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  1. Othelo Jenkins

    Othelo JenkinsPrije 13 sati

    I hate when cashiers don’t ‘hand’ me back my credit card

  2. Adam

    AdamPrije 13 sati

    8:45 gldodkfddsdj

  3. Bangurowned

    BangurownedPrije 13 sati

    Is he wearing a JLC Reverso or Cartier tank?

  4. Hexxie

    HexxiePrije 13 sati

    I keep on repeating his reaction when Joe said 'You once said there's no such thing as great taste, it's your taste.' I love it.

  5. Jack Cough

    Jack CoughPrije 13 sati

    Looks like the parlor ain't the only place he goes to blow his load ...

  6. strings gb

    strings gbPrije 13 sati

    This is so funny 😂😂😂

  7. Bifee

    BifeePrije 13 sati

    Ayyyyyy let’s goo

  8. Calculated Victory

    Calculated VictoryPrije 13 sati

    Lmfao ES got cancelled. I doubt anyone cares though

  9. laylosu

    laylosuPrije 13 sati

    fuck chris brown

  10. It'sLitt !!

    It'sLitt !!Prije 13 sati

    Joe mama

  11. WW2

    WW2Prije 13 sati

    Ronaldo legend

  12. Collapse Boi !!!!!!!!¿?¿?

    Collapse Boi !!!!!!!!¿?¿?Prije 13 sati

    Bill 700 dollars and they made almost 17 K from the views Good bargin

  13. CuraSpooky

    CuraSpookyPrije 13 sati

    I thought this was tom cavanagh.

  14. Huan Cawle

    Huan CawlePrije 13 sati

    Pj Tucker goes sneakers shopping

  15. Anixid Ruien

    Anixid RuienPrije 13 sati

    Just enjoy it

  16. Zangi Chingole

    Zangi ChingolePrije 13 sati

    Diddy set the challenge, eyes out for a new lable

  17. Better than telly

    Better than tellyPrije 13 sati

    Sweatshop labour. Brilliant.

  18. Patrick Schmidt

    Patrick SchmidtPrije 13 sati

    Offset be like: “Did i blink my man?”

  19. Kj White 8u Mosiah White 6u

    Kj White 8u Mosiah White 6uPrije 13 sati

    U should edit some skittle nikes


    SSWOODFINPrije 13 sati

    Reviews are bad materials are cheap that kmart or wallmart level.

  21. ShootEmDownTv

    ShootEmDownTvPrije 13 sati

    Hope every body on here will one day be able to afford $8,000 in shoes

  22. Zangi Chingole

    Zangi ChingolePrije 13 sati

    Em was too fucking funny for this crew and by the end I was just pissed - don’t waste his time

  23. ZERO

    ZEROPrije 13 sati

    Lil Yachty is weird af

  24. Meaty Bros

    Meaty BrosPrije 13 sati

    $440 on motorsport 4s????

  25. ZERO

    ZEROPrije 14 sati

    Lil yachty is weird af

  26. R Refos

    R RefosPrije 14 sati

    Enjoy your shoes in heaven juice world

  27. Inoce Duche

    Inoce DuchePrije 14 sati

    This intro beat tho🔥🔥🔥

  28. Naya박나예

    Naya박나예Prije 14 sati

    Kris.. please comeback with exo

  29. Boostah k

    Boostah kPrije 14 sati


  30. Grim_Reaper3_6_0

    Grim_Reaper3_6_0Prije 14 sati

    RIP juice

  31. Yashas Kiran

    Yashas KiranPrije 14 sati

    Yo guys , have FaZe Rug on your channel .. he's pretty famous .. and he wears alot of sneakers too..

  32. 신호석

    신호석Prije 14 sati

    I bet he can speak English but chose to speak Japanese...

