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i made a mistake

i made a mistake

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Day 1 | 'Motivation'

Day 1 | 'Motivation'

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i need your help

i need your help

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The MyProtein Lifestyle

The MyProtein Lifestyle

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Did I fail school this year?


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BROWNEY Q&A 2019..

BROWNEY Q&A 2019..

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  1. Art by Lamees

    Art by LameesPrije 22 sati

    I've been waiting for a new video I love to watch all your old ones they entertaining and..I now have "drink your water" voice in the back of my head everyday 😂😂

  2. lars kragelj

    lars krageljPrije 23 sati


  3. Mia Jane

    Mia JanePrije 23 sati

    shouldn’t she now be focussing on leaner foods rather than protein? maybe that would help? anyway super proud that’s amazing😚

  4. JBC YT

    JBC YTPrije 23 sati

    This is awesome and inspiring

  5. ColonelCupcake

    ColonelCupcakePrije 23 sati

    Is this not like the best form of advertising

  6. Leyla

    LeylaPrije 23 sati

    OMG I’ve been waiting for this video so long and the cover pic just got me! Love iiit!!💕💕

  7. Nitu Jha

    Nitu JhaPrije 23 sati

    I can do 1000 push ups in one minute I am joking😆😆

  8. Sad Can

    Sad CanPrije 23 sati

    Beginning of the video: Wow this guy sucks The rest of the video: WOAHHHHHHH EXERCISE WITH NO BAD

  9. medicalstudent

    medicalstudentPrije dan

    What happens to cracks in the body after losing weight? I'm really curious because this is a very bad problem , please answer🌟

  10. Calisthenics

    CalisthenicsPrije dan

    Saibov did 60 reps perfect form

  11. Just a scientist who doesn't use atchannel

    Just a scientist who doesn't use atchannelPrije dan

    I've been getting back to exercise too and i just reached the 5kg mark yesterday! (93ish to 87.4) I can't wait for your brother's video! Good work Amber and Stan👌🏻

  12. my beginner gardeing vlog

    my beginner gardeing vlogPrije dan

    I wish I had a cool brother like this.

  13. JustZapp

    JustZappPrije dan

    3000: cyborg who did 10009 push-ups in 30 milliseconds

  14. Angad Pandey

    Angad PandeyPrije dan

    He is Arjen

  15. maddi m8

    maddi m8Prije dan

    reminds me of my brother and i, we’ve always been close like this.

  16. 3zof O.D

    3zof O.DPrije dan

    She is so pretty now

  17. Furqan

    FurqanPrije dan

    Buy two free one? No. Buy three pay two. 🤦‍♂️

  18. Rashmi Kamath

    Rashmi KamathPrije dan

    She looks so amazing!! What an inspiration!!

  19. yuh girl likes bacon

    yuh girl likes baconPrije dan

    I did this in 38 minutes and was sore for a three days

  20. Sebastian Eid

    Sebastian EidPrije dan

    Damn Browney, you are such an inspiration and just someone that people should look up to and try to be like because you represent so many of the great principles that everyone should follow. I am still quite young but I really do hope to look like you when I’m 19

  21. Boblord 123

    Boblord 123Prije dan

    1 billion 1 handed muscle ups in 30 minutes

  22. JOE STATION - جو ستيشن

    JOE STATION - جو ستيشنPrije dan

    What Is the Name of the application she used to track her meals ??

  23. IvanWithaP

    IvanWithaPPrije dan

    I wish my sister did the same

  24. ivan juan

    ivan juanPrije dan

    I love Amber's new hair color. Black suits her very well. Congratulations for your new progress. ❤️

  25. PastMike

    PastMikePrije dan

    the silent/shy kids at school:

  26. Jennifer Castro

    Jennifer CastroPrije dan

    Her face looks so different!! Wow 🤩 you guys are amazing!

  27. Mar Mar

    Mar MarPrije dan

    Hmm maybe if i lose weight my hair will change too

  28. Zeref dragneel

    Zeref dragneelPrije dan

    I can do all of them but its not fun

  29. Nathan Mehretab

    Nathan MehretabPrije dan

    The amount respect that other guy has is insane

  30. Pao Ole

    Pao OlePrije dan

    I’m so impressed by her progress! She is looking fabulous but I really love that you can definitely tell she’s gaining confidence through this process. I’m on my own journey atm and I have really learnt a lot from her (& you too), I didn’t realise how much fixing your bed really helps with the mindset! Thanks to both of you lovely people for the videos, can’t wait for the next one!

  31. Max Tamer

    Max TamerPrije dan

    The genetics on you boys

  32. Nathan Mehretab

    Nathan MehretabPrije dan


  33. Ghalia

    GhaliaPrije dan

    my brother makes me smell the delicious food when im on my diet

  34. Kevin Antony

    Kevin AntonyPrije dan

    I wish to do the same for my sister....

