.

  40. Brayan Cordero

    Brayan CorderoPrije 10 sati

    Are we going to ignore that he "borrowed" NFs video idea?

  41. -ISaucingOnU -

    -ISaucingOnU -Prije 10 sati

    This is the best and cleaverist music vid I’ve ever seen and u got savage n yachty n shit with normal jobs this shit goooooes hardddd

  42. Glamour y Sensualidad

    Glamour y SensualidadPrije 10 sati

    The future is excellent

  43. Glamour y Sensualidad

    Glamour y SensualidadPrije 10 sati


  44. Denzel Wilksch

    Denzel WilkschPrije 10 sati

    1:02 future looks like he genuinly thought drake was tapping him to say something to him aha

  45. Know Body

    Know BodyPrije 10 sati

    Drake doesn’t disappoint, fire

  46. Alfredo Palacios

    Alfredo PalaciosPrije 10 sati


  47. Jalen Wright

    Jalen WrightPrije 10 sati

    1:45 me and the homies baked af during overnight shifts 😭

  48. TraderAhmed

    TraderAhmedPrije 10 sati

    When you so rich you just start doing normal jobs for fun

  49. Mike Siyuja

    Mike SiyujaPrije 10 sati

    I only like the song😁😁

  50. Charlie Griffith

    Charlie GriffithPrije 10 sati

    I nutted at 3:41

  51. Saliba T

    Saliba TPrije 11 sati

    Drake copied NF trash truck scene


    DEATH_SLAYERSツPrije 11 sati

    Title should be: Multi-Millionaire rappers try working normal jobs

  53. Anthony Campbell

    Anthony CampbellPrije 11 sati

    Drake pulling a cord out of the servers: Drake puting em back in there: Future:ooh

  54. KnewEgypt

    KnewEgyptPrije 11 sati


  55. KnewEgypt

    KnewEgyptPrije 11 sati


  56. Deadpool

    DeadpoolPrije 11 sati

    Imagine u roll up to a Hardee’s and see Future and Drake taking your order

  57. Laws9n

    Laws9nPrije 11 sati

    *The IRS wants to know your location*

  58. Skizzzy G Beatz

    Skizzzy G BeatzPrije 11 sati

    Future ruined it

  59. Chima Egeonu

    Chima EgeonuPrije 11 sati

    doesn't match

  60. Kenny 2 TYMEZ

    Kenny 2 TYMEZPrije 11 sati


  61. Uprising

    UprisingPrije 11 sati

    Futures part isn’t bad it just doesn’t fit into this song

  62. Cybergig00

    Cybergig00Prije 11 sati

    2:34 ....who is that...

  63. Prabhat Dixit

    Prabhat DixitPrije 11 sati

    Another 100 years of Rick and Morty

  64. LAH MARU

    LAH MARUPrije 11 sati

    2:30 that cracked screen internationally relatable

  65. Creative Independence

    Creative IndependencePrije 11 sati

    So we gonna act like Drake ain't almost knock himself out on the car bumper in the mechanic shop?

  66. ควา ฉันรักคุณมากกว่า

    ควา ฉันรักคุณมากกว่าPrije 11 sati

    Drake______ Future______

  67. Dylan V.

    Dylan V.Prije 11 sati

    Song was good until future part came on🤦🏻‍♂️

  68. mike long

    mike longPrije 11 sati

    Future: Something about Taliban Feds: Oooh!

  69. KruzinKruz

    KruzinKruzPrije 11 sati

    2:43 how black people be kookin up in the krusty krab

  70. br4dy

    br4dyPrije 11 sati

    This song is good until future comes on it doesn’t fit the vibe

  71. KruzinKruz

    KruzinKruzPrije 11 sati

    this comment section should be a reddit

  72. FreestyleAvenue

    FreestyleAvenuePrije 11 sati

    hrgo.info/video/lbCLqZeokNVikoc.html episode 6 dropped

  73. Slim G

    Slim GPrije 11 sati

    Song begins at 1:35

  74. Slim G

    Slim GPrije 11 sati

    I clean skip drake part

  75. Joshua Abbey

    Joshua AbbeyPrije 11 sati

    This song is like your mom and dads cases to keep your in their custody in court

  76. Andrei Teixeira

    Andrei TeixeiraPrije 11 sati

    Eles esqueceram um lixo kkk

  77. Lil Mike

    Lil MikePrije 11 sati



    RUSLAN_РУСЛАНPrije 11 sati

    Y o

  79. Little jay Icee

    Little jay IceePrije 11 sati

    “Know you seen my text please say something” thats about Millie Bobby brown right?

  80. NRG selpie

    NRG selpiePrije 11 sati

    How are you beating Eminem’s new album

  81. Ismail Ahmed

    Ismail AhmedPrije 11 sati


  82. TAMARA

    TAMARAPrije 11 sati

    A gif brought me here 😭

  83. IcePrince •

    IcePrince •Prije 11 sati


  84. Danielle Dawson

    Danielle DawsonPrije 11 sati


  85. Squirrel Lover

    Squirrel LoverPrije 11 sati

    Drake and future should do a full length album together

  86. matheus oliveira

    matheus oliveiraPrije 11 sati

    I wish there was a version with only drake, can anyone link me some music of his similar to this?

  87. ilovetokyo

    ilovetokyoPrije 11 sati

    Am I the only one that noticed lol yatchy

  88. vids_by

    vids_byPrije 11 sati

    why they take it off of soundcloud?

  89. Your Dad

    Your DadPrije 11 sati

    Drake's part is way better than future's part 💯💯

  90. Stranger Stranger

    Stranger StrangerPrije 11 sati

    When drake say b*tch this is fame not clout I just get super turnt

  91. Tony Starks

    Tony StarksPrije 11 sati

    Anyone else just start the song over once Drake's verse ends? 😂

  92. Ethan Kishinevskiy

    Ethan KishinevskiyPrije 11 sati

    Future is like the people in medicine commercials and the city being ravaged is the side effects.

  93. ʙʟᴀᴄᴋ ᴍᴀɢᴇ

    ʙʟᴀᴄᴋ ᴍᴀɢᴇPrije 11 sati

    1:20 me looking for that 10mm socket I just had

  94. Naaomi Sealy

    Naaomi SealyPrije 11 sati


  95. Sauce Tekz

    Sauce TekzPrije 11 sati

    When ur mum finally shows you how to work the stove 1:09

  96. WontReward

    WontRewardPrije 11 sati

    Life is good for y'all


    RYAN GROOVERPrije 11 sati

    anyone else notice that drake almost rain into the car?


    VUND_THE_GODPrije 11 sati


  99. Rafiki Bell

    Rafiki BellPrije 11 sati

    J Lutz aka X really did his thing with this video

  100. Emir

    EmirPrije 11 sati

    2020 letsgo