  33. Flying Kangaroos

    Flying KangaroosPrije 14 sati

    (Insert joke about Eminem’s $2 here)

  34. Cas

    CasPrije 14 sati

    he talks like that "you dont even wear your pants correctly" girl lmao

  35. Jay Ventura

    Jay VenturaPrije 14 sati

    Impractical jokers is so underrated

  36. MrHispanicz

    MrHispaniczPrije 14 sati

    probably took 400$ to make all them shoes if that

  37. eric woodley

    eric woodleyPrije 14 sati


  38. Bell M

    Bell MPrije 14 sati

    I just can't it's too cringe

  39. BMB Brandonひ

    BMB BrandonひPrije 15 sati

    who got a will smith ad? or just me

  40. Version 1

    Version 1Prije 15 sati


  41. Shannon Mount

    Shannon MountPrije 15 sati

    5:20 what are the black nike shoes called behind wills head ?

  42. Version 1

    Version 1Prije 15 sati

    Imagine “Eee Err”

  43. Jee Bee TV

    Jee Bee TVPrije 15 sati


  44. Jee Bee TV

    Jee Bee TVPrije 15 sati


  45. Ty ShiftingGears

    Ty ShiftingGearsPrije 15 sati

    2 years later he's still waiting on some one to feel him!

  46. Ramapo River

    Ramapo RiverPrije 15 sati

    I can't understand pops......I guess I grew up on the other side of the tracks

  47. Ramapo River

    Ramapo RiverPrije 15 sati

    All Executive names?....

  48. Ramapo River

    Ramapo RiverPrije 15 sati

    Does he like any white people?

  49. Saleh Alkwarit

    Saleh AlkwaritPrije 15 sati

    HELP! can someone please tell me whats the name of the beat at the end

  50. The Kids Nice

    The Kids NicePrije 15 sati

    Bruh those Air Seinfeld are crazzzzy... Only Sean Wortherspoon would have those in his store 😂🤣

  51. The Kids Nice

    The Kids NicePrije 15 sati

    Lmao he got a fuckin StockX tag hanging from the shoe 😂🤣😂gee wonder where you got those

  52. Mohammad Qandehari

    Mohammad QandehariPrije 15 sati

    Tecca only gets 2 shoes but spends 2000 lol

  53. Andre Price

    Andre PricePrije 15 sati


  54. Also Rachel

    Also RachelPrije 15 sati

    rip juice wrld

  55. Максим Анненков

    Максим АнненковPrije 15 sati

    Invite Scarlxrd pls

  56. ILove HOOPS

    ILove HOOPSPrije 16 sati

    damn! this guys always use their credit card

  57. Marikatz

    MarikatzPrije 16 sati

    This was almost like watching a puppy play with wolves lol His earnest to learn was cool but he seemed naive and a little immature with how he handled some of the conversation (waxing, periods, even what seemed to be unwelcomed playfulness with Amina) I think if he learned how to understand where the models are coming from he would create a more comfortable environment, which is so key.


    RATED4EVERPrije 16 sati

    FAST 9 will be the 1st movie I go to see in theatres in 2020 and then BAD BOYS FOR LIFE will be purchased on dvd. Then eventually purchase FAST 9 on dvd.

  59. Raz K

    Raz KPrije 16 sati

    $8000 fkn dollars and you know it comes from a sweat shop in Cambodia. I laugh at you morons 😂

  60. Muhammad Firdausi

    Muhammad FirdausiPrije 16 sati

    John Cena Where

  61. Armando Hernandez

    Armando HernandezPrije 16 sati

    He only paid 150$ for the travis Scott AF1 I paid about 800 for mine cmon man -SMH

  62. Ruzaimie

    RuzaimiePrije 16 sati

    Did everybody realise the cashier was so macho

  63. Caleb Carson

    Caleb CarsonPrije 16 sati

    How can he not wanna be filthy frank??? Ive just been waiting to hear the filthy frank voice this whole video

  64. dary0809

    dary0809Prije 16 sati

    He said ‘shit’ 1000 times

  65. James Lopez

    James LopezPrije 16 sati

    Damn three thousand dollar shoes

  66. jared herrmann

    jared herrmannPrije 16 sati


  67. Brownd Beanz

    Brownd BeanzPrije 16 sati

    Who's here after he's gone totally mental and his own agent dropped him...