  35. Savita Kale

    Savita KalePrije dan

    Front lever tutorial please

  36. myself yashuu

    myself yashuuPrije dan

    meanwhile me ..who is watching this video after gaining 10kgs of weight in quarantine

  37. John Rey Yting

    John Rey YtingPrije dan

    I also want to help my brother for a transformation, but I can't get him to movitated. :(

  38. Toasted Toast

    Toasted ToastPrije dan

    Hey, we have the same birthday. Lit 🔥

  39. Elijah Goh, Chong Hui

    Elijah Goh, Chong HuiPrije dan

    INSPIRATIONAAAAAAALLLLLL - Just showed my wife

  40. Brienne A Renfurm

    Brienne A RenfurmPrije dan

    Had het niet door dat je Nederlander bent

  41. Sean4fun11

    Sean4fun11Prije dan

    Social distancing check like if you want quarantine to be over with

  42. Peacelovenomes22

    Peacelovenomes22Prije dan

    Such an inspiring and positive beauty! Keep it up girl 👏💪💓

  43. Jackson Walker

    Jackson WalkerPrije dan

    Am I the only one who skipped to the end to see the final result

  44. Boy Shape

    Boy ShapePrije dan


  45. Stay Classy & Change yr mood

    Stay Classy & Change yr moodPrije dan

    So happy for her she is lucky bcause she has a brother like you

  46. Cardenas /K

    Cardenas /KPrije dan

    It takes me 20 minutes just to do 10 push ups

  47. Francisco Vega

    Francisco VegaPrije dan

    My problem is that watching this kind of video make me feel awful about my body shape and I think I'will never make it. I have a serious problem, because I think: "oh, I can start now and have a good body shape like him in that time" But that "now" never comes and this is it. I'm always trying to start but I never do it, I could have started years ago and have a good shape today that I am 18 years old but nope, I didn't. I feel that when I stat is gonna be late.

  48. Matt Smith

    Matt SmithPrije dan

    Day 2000: My sister can now bench press a truck

  49. kim Bear

    kim BearPrije dan

    Can I recommend song to be listed in the playlist? This one is good.. It's on HRgo and SoundCloud..

  50. nancy nancy

    nancy nancyPrije dan


  51. Hendricks Rox

    Hendricks RoxPrije dan

    Bruh I just gained 10 pounds in like 3 months

  52. Pedro Baptista

    Pedro BaptistaPrije dan

    oh my gosh!!! Amazing transformation

  53. Jack0A7

    Jack0A7Prije dan

    You seem much younger than him tho so you should still be proud

  54. Merlijn Bedner

    Merlijn BednerPrije dan

    Your sir er is biutiful

  55. Grantstheman Phillips

    Grantstheman PhillipsPrije dan

    Stan you should be a personal trainer

  56. Yuxuan Zhao

    Yuxuan ZhaoPrije dan

    I get up to try all of them because they look easy and fun but I get disappointed when every time I can't do it XD

  57. Only Panda

    Only PandaPrije dan

    Ik wist niet dat je Nederlands was

  58. ItsCyleYT

    ItsCyleYTPrije dan

    I got to 255 push ups or 15 minutes

  59. Awesome Nagol

    Awesome NagolPrije dan

    Wow, she looks so much more confident, I'm so happy for her, she lost a lot of weight within less than half a year!

  60. Kylee Herring

    Kylee HerringPrije dan

    These videos legit bring me life.

  61. Dmitry Netakoykakvse

    Dmitry NetakoykakvsePrije dan

    Если ты это читаешь и понимаешь о чем я пишу, ставь лайк)

  62. Rohan Gangar

    Rohan GangarPrije dan

    I challenged my sister.. but I did $450 dollars for 30 pounds in 3 months.

  63. dario capri

    dario capriPrije dan

    Je moet mees dix gaan helpen

  64. Henry Dinh

    Henry DinhPrije dan

    Show her about mewing. It would make her happy alot! Just a little tip that I used

  65. Anouk

    AnoukPrije dan

    Ben jij nederlands ?!?!

  66. Challenge Me

    Challenge MePrije dan

    4 years... people can planche, iron cross, etc in like 2-3 years how can you not do that...

  67. Niall Clerkin

    Niall ClerkinPrije dan

    What’s best chocolate oats recipe plz help bois

  68. 2bored Kids

    2bored KidsPrije dan

    I can do 32 real pushups

  69. Jan-Erik Bergvall

    Jan-Erik BergvallPrije dan

    The noob won in my book.

  70. Stijn van Megen

    Stijn van MegenPrije dan

    Be je nederlands want je bent in Nederland

  71. stijn konijn

    stijn konijnPