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  1. XayD12

    XayD12Prije 4 minuta

    3:13 Settings means the language you have set on the phone

  2. Emoni Alcon

    Emoni AlconPrije 4 minuta

    I used to sleep with my booty in the air

  3. Endurance gaming

    Endurance gamingPrije 6 minuta

    The thumbnail made me los it

  4. sooubway part 3 baby

    sooubway part 3 babyPrije 7 minuta

    0:22 *BEEEYN*

  5. Vegetable Man

    Vegetable ManPrije 8 minuta

    The guy in the thumbnail looks like the green day guitarist bleached his hair and snorted marajuana

  6. Aryana Maya Mic

    Aryana Maya MicPrije 8 minuta

    At 3:24 ...well before this a was drinking a glass of cola...

  7. Neko ZERO

    Neko ZEROPrije 9 minuta

    hello species of undesirable , monstrous creatures ! i am ~hooman~ i like to consuume animal tissues with wheat !

  8. Goddbosss /cmossBattery gamer

    Goddbosss /cmossBattery gamerPrije 12 minuta

    I live in Florida 1:37

  9. IX23 Strike smash

    IX23 Strike smashPrije 13 minuta

    I happened in 2006

  10. FuZe_LegendZ

    FuZe_LegendZPrije 14 minuta

    Wow... I did not know that people are THAT stupid

  11. Lasagne

    LasagnePrije 15 minuta

    no one: literally no one in this universe: entitled parents: GIVE ME YOUR LIFE, MY SON IS TIRED

  12. Korn

    KornPrije 15 minuta

    Lik to delete giofiklms

  13. Zeke Turk

    Zeke TurkPrije 15 minuta

    Is sponge bob Swiss cheese cuz he has wholes in him??

  14. Carralié Alice Whitewood

    Carralié Alice WhitewoodPrije 17 minuta

    My dog actually did eat my brothers homework once.

  15. K P

    K PPrije 18 minuta


  16. Crossover Qas

    Crossover QasPrije 21 minute

    Wow.Who could be soo dumb enough that they thought pink panther is a lion.Hes name is the pink 'Panther'

  17. iam robin

    iam robinPrije 22 minuta


  18. ma gucci boyz

    ma gucci boyzPrije 24 minuta

    Why do i get pissed off when the credits roll

  19. Melissa May-MacMillan

    Melissa May-MacMillanPrije 28 minuta

    i have a banana cuter

  20. KittyCraft Catty :3

    KittyCraft Catty :3Prije 30 minuta

    4:44 actually happened to me one time :V

  21. James Buckingham

    James BuckinghamPrije 31 minute

    Gio: that's a nother episode of comedy heaven Me:hold up....

  22. Ms. Daniela M. Delyusto

    Ms. Daniela M. DelyustoPrije 31 minute

    7:34 sin-cos-tan Pythagorean triples e, i, pi etc

  23. Eve and Lexi

    Eve and LexiPrije 35 minuta

    3:50 Hi, Brad Porter!

  24. Stimulmechaship 98

    Stimulmechaship 98Prije 40 minuta



    HAPPY/SAD. ROBOT.Prije 41 minute

    So, you can't get to the balcony? Me, hold my fucking beer!

  26. MoltenMiner

    MoltenMinerPrije 42 minuta

    Yea I’m a gamer G: Jee A: eah M: muh E:ihee R: arh

  27. Stimulmechaship 98

    Stimulmechaship 98Prije 44 minuta

    8:10 *Top 10 rappers that eminem is afraid to diss*

  28. •. Park Sae Gacha .•

    •. Park Sae Gacha .•Prije 46 minuta

    2:26 If you don’t know what is happening in iraq you can search about everything but the shitty government threatened us that if we don’t stop they will bring dogs to fight us and scare us ( there is an iraqi revolution right know and we only wants a good government * idk how to explain so you can search if you’re interested * ) and sorry for my bad english 😭🌚💔

  29. Golden Pearl

    Golden PearlPrije 47 minuta

    Why did you say data its data

  30. Mr Bendy

    Mr BendyPrije 47 minuta

    “Goodbye England!” “Hello London!”

  31. theLavender Arts

    theLavender ArtsPrije 49 minuta

    day 23 of commenting for r/breadstapledtotrees

  32. BRY_ 00 _LEW

    BRY_ 00 _LEWPrije 50 minuta

    172k views but 9.3k likes hmmmmm

  33. GhOsTeR5177

    GhOsTeR5177Prije 57 minuta

    Who the hell buys skittles from amazon

  34. Otaku

    OtakuPrije 58 minuta

    I think lose 1 million brain cells seeing theede p30ple d0nt gett tje jOke

  35. Stimulmechaship 98

    Stimulmechaship 98Prije 58 minuta

    2:04-2:08 XD

  36. Kaiden Phillips

    Kaiden PhillipsPrije 59 minuta

    I think the burb shouldn't be in facepalm I think its more for ____ and giggles and kinda cute

  37. Owen Hasler

    Owen HaslerPrije sat

    Pls do #8

  38. Ice Breaker

    Ice BreakerPrije sat

    Anyone realize the do plants sneeze is from diary of a wimpy kid

  39. Rociano Soerowirjo•10 years ago

    Rociano Soerowirjo•10 years agoPrije sat

    The one with the clocks is extremely wrong If the first baby was born at 1:59am then the second baby would be born two minutes later The second baby would be born at 2:01am not 1:01am That would only work if the first baby was born at 12:59am Not 1:59am

  40. Izûmî Kûn

    Izûmî KûnPrije sat

    R/nicegirls = R/massivefeminisim

  41. SebasM

    SebasMPrije sat

    *_tolito pap_*

  42. CraftyCole09

    CraftyCole09Prije sat

    I before E ok umm leir leir pants on fire

  43. Tanya Davis

    Tanya DavisPrije sat

    I Hate The People Who Say "Batman Dies In Endgame" He's The One Who Beat Thanos He Can't Be Dead

  44. bokyproky

    bokyprokyPrije sat

    Morgz kissed you You can undo :,(

  45. Tanya Davis

    Tanya DavisPrije sat

    How Come I Can See Through The Blurry-Ness

  46. Some Random Blender guy

    Some Random Blender guyPrije sat

    Thees things r REALLY DARK

  47. The True Sinkez

    The True SinkezPrije sat

    0:06 to 0:07 *Fart 100*

  48. Stimulmechaship 98

    Stimulmechaship 98Prije sat

    Is my life that shit because of school???

  49. potato palian 2nd channel

    potato palian 2nd channelPrije sat

    I use light mode You pathetic humans with weak eyesight won't understand

  50. BurntToastPlays

    BurntToastPlaysPrije sat

    When no one comments on ur comment

  51. JIN'S tutorials gaming and more

    JIN'S tutorials gaming and morePrije sat

    When u see big booty

  52. Chris Huyton

    Chris HuytonPrije sat

    7:36 It's Jaiden!

  53. Yeety Mc Speedy

    Yeety Mc SpeedyPrije sat

    Sans must be fast boi

  54. Rafi Pro Standoff 2

    Rafi Pro Standoff 2Prije sat

    2:50 tim allen part

  55. Baby Yoda

    Baby YodaPrije sat

    Extra fries? I thought you said *apple juice*

  56. Josey Bonnie

    Josey BonniePrije sat

    All of these made me want to nuke the earth

  57. Rini Ran

    Rini RanPrije sat

    timestamp at 8:06 gio said bathroom,insted of bedroom

  58. ICanDraw Studios

    ICanDraw StudiosPrije sat


  59. Gamer Boy

    Gamer BoyPrije sat

    9:00 *FANTA-STICCC*

  60. Rini Ran

    Rini RanPrije sat

    buy the pillow please jk

  61. Rini Ran

    Rini RanPrije sat

    2019 it has 89k likes now buy it by the way i was a fan since the begining of your youtube carrear good luck !

  62. Paky Plays

    Paky PlaysPrije sat

    Man i just get so frickin angryy

  63. Middas

    MiddasPrije sat

    What if the guy who gave the 1-star review on the game and said its best was sarcastic?

  64. Tanya Davis

    Tanya DavisPrije sat

    Who On Earth Says Hecking

  65. Nina

    NinaPrije sat

    Thor’s head in this video looks like jesus XD

  66. Rainy Day

    Rainy DayPrije sat

    Can I have one of those "PUPPIES"?

  67. Luna Eclipes

    Luna EclipesPrije sat

    Its pronounced like this Sara-toe-ga I live in Saratoga

  68. Cheyenne Maginity!!

    Cheyenne Maginity!!Prije sat

    6:10 I would take that kitten!! 😍😍

  69. Blooper Kids

    Blooper KidsPrije sat

    0:29 its 1 million not 1 hundred thousand

  70. Jonesey Default

    Jonesey DefaultPrije sat

    What video is the first one in

  71. Riolin

    RiolinPrije sat

    Ow The *DEEPNESS*

  72. Comprehension of the Truth

    Comprehension of the TruthPrije sat

    Thank you

  73. Viktor Sundström

    Viktor SundströmPrije sat

    1:46 *L I N U X* ”shows IBM logo” lmao

  74. not my opinion

    not my opinionPrije sat

    my bro (11)has its own youtube channel where he posts videos. And his first video was him saying: 'if you don't like cursing than you better not subscribe, bc i curse a lot' and then in another video he says: 'i had a fight with some kids of my class, and they all had to apologize, and then i had to apologize, the teacher made me, but everyone seeing this from my school, i hate you all! And i lied when i said i am sorry.' 😂😂 And another time he txted me and said: 'did you dislike my video' 😂😂 and i said: 'no' and he said: 'well who did it then?' 😂😂😂

