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  1. Shiloh Delta

    Shiloh DeltaPrije 19 sekundi

    The Raiders continue to be what they’ve been for 25 years. Garbage.

  2. Deagle760

    Deagle760Prije 19 sekundi

    Damn typical raiders

  3. Benji

    BenjiPrije 22 sekundi

    Upping feel bad for Freddie; he’s just in over his head

  4. sbwos

    sbwosPrije 31 sekunde

    Wentz is doing way better getting the ball out. Wish he had done it sooner.

  5. George Estrada

    George EstradaPrije minute

    Lamar please don't start fighting dogs

  6. Fly Eagles

    Fly EaglesPrije minute

    Y'all notice this was a home game for the Eagles 🦅😂

  7. Ricky Ma

    Ricky MaPrije minute

    What's going on here? 9:06???? That steeler guy.

  8. Josh Clark

    Josh ClarkPrije minute

    "wE dOnT lOsE iN pRiMeTimE"

  9. Tin Finz

    Tin FinzPrije minute

    watching odell take that hit made my day so much better. we need more of that

  10. Fish N Chips

    Fish N ChipsPrije minute

    That hit from Patterson with bears recovery, should’ve been bears ball. Which lead to packers score... real mvp for the packers was the ref on that bullshit call

  11. slick_cowboy_808

    slick_cowboy_808Prije minute

    feed me it off and feed u know what i need baby...please...please! feed me ✭✭✭

  12. Kenny L Garrett Jr

    Kenny L Garrett JrPrije minute


  13. ginger

    gingerPrije minute

    Browns are who we thought they are!

  14. Karuizawa Kei

    Karuizawa KeiPrije minute

    James Conner a beast tho. Idk why they stopped using him in the 4th quarter. Not than I'm complaining, of course

  15. BNAMusic88 _

    BNAMusic88 _Prije minute

    Jamies Winston is the Pandora’s Box of the NFL

  16. miguel tejeda

    miguel tejedaPrije minute

    As a Steeler fan, hats off to the Bill's, I could see them taking over the AFC east, I like the chiefs but I feel they wont get far, now between patriots and ravens, I believe the ravens could eliminate the patriots in the playoffs, brady has been playing horrible within the last few games

  17. Armando A

    Armando APrije minute

    Now this is the Cowboys team I wanna see every week!

  18. InsaneFoxx

    InsaneFoxxPrije 2 minuta

    were the two teams competing as to who could turn the ball over more?

  19. monQsurlaKomod

    monQsurlaKomodPrije 2 minuta

    finally, a great win for Cards!!!

  20. ginger

    gingerPrije 2 minuta

    Would be nice if the Titans make the playoffs and face/knock off the Patriots.

  21. Joseph Park

    Joseph ParkPrije 2 minuta

    sean lee kinda shifty👀

  22. Stan ezen

    Stan ezenPrije 2 minuta

    Lol chargers suck. They need a new QB

  23. five0threeEJ

    five0threeEJPrije 2 minuta

    Mitch was showing off that arm this game

  24. SinnerTheDon

    SinnerTheDonPrije 2 minuta

    The refs even tried to help us win at then end with the PI smfh defense garbage.

  25. Peter Diaz

    Peter DiazPrije 3 minuta

    I got nothen. Cowboys are confusing

  26. abdul smith

    abdul smithPrije 3 minuta

    Bills took care of business when the Browns couldn't. Damn shame!!!!

  27. Hijack Maniac

    Hijack ManiacPrije 3 minuta

    Bengals have lost again...bitchslap their owner someone for me lol

  28. Diyah Danelle

    Diyah DanellePrije 3 minuta

    This team gives me a headache. Still love em though sigh

  29. Matador G

    Matador GPrije 3 minuta

    Lamar gets talked about in games he doesn’t even play.

  30. Jonathan Rose

    Jonathan RosePrije 3 minuta

    Devlin Hodges: Want to see me throw a pick with the game on the line? Want to see me do it again?

  31. **

    **Prije 3 minuta

    Thanks Danny boy! Go Hawks and go falcons!

  32. Vitaliy Reznichenko

    Vitaliy ReznichenkoPrije 3 minuta

    Man Goff sucks under pressure.

  33. yamier robertson

    yamier robertsonPrije 3 minuta

    How tf do we lose to tha jets buhh blow out tha rams 😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  34. florida

    floridaPrije 3 minuta

    Take a shot every time the ball comes out You’ll be drunk Take a shot every turnover GL

  35. Ken Hoang

    Ken HoangPrije 3 minuta

    Looking forward to Bills game on Saturday!

