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  1. John Cronin

    John CroninPrije 13 sati

    It's hilarious how opposition fans throw LiVARpool as some kind of insult when, in actuality, it means they'll be the first club to win the PL when it's 100% fair

  2. Liverpool FC the greatest club in the world.

    Liverpool FC the greatest club in the world.Prije 13 sati

    Lol, you are losing to Crystal Palace. Again. Thank you Roy, in advance

  3. Los

    LosPrije 13 sati

    That Chelsea top is class.

  4. Christopher Milne

    Christopher MilnePrije 15 sati

    4-2 reds:)

  5. Brown Dynamite

    Brown DynamitePrije 16 sati

    ...very funny

  6. La ciel Bleu

    La ciel BleuPrije 17 sati

    Love you, Pep

  7. Ray's Apriori

    Ray's AprioriPrije 18 sati

    We doing you pretty good with eriksen yeeeeew ⚫🔵

  8. Charles Odeyo

    Charles OdeyoPrije 18 sati

    Hbd my coach

  9. john uche

    john uchePrije 18 sati

    Great mind, great coach. PJ

  10. chrischralph2222

    chrischralph2222Prije 19 sati

    Respect to the England team even though very bad that government and royalty boycotted. England did very well and good on them for winning against Sweden, and Colombia. Their very good sportsmanship should be very much respected even though I am a Russian fan.

  11. Sam Char

    Sam CharPrije 19 sati

    We need a backup striker.. possibly Ziyech as well

  12. Ронай Дневной свет

    Ронай Дневной светPrije 23 sati

    jurgen Klopp Football itself!

  13. OFF3 sports

    OFF3 sportsPrije dan

    We born ready for manchester 😎💪 . .We gonna make them hiding in the caves 😂😂😂

  14. T A

    T APrije dan

    From 3:49 Jürgen starts doing lots of nervous things, opening and drinking a small amount of water, linking hands, large head movements, taking deep breaths, sitting upright, crossing arms, leaning towards, repeating words, hugging himself. All in a minute. He's feeling the pressure. Which is to be expected.

  15. barry clegg

    barry cleggPrije dan

    Im here in Barcelona and I got me ticket for the game.i can't wait.

  16. Deano Phago

    Deano PhagoPrije dan

    Great video audio was amazing

  17. Ng Yong Huei

    Ng Yong HueiPrije dan

    Man utd fans fell for the click bait. The media seek response from Klopp on 5 draws from last 7 encounters in which ole proud of by saying that man utd has found their way to play against Liverpool. Klopp then made reference back to his post match reaction of last 2 away matches against man utd in which at that time he commented on the settle for draw approach i.e. defensive opted by ole. The approach which at that moment he felt strange because in the past when these 2 teams play each other, both teams try to win even though there is one clear favourite.

  18. OFF3 sports

    OFF3 sportsPrije dan

    Tottenham in top 4 this season 🤔

  19. Blaster boy 54

    Blaster boy 54Prije dan

    Zlatan isn’t honoured to score a goal the goal is honoured to be scored by zlatan

  20. Osman dean

    Osman deanPrije dan

    Oooohhh yeahhhh

  21. Osman dean

    Osman deanPrije dan

    Yeaaaaaah 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😎👍👍👍👍👍

  22. Senninha mcl

    Senninha mclPrije dan

    For ManUtd the 1:1 draw was the most successful result over 2 years.

  23. ChazC

    ChazCPrije dan

    So happy to hear the injury update on Ruben Loftus-Cheek, he’s been my favourite young player at Chelsea for years now!

  24. Servant Of Jesus Christ

    Servant Of Jesus ChristPrije dan

    We are strange huh?? I'd say the same too, because you just never know how we will turn up on the day, just ensure that you guys turn up though...

  25. abdiaziz osman

    abdiaziz osmanPrije dan

    Chelsea need important nexst Angolo kante boubakry lille midfeilder

  26. abdiaziz osman

    abdiaziz osmanPrije dan

    Issa diop is nexst kalidou kluobaly

  27. abdiaziz osman

    abdiaziz osmanPrije dan

    Chelsea can use Ross barkley Issa diop best deal for chelsea

  28. abdiaziz osman

    abdiaziz osmanPrije dan

    Why chelsea wiating for william he is poor winger 32 years old we can use ousmane dembele +30m

  29. abdiaziz osman

    abdiaziz osmanPrije dan

    Samuel chukwueze is strong why Donot love him

  30. abdiaziz osman

    abdiaziz osmanPrije dan

    Jodan sanjo isnot strong player why lampard he loves him Idont now

  31. Rich Shackleton

    Rich ShackletonPrije dan

    Gutted we didn't push the boat out and try and sign Ashley Young

  32. abdiaziz osman

    abdiaziz osmanPrije dan

    Frank lampard isnot good manager he loves ingelish players



    As always so clear and professional

  34. abdiaziz osman

    abdiaziz osmanPrije dan

    Chelsea need yuocef Ataal

  35. abdiaziz osman

    abdiaziz osmanPrije dan

    Chelsea need midfeilder Rodrigo de paul best midfeild Nanper No10

  36. abdiaziz osman

    abdiaziz osmanPrije dan

    We need Timo wener best deal future he can play winger right or striker speed player