  75. Lime

    LimePrije sat

    0:31 *facepalm* oof

  76. Gregory House

    Gregory HousePrije sat

    "They can end up withdrawing what's MINE." True, as it appears someone withdrew your brain.

  77. SouthwesternEagle

    SouthwesternEaglePrije sat

    The error message on the thumbnail made me bust out laughing! XD I once got an error message from a Belkin USB WiFi dongle that said "Error: A REQUIRED RESOURCE WAS".

  78. Just For Fun Toys & Gaming

    Just For Fun Toys & GamingPrije 2 sati

    I hate these peaple they are so stupid

  79. This Channel Name Good

    This Channel Name GoodPrije 2 sati

    I had a dream I was arrested So I went the the prison and handed my self in. #MenAreTrash

  80. Francisco Contardo Mantelli

    Francisco Contardo MantelliPrije 2 sati

    Koalas don't live in the amazon

  81. Creator T

    Creator TPrije 2 sati

    Joe Lycett is a mad lad 24/7

  82. noam k

    noam kPrije 2 sati

    (i am not gay, this is a joke, i just have a weird feeling that unless i write it at the start someone will be stupid enough to think that) Man who can pull face hair ARE hot, BECAUSE IT BURNS (I'm guessing since i don't have facial hair yet but i did have my hair pulled, it was painful)

  83. Naomi Erdos

    Naomi ErdosPrije 2 sati

    3:51 you spelled like wrong It’s Loik

  84. AssistantGeekGamez

    AssistantGeekGamezPrije 2 sati

    5:00 what about treeharmony

  85. PROTON Kryptix

    PROTON KryptixPrije 2 sati

    Don't say r/wooosh but that's how u check a pinky in the xray...

  86. kadie sings and draws

    kadie sings and drawsPrije 2 sati

    7:08 it is healthy for me because I haven't ate for a week because I was ill

  87. Baby Yoda

    Baby YodaPrije 2 sati

    Faceplam I must

  88. Bluey Blob

    Bluey BlobPrije 2 sati

    I end up only watching about 3 situations into this because it's just so triggering XD

  89. My Singing Monsters Fan 1023

    My Singing Monsters Fan 1023Prije 2 sati

    My sister got wooooshed by the thumbnail

  90. ThatOneGamer ;P

    ThatOneGamer ;PPrije 2 sati

    I slept through nine videos and woke up on this one

  91. DucksForDays

    DucksForDaysPrije 2 sati

    Oh lord I have the same design on my go Henry card and I had a flipping heart attack

  92. TicTimeless

    TicTimelessPrije 2 sati

    0:28 He said 100,000$ instead of 1,000,000$. Dunno kinda infuriates me idk why

  93. Hot Chocolate

    Hot ChocolatePrije 2 sati

    card number and experarion date on the picture at the right on 4:53

  94. random science lover

    random science loverPrije 2 sati

    3:21 That language they used is actually Bisaya, which is the language of the native people of Cebu, Philippines. I do understand that because I'm also a native Cebuano... The first message is translated to English as: "What really is this?" The reply was: "Paracetamol" Paracetamol is a medication actually... The third message is not in Bisaya, it is a famous English acronym that stands for Oh My God

  95. Elena Nenciu

    Elena NenciuPrije 2 sati

    i dont want wings i want to fly like in mine craft

  96. GoldenTreesYT Minecrafter

    GoldenTreesYT MinecrafterPrije 2 sati

    I think geode films should make more videos on this sub, it's extract red vant

  97. Jessica Singleton

    Jessica SingletonPrije 2 sati

    Lazarbeam is a madlad lol I've seen this so many times

  98. P4ss

    P4ssPrije 2 sati

    4:56 this isn’t windows, this is MacOS

  99. SnxwBerryz

    SnxwBerryzPrije 2 sati

    It says What does learning a foreign language say about you?

  100. Black Hole

    Black HolePrije 2 sati

    5:39 wanna play that game huh #allwomenareunreasonablefricks ..... *BEACUSE ITS TRUE*