  36. Dan Kelly

    Dan KellyPrije 4 minuta

    So that's what it looks like when the refs call penalties on the Niners. 😮🤔

  37. Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas JeffersonPrije 4 minuta

    Came here just to laugh at the Salty Ass 49r Fanatic Comments 😂

  38. Durrelle Nelson

    Durrelle NelsonPrije 4 minuta

    Good win for the cowboys Tony pollard suim serious!

  39. anthony gonzalez

    anthony gonzalezPrije 4 minuta

    Why is nobody talking about the last touchdown pass it was clearly not across the goal line smh 🙄

  40. Skeezix

    SkeezixPrije 4 minuta

    Oh my, this is t e r r I b l e......the Seahawks

  41. Ghost02888 Alcaraz

    Ghost02888 AlcarazPrije 4 minuta

    This is bullshit

  42. Alberto Gómez

    Alberto GómezPrije 5 minuta

    Tony Pollard.., a great sensation. Playing with two HB in some plays would be crazy? Still thinkin´ cowboys´s defense needs to centrate in their tasks, defensive backs are too weak, too many deep plays.

  43. Andi S

    Andi SPrije 5 minuta

    Seahawk : Thanks a lot for great Win !

  44. mvpfocus

    mvpfocusPrije 5 minuta

    Is it just me, or is this supposedly HD feed blurry as heckfire?

  45. thecockerel

    thecockerelPrije 5 minuta

    Julio came to play.

  46. Edward Kitchens

    Edward KitchensPrije 5 minuta

    I knew we would Air it. Out on this fools . no interceptions or turnovers and we would have easily been in the playoffs now lets establish the. Running Game and finish season STRONG 💪 Go bucs Spoiler alert texans U next !!!

  47. Devin mccampbell

    Devin mccampbellPrije 5 minuta

    Shitsburg and piss towels

  48. D.A.D.A

    D.A.D.APrije 5 minuta

    Big ol’ F-Dinger at :46

  49. Harrison Kleinpeter

    Harrison KleinpeterPrije 5 minuta

    Duck can make the game winning drive, can he do it?! Duck: “No, I don’t think I will”

  50. StellarInferno

    StellarInfernoPrije 5 minuta

    1 second!!!!

  51. Ben Uluakiola

    Ben UluakiolaPrije 5 minuta

    What a crowd

  52. Thomas Ennis

    Thomas EnnisPrije 6 minuta

    that stage is pretty cool

  53. StellarInferno

    StellarInfernoPrije 6 minuta

    5 seconds!

  54. momo alex

    momo alexPrije 6 minuta

    This bills defence is scary good!

  55. - Owen

    - OwenPrije 6 minuta

    5:08 take him down

  56. Larrea Hunter

    Larrea HunterPrije 6 minuta


  57. Ben Götze

    Ben GötzePrije 6 minuta

    Congrats bills. The team that made less mistakes won. We still have to more games to go. So the Wildcard ist still possible to reach.

  58. Larrea Hunter

    Larrea HunterPrije 6 minuta

    ATLANTA said Saints well pick up the slak n let Julio on em.

  59. Shell Sharpe

    Shell SharpePrije 6 minuta

    Revenge is soooooo sweet. Now they know how it feels to be eliminated

  60. BlackSapphireE90

    BlackSapphireE90Prije 6 minuta

    Am I the only one who loves Mahome’s cadence lmao

  61. It's A Movement Promotions

    It's A Movement PromotionsPrije 7 minuta


  62. MartianManHunter2258

    MartianManHunter2258Prije 7 minuta

    Apparently the Bills had time to dress up Nathan Peterman as Devlin Hodges.

  63. LEH Gaming

    LEH GamingPrije 7 minuta

    (I am a Steelers fan) - This game was Pittsburgh’s for the taking, sadly Hodges stares down receivers and completely misses James Washington running by himself WIDE open in the end zone.

  64. Deon Thomas

    Deon ThomasPrije 7 minuta

    Good luck thanks for setting up niners for knockout

  65. Gael Chavez

    Gael ChavezPrije 7 minuta

    It was Cody Parkey

  66. Daniel Torres

    Daniel TorresPrije 7 minuta

    0:45 someone dropped the f bomb💣😂😂😂

  67. C Y

    C YPrije 7 minuta

    Honestly speaking from unbiased point of view, those last few seconds were sheer luck for the Falcons. I don't think the Falcons will get another miracle like this in other games. Still they did good staying real close to 49ers. They fought hard and the result was good.

