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Players choose a role from an expanding cast of powerful champions and join forces in strategic, fast-paced gameplay to take control of the enemy’s end of the battlefield.
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A TFT Song by Nevercake
League 10-Year | Live from Europe
  1. Sebastian Bolivar

    Sebastian BolivarPrije 13 sati

    Garen all skinny because of quarantine

  2. Evangeline McDowell

    Evangeline McDowellPrije 13 sati

    Ahri looks like she got a Sailor Moon makeover

  3. Aksel Kavak

    Aksel KavakPrije 13 sati

    fioras sound is like collegehumor hitler sketches

  4. Unay

    UnayPrije 13 sati

    This is the last...

  5. Dan

    DanPrije 13 sati

    The beat dropped harder than my elo

  6. Mørbeda 11

    Mørbeda 11Prije 13 sati

    Riot is the best game company ever, they making Amazing cinematics, music videos, animations. They even making the animated series of LoL, and mobile version of LoL. they are paying attention to the players, i mean...players wanted Star guardian Urgot and movie about LoL and there! Every champion has their story and origin and thats really cool. But the only minus is that community is too toxic. P.S nerf Yasuo please :D

  7. Blazing Haze

    Blazing HazePrije 13 sati

    Its a goose bump factory watching these.


    YATO NOROGAMİPrije 13 sati


  9. FoxFyre

    FoxFyrePrije 13 sati

    Hol up... Why does Fiora have a French accent if no one else in Demacia does?

  10. marcelo agachate

    marcelo agachatePrije 13 sati

    si esto no te inspira agachate y conocelo

  11. Ucchi

    UcchiPrije 13 sati

    wait velkoz is dope

  12. JumpingFox

    JumpingFoxPrije 13 sati

    I must admit she is cute but she plays yasuo not my type :'(

  13. Kiyoomars Ra

    Kiyoomars RaPrije 13 sati

    Please make a tv show or movie, I will buy it for sure

  14. 정일곰

    정일곰Prije 13 sati

    가렌이 가렌같지않어

  15. Enigma 501

    Enigma 501Prije 13 sati

    Rip LOL

  16. ibrahim candan

    ibrahim candanPrije 13 sati

    Garden looks like a melted bodybuilder. Almost fiora dwarfs him. Why did u show him like that?

  17. 라쿠경

    라쿠경Prije 13 sati

    뭔가 못생겨진 느낌....

  18. younes tawa

    younes tawaPrije 14 sati

    tryndamere :)

  19. Sam the Camera Man

    Sam the Camera ManPrije 14 sati

    The Japanese one is better

  20. CrookedPNG

    CrookedPNGPrije 14 sati

    a virgin wins xd

  21. Argentino Gaming

    Argentino GamingPrije 14 sati

    GG ez Rule 34, just say..

  22. y mee y

    y mee yPrije 14 sati

    This is my favorite ad

  23. lucluc

    luclucPrije 14 sati

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ RIOT GIVE KDA ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  24. 6D27M Julian Metzelar

    6D27M Julian MetzelarPrije 14 sati

    You keep talking to Kurt?

  25. Andres Felipe Duarte Arenas

    Andres Felipe Duarte ArenasPrije 14 sati

    Porque sale alamuerte el destructor??

  26. PC TONK

    PC TONKPrije 14 sati

    No, its 100,000

  27. Shoenen

    ShoenenPrije 14 sati

    Riot PLEASE just release a champion that befriends him :))))

  28. doge

    dogePrije 14 sati


  29. Michael Sandi

    Michael SandiPrije 14 sati

    2020 anyone

  30. Pedro Jesús Armando Vera García

    Pedro Jesús Armando Vera GarcíaPrije 14 sati

    Soy el único que escribió en español? Comenten y den like los que hablan español

  31. 허지훈

    허지훈Prije 14 sati


  32. Yelly cham

    Yelly chamPrije 14 sati

    Ezreal use his R on minion

  33. Tiaguai

    TiaguaiPrije 14 sati

    so after Star Guardian Urgot when do we get KDA Gragas?

  34. Elite 9009

    Elite 9009Prije 14 sati

    Lux ult 3s CD

  35. Mafeq Pl

    Mafeq PlPrije 14 sati

    Wow this game look cool

  36. ChiJuani

    ChiJuaniPrije 14 sati

    nananananan report lux AFK

  37. KungKokkos

    KungKokkosPrije 14 sati

    Super cringy, sorry..

  38. Greenegarth

    GreenegarthPrije 14 sati

    fiora and who? was that supouse to be garen?

  39. The Clairvoyant

    The ClairvoyantPrije 14 sati

    Garens on a diet

  40. Revali

    RevaliPrije 14 sati

    Woahhh i love this animation so much!!! Keep the good work riot!! <3

  41. winkin

    winkinPrije 14 sati

    WTF ... who is this?!?! ... it looks like Quinn is wearing a Garen costume.

  42. xoobo vola

    xoobo volaPrije 14 sati

    Me: when I was a child I was scared by dark because I thought there were red-eyed monsters. How fool I was back in the day! Riot: whatcha said?

  43. Temis

    TemisPrije 14 sati

    1:14 q heal removed 1:28 shroud ms changed to 2 secs burst 1:44 obsecure/true stealth removed 1:50 removed 2:41 micro stun removed 4:08 R1 changed to target champion only And these are just mechanic changes, not nerfs. They literally destroyed this champ because of pro play. %43 winrate btw.

  44. Flavio Muller

    Flavio MullerPrije 14 sati

    OMG this designs, cant wait a movie of this

  45. 霧ヶ谷タツヤ

    霧ヶ谷タツヤPrije 14 sati

    HOLD TF UP..... is MBL copying LOL or is it LOL copying MBL cause some of this champions are the same as MBL

  46. Kim Jon-un

    Kim Jon-unPrije 14 sati

    garen with anorexia

  47. Paolo Enrico Reginato

    Paolo Enrico ReginatoPrije 14 sati

    Garen has a different look to every LoL scene

  48. Richard Duong

    Richard DuongPrije 14 sati

    Spartans never die. They're missing in action.

  49. Francois Smit

    Francois SmitPrije 14 sati

    Tales of demacia: On a hot summer day there were DEMACIAAAAAAAAAAAA! and in this demaci there were people going DEMACIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  50. Skypro560

    Skypro560Prije 14 sati

    Goku is in lol omg

  51. Selina

    SelinaPrije 14 sati

    omg this sailor moon remake is so good ngl

  52. rue #

    rue #Prije 14 sati


  53. Blue〢 pixel๛

    Blue〢 pixel๛Prije 14 sati

    Can I use this music for background? Will I get copyright strikes? Anyone plz tell!!!

  54. Alex

    AlexPrije 14 sati

    spits on the floor *googles pentakill*

  55. Zero F3x

    Zero F3xPrije 14 sati

    why is garen in game soooo lame and he even look lame in lore and in vids he looks good (im kind of a noxus guy to be honest )!!

  56. KawaiiStarUwU

    KawaiiStarUwUPrije 14 sati

    I feel like this should have been for Overwatch. Stupid reason: heros never die

  57. Lala Nana

    Lala NanaPrije 14 sati

    Here after oh my god!?

  58. Ömer Arda İNAL

    Ömer Arda İNALPrije 14 sati

    It gettin worse

  59. Puffer Man

    Puffer ManPrije 14 sati

    Garen's giving me Buddy vibes from the Incredibles

  60. Samurai Potao

    Samurai PotaoPrije 14 sati

    Why is this thumb speaking to me

  61. Novol Oficial

    Novol OficialPrije 14 sati

    só eu choro vendo isso? kkkk

  62. okba zenda

    okba zendaPrije 14 sati

    tha kid looks more like hasagii am i right !

  63. T.W.O official

    T.W.O officialPrije 14 sati

    Is this series coming to netflix?

  64. Gabriel Teixeira

    Gabriel TeixeiraPrije 14 sati

    Cade os músculos desse garen?