  68. Darkness Rises

    Darkness RisesPrije 16 sati

    That’s a lot of Air Jordan’s, offset.

  69. Jacob Roe

    Jacob RoePrije 16 sati

    Joe Budden needs to shut up, jeez fool needs to go dog

  70. Äbråham Orozco

    Äbråham OrozcoPrije 16 sati

    Jalisco Gang

  71. James Lopez

    James LopezPrije 16 sati

    That was so nice that he bought his fan a pair.

  72. Dathen Holley

    Dathen HolleyPrije 16 sati

    Silly...mot give n back 2 the black community that made him the money no assets just a bunch of s*

  73. Park Haina

    Park HainaPrije 16 sati

    How about joe goes sneaker shopping?

  74. Nicoles Roja

    Nicoles RojaPrije 16 sati

    offset with a lot of cash in a car ....damn

  75. Zack Grant

    Zack GrantPrije 17 sati

    I would so buy kobe 6 grinch shoes

  76. Pilar Yumul

    Pilar YumulPrije 17 sati

    Who won? Dj khaled or big boy cheng? For me big boy cheng

  77. Latosha Stanback

    Latosha StanbackPrije 17 sati


  78. king boss XXX

    king boss XXXPrije 17 sati

    Off White yeah 👍👍👍👍

  79. Arthur George

    Arthur GeorgePrije 17 sati

    Joe is a fucking ass, downpresser

  80. Park Haina

    Park HainaPrije 17 sati

    How about joe goes sneaker shopping?

  81. Samantha Rivera

    Samantha RiveraPrije 17 sati


  82. Lala

    LalaPrije 17 sati

    I'm in a interracial relationship and parts of this video is embarassing. Just say "because i was attracted to him or her." Not "I heard black guys have big dicks'' Jesus Christ!

  83. Callum Ratcliffe

    Callum RatcliffePrije 17 sati


  84. Kayli Grimsdale

    Kayli GrimsdalePrije 17 sati

    The pepper gave Chili Klaus the tourettes

  85. Callum Ratcliffe

    Callum RatcliffePrije 17 sati


  86. Maria Benavides

    Maria BenavidesPrije 17 sati

    For someone that doesnt know much or care much got fire kicks

  87. Ben Pascoe

    Ben PascoePrije 17 sati

    That cashier was loving dababy sheesh Cant believe this man didnt whip out a fat stack of cash

  88. Shrill

    ShrillPrije 17 sati

    Get TIP out of there

  89. Darklord 503

    Darklord 503Prije 17 sati

    This bitch look old but I guess she’s 11

  90. Jorge Minjarez

    Jorge MinjarezPrije 17 sati

    High ass nigga

  91. Angelo Rvd

    Angelo RvdPrije 17 sati

    Que solo para esas 2 wabadas yo creí que se hiba a comprar la tienda entera xddd

  92. Nick C

    Nick CPrije 17 sati

    I feel like when yachty takes his grills off he got the same colour teeth

  93. Arun Sahil

    Arun SahilPrije 17 sati

    That intro sample track🔥🔥

  94. Jorge Minjarez

    Jorge MinjarezPrije 17 sati

    How tall is Jonah

  95. Anthony Ambriz

    Anthony AmbrizPrije 17 sati


  96. ItzNeekz

    ItzNeekzPrije 17 sati

    Daaaaammm taxes be like $700 🤦🏻

  97. Shrill

    ShrillPrije 17 sati

    Youre free now act like it . wow

  98. Kasut Oren

    Kasut OrenPrije 17 sati

    Will smith look like he doesn’t even age at alll....but jaden smith in the other hand....😂😂😂😂😂😂