  68. overbanked

    overbankedPrije 7 minuta


  69. Tim's Collectables

    Tim's CollectablesPrije 7 minuta

    Very close and well fought game for both teams!! Even though my team didn't win we hung in their and played ok against a very good D!! Just a few plays our way and it could have been a current outcome!! But overall I'm happy because we proved we can play with the Big dogs!! And trust me if you don't think Buffalo is a Big dog!! Your crazy!!!! We got this Steelers!!! Our future is in our hands!!

  70. kingz WSV

    kingz WSVPrije 7 minuta

    Cowboys will crush eagles

  71. Larrea Hunter

    Larrea HunterPrije 7 minuta

    Yeah all you 49ers fan where yo bragging at 😄😄😄😄💪 .

  72. Gandhi the Terrible

    Gandhi the TerriblePrije 8 minuta

    Weird, Minnesota seems less snowy than usual

  73. MR Tibbz98

    MR Tibbz98Prije 8 minuta


  74. Siddharth Khare

    Siddharth KharePrije 8 minuta

    The last play for so good for fantasy points. Had Eagles in Defense.

  75. deadeye

    deadeyePrije 9 minuta

    Good job Buffalo!

  76. One Deep Savage

    One Deep SavagePrije 9 minuta

    Rams on paper best team in the league..Rams IRL str8 garbage

  77. Antonio coss

    Antonio cossPrije 9 minuta

    49rs salty

  78. mvpfocus

    mvpfocusPrije 9 minuta

    9:11: That's so savage... with over 7 minutes to play, number 21 was like, "Peace, let's wrap this thing up already and go home."

  79. bigheadtman1234

    bigheadtman1234Prije 9 minuta

    Eagles fans think that loss hurts the skins 🤣 pretty sure they stopped trying

  80. Doomsday51225

    Doomsday51225Prije 9 minuta

    Go Seahawks!!!

  81. Fly Eagles

    Fly EaglesPrije 9 minuta

    Shout out to Wentz man never gave up this season 🔥. He usually shows out against the skins

  82. Brad Johnson

    Brad JohnsonPrije 9 minuta

    Nobody going to talk about Diggs’s 1 handed catch along the sideline?

  83. kickster789

    kickster789Prije 9 minuta

    Ya know if I wanted to watch Steeler offense this entire vid I'd just watch the news why no buffalo offense highlights 😡

  84. 0341ryan0341

    0341ryan0341Prije 9 minuta

    The rams need a coach who will play Gurley, Sean has a weapon and won’t use it

  85. Atlsports777 Yang

    Atlsports777 YangPrije 9 minuta

    Stay healthy Saquon Barkley! Beastmode today.

  86. Benjamin Nixon

    Benjamin NixonPrije 10 minuta

    Dude the amount of fumbles in this game🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  87. Frank M

    Frank MPrije 10 minuta

    Duck SUCKED LOL, but their defense was good

  88. Heywood Jablomie

    Heywood JablomiePrije 10 minuta

    Heeey ehhhh ayyyy ehhhh!

  89. Kamal Hodge

    Kamal HodgePrije 10 minuta

    Injuries have hurt this team but we’re still dangerous when Matt get time in the pockets

  90. IC Cr8tr ッ

    IC Cr8tr ッPrije 10 minuta

    0:45 “FAAAAK”

  91. Joshua Nomura

    Joshua NomuraPrije 10 minuta

    Update: Bears have been eliminated

  92. Alfonso Soto-Adame

    Alfonso Soto-AdamePrije 10 minuta

    STEELERS are hot garbage and the bills too

  93. just a lost potato

    just a lost potatoPrije 11 minuta

    When youre about to win but the other team scores 2 touchdowns in less than 1 minute STONKS

  94. ty gond

    ty gondPrije 11 minuta

    I cried a bit gonna mid Eli

  95. Austin Gamez

    Austin GamezPrije 11 minuta

    I wonder if Tyreek Hill could beat Tom Brady in a 40 yard dash run

  96. Cole Christianson

    Cole ChristiansonPrije 11 minuta

    That crowd tho at 5:36

  97. Good News

    Good NewsPrije 11 minuta


  98. Bay Area

    Bay AreaPrije 11 minuta

    I get off work, check the scores and had to run my eyes good. Did the Falcons beat my Niners? Wow, did the Cowboys beat the Rams? For a second I thought my co-worker put something in my coffee and I was still at work dreaming... It was a drag to see my team's score, but the Cowboys destroyed the Rams. I'm actually happy for them. Continue on with success ✌🏽 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈

  99. David Carmona

    David CarmonaPrije 11 minuta

    This was a dope game #riseup

  100. I Insult the prophet

    I Insult the prophetPrije 11 minuta

    A lot of trash came on the field after the game but security escorted them out.