  65. okba zenda

    okba zendaPrije 14 sati

    pff whatev the client still bugging a lot

  66. Mike Joel

    Mike JoelPrije 14 sati

    Welp Garen was missing those Quarantine workouts I would say

  67. victrolaso 2.0

    victrolaso 2.0Prije 14 sati

    like video 2020

  68. do but why

    do but whyPrije 14 sati

    After hearing this song My poor eyes : T_T

  69. ImUhhCaptain

    ImUhhCaptainPrije 14 sati

    a show, an RPG, an MMO, league can be so much things

  70. RempleX Fenix

    RempleX FenixPrije 14 sati

    Kobe 😭

  71. Nasrin Islam

    Nasrin IslamPrije 15 sati

    I love the song warrios good song love it 😚😚😚😚😚

  72. Felix Thanner

    Felix ThannerPrije 15 sati

    No one talks about the fact you can see Akali ithour mask xD

  73. Raymond Wen

    Raymond WenPrije 15 sati

    quick question, why do they have to top laners? is garen jg or top?

  74. Pø FF FIRE

    Pø FF FIREPrije 15 sati


  75. Pee Pee Poo Poo

    Pee Pee Poo PooPrije 15 sati

    Garen Fiora là vợ chồng :v

  76. Jose Salinas

    Jose SalinasPrije 15 sati

    What is doing Viktor from paladin's here?

  77. Stefano

    StefanoPrije 15 sati

    someone listening in 2020?

  78. Andres :3

    Andres :3Prije 15 sati


  79. akibara rei

    akibara reiPrije 15 sati

    Omg really riot... Whatever its april fools. anyway, why they didnt change his voice into a gentle, kind, soft cute guy like in many kids and teen movies, its more suitable, and ofc hilarious

  80. tahar 25

    tahar 25Prije 15 sati

    شكرا على الترجمة

  81. tahar 25

    tahar 25Prije 15 sati

    Why dosent they make a movie

  82. Ahri

    AhriPrije 15 sati

    then the sneaky clown smites the dragon and leave you with a box present

  83. Shrekken

    ShrekkenPrije 15 sati

    Who came here after skinny Garen?

  84. Shrekken

    ShrekkenPrije 15 sati

    Ezrael as useless as can be

  85. Belen Gonzalez

    Belen GonzalezPrije 15 sati

    I'm the only one who see Lux blush watching Ezreal?:3

  86. Mascot with a dinosaur

    Mascot with a dinosaurPrije 15 sati

    The girl pronounced the T in Fiora Laurent. SHE SAID FIORA LAUREN *_T_*

  87. Reyadh Bader

    Reyadh BaderPrije 15 sati

    so all boys are white blonde Chads and the girls are french ?

  88. Andy Galicia Delgado

    Andy Galicia DelgadoPrije 15 sati

    me gusta mucho la cancion

  89. Kaibe Corp

    Kaibe CorpPrije 15 sati

    Deathwing coming to LOL`?

  90. Romeo Rogers

    Romeo RogersPrije 15 sati

    That French accent always kills me

  91. Eugenio Bolaños

    Eugenio BolañosPrije 15 sati

    Worst garen ever

  92. VixenX

    VixenXPrije 15 sati

    You're watching this I'm watching this It's 2020,Corona kiss kiss

  93. Jackie Wilson

    Jackie WilsonPrije 15 sati

    why am i crying tho

  94. Andrés Jácome

    Andrés JácomePrije 15 sati

    I always thought Garen was a bit more buff.

  95. Noah Delafuente

    Noah DelafuentePrije 15 sati

    Riot: releases dope cinematics also Riot: client is broken , match history doesnt work, and the game is having connectivity issues

  96. Muhammed Erdoğan

    Muhammed ErdoğanPrije 15 sati

    Real Freljord song

  97. Zbieram 50 tys subskrybcji bez filmów

    Zbieram 50 tys subskrybcji bez filmówPrije 15 sati

    Oh no