  37. abdiaziz osman

    abdiaziz osmanPrije dan

    Chelsea need Timo wener and Issa diop best defender

  38. Rishi Roy

    Rishi RoyPrije dan

    They keep asking bout tammy being England's no 1. And they get one answer it's upto Gareth. 😂

  39. Alined_Nailed Fitness

    Alined_Nailed FitnessPrije dan

    You're getting greedy with all the ads bro

  40. Michael maine road Griffiths

    Michael maine road GriffithsPrije dan

    Stupid journalists with stupid questions bore off

  41. La ciel Bleu

    La ciel BleuPrije dan

    Happy birthday PEP

  42. امينة ستارز

    امينة ستارزPrije dan

    Good luck tomorow city

  43. امينة ستارز

    امينة ستارزPrije dan

    Why man city doesnt bay a new players dybala with guardiola is perfect

  44. Viper Tunisino Nerazzurro

    Viper Tunisino NerazzurroPrije dan

    You can see he is bluffing even Marotta did the same thing, Eriksen will be in Milano on Tuesday\Wednesday

  45. A J

    A JPrije dan

    Striker and left back a must

  46. Ojiefoh Benson

    Ojiefoh BensonPrije dan

    David Alaba and lautaro martinez..... With this 2 guys Chelsea is complete ✔️💪💪💪

  47. Mark Anthony

    Mark AnthonyPrije dan

    He means it is strange 2c ole driving a bus ,then parking it on d pitch lol mancs bitches

  48. PRINCE Ojie

    PRINCE OjiePrije dan

    Best manager in the world

  49. Samuel Gaiya

    Samuel GaiyaPrije dan

    We need to win, desperately too. The 9 points dropped to Bournemouth, West Ham and Southampton might hurt us at the close of the season if we don't win our winnable games now.

  50. Bulgarian Gooner

    Bulgarian GoonerPrije dan

    Nah, they're just shite.

  51. Andrew Tan

    Andrew TanPrije dan

    Why Not Jadon Sancho in January Line ups?

  52. Dav Safranl

    Dav SafranlPrije dan

    kun at barca for replace suarez with leo it s a nuclear duo

  53. criminal oldschool connection

    criminal oldschool connectionPrije dan

    Pepe martinelli and laca must start

  54. Muan Valte

    Muan ValtePrije dan

    What happen to Kante is he injured?

  55. Ousman Touray

    Ousman TourayPrije dan

    Thanks for your great work

  56. dancan morimbori

    dancan morimboriPrije dan

    Backup upfront other than that more play time for experienced players I could also add the Lille Dm for more energy in midfield.💙💙💙

  57. hardkorebighead

    hardkorebigheadPrije dan

    Please start including subtitles

  58. Feraz Mootoo

    Feraz MootooPrije dan

    Anti Semitism is a Farce...no player on the pitch is racially abused for being a Jew...I love my TRUE Jewish brothers and sisters not those in Israel and those who support Israel, who are truly Zionists PRETENDING to be Jews...I wish this club would FOCUS on REAL issues not these Anti Semitism and LGBTQ Farces...

  59. Willy C.

    Willy C.Prije dan

    More than you believe 🤣🤣🤣

  60. Willy C.

    Willy C.Prije dan

    1:03 more than you believe, more than you believe🤣

  61. Abunene Chiew Chee Pek

    Abunene Chiew Chee PekPrije dan

    Sell him as he is too slow for the English game

  62. Sebstine Nyanumba

    Sebstine NyanumbaPrije dan

    We are keeping the same lineup but we need substitutions give Pedro some mins, and Giroud and Alonso

  63. Michael M

    Michael MPrije dan

    payback to all united fans, the thrill is gone !! (overdue)

  64. We fight til the end

    We fight til the endPrije dan

    I’m confused as a city fan ( big hater of the reds of Manchester) I don’t get why he is on about the tactics those strange tactics made Man Utd beat Man City made man untied draw with Liverpool ( and that the only team that season to steal point away from Liverpool) Klopp I have so much respect for you but to say this is just losing it if your joking or not idc to have question Man U like that it just being an idiot carry on doing what you need to do instead of questioning other team

  65. Jimmy white

    Jimmy whitePrije dan


  66. Haroldo Pereira

    Haroldo PereiraPrije dan

    Curioso que enquanto os ingleses elogiam o esforço dele e sua evolução, a maioria dos Brasileiros só querem tirar com a cara dele. Será que os que ficam zuando são fluentes?🤔🤔

  67. TheJoCity

    TheJoCityPrije dan

    Great of Chelsea to stand up against antisemitism! Proud of the blue army!

  68. Elie Naddour

    Elie NaddourPrije dan

    Hi frank let's make it 3 wins in a row please.

  69. Cade Yare

    Cade YarePrije dan

    United Will win 👊🏽

  70. Cade Yare

    Cade YarePrije dan

    Come on United 👹👹

  71. Jimmy white

    Jimmy whitePrije dan

    HAHAHAHAHA Pep looks bored with them loser journalists!!!!!!! CAN'T BLAME HIM

  72. Dave Fincher

    Dave FincherPrije dan

    VAR is for justice it doesn’t matter how the technic will be used it’s important that it will be used. I want the right winner in game

  73. Cad

    CadPrije dan

    Can't beat us so calls us strange. You love to see it

  74. HaytersTV

    HaytersTVPrije dan

    Is Jurgen right to question Manchester United?

  75. HaytersTV

    HaytersTVPrije dan

    Is Pep right to back referees and should he be worried about losing to Palace AGAIN?

  76. HaytersTV

    HaytersTVPrije dan

    Do Chelsea still need to spend big this transfer window? Players coming back from injury, team winning games again? Who should they sign?

  77. endrit gjika

    endrit gjikaPrije dan


  78. Tkay Mhazo

    Tkay MhazoPrije dan

    Lets get the win tomorrow another reece james masterclass lineup should be Kepa Emerson Christensen Rudiger James Jorginho Mount Barkley Odoi Tammy Willian Barkley played well the last game i think we should keep him in ,rest kovacic for the Arsenal game Azpelicueta also rested for the Arsenal game Rudiger and Christensen did well no need to rotate them Tomori n Zouma for the Arsenal game Prediction 0-3 Chelsea win Tammy, Odoi n willian with the goals

  79. Dave Fincher

    Dave FincherPrije dan

    Man tomorrow’s game will be very tough and dirty I think. I wish Chelsea would score every chances they get I trust in Tammy but I think also that Chelsea need still a class striker who is just proven and would score 30+ per season just like the other big sides. I miss the ruthless and maturity like in the past I hope this young boys will be mature very quickly. Chelsea should challenge at least for one silverware big sides normally don’t have a transition years becuaze of the expectations and the tradition. I hope this year is just a bit special cuz of frankie. Next year they need to starting picking up trophy’s that’s what Chelsea is

  80. HaytersTV

    HaytersTVPrije dan

    Are Inter serious about Christian Eriksen? Why have they not made a bid? And should Mourinho continue to play the midfielder at Watford this weekend?

  81. wayne dencker

    wayne denckerPrije dan

    Eriksen is a fantastik player to have the rest of the session. Eriksen Can personaly not do anything! It’s up to Levy ..... haha

  82. David Henderson

    David HendersonPrije dan

    Clickbait... cya later

  83. hipera

    hiperaPrije dan

    C'mon José!!

  84. paul bailey

    paul baileyPrije dan

    thanks for 6 years Christian 23

  85. Lebone Monakhisi

    Lebone MonakhisiPrije dan

    The smie on the thumbnail 😂 What's your caption?

  86. Nick C

    Nick CPrije dan

    No way Jose

  87. Emy Emyik

    Emy EmyikPrije dan

    In Jose we 😍 believe

  88. Dave Fincher

    Dave FincherPrije dan

    If he wins the CL trophy lol.....

  89. one don

    one donPrije dan

    Hayters tv which team do u support?

  90. Marian M

    Marian MPrije dan

    Mourinho: ‘look at this two fools..’

  91. Marian M

    Marian MPrije dan

    Mourinho salty af now 😭

  92. Aziz Beqiri

    Aziz BeqiriPrije dan

    Does not matter if Marcus is going to play or not we all know the final result what gonna be! 6-0 for LFC!

  93. blake timmins

    blake timminsPrije dan

    Liverpool will win 4-0

  94. Maddox Guy

    Maddox GuyPrije dan

    💯 facts

  95. Ad Max

    Ad MaxPrije dan

    Let's hope youngy takes phil jones with him.

  96. See Ya

    See YaPrije dan

    Dear Man U, as an Arsenal fan we are counting on you to save our Invisible record. Also do it for your own pride, Liverpool can't win the League after so many years and go invisible, its not right for both of us. We might be struggling right now having Liverpool and City displacing us, but we still remain the worlds biggest clubs from England. We made the Premier League what it is today. You got it in you to frustrate them and win on Fergie Time. Do it, do it for you, do it for us and do it for the Premier League.

  97. Jesus serve my life bro

    Jesus serve my life broPrije dan

    Dey believe because of martin Atkinson. But this time all of you we fail

  98. Anthony Helm

    Anthony HelmPrije dan

    Sack ed woodward

  99. Michael Corleon

    Michael CorleonPrije dan

    The best choise, who else should be the captain. Maybe de Gea but Harry is more cut for it.

  100. kamal awil

    kamal awilPrije dan

    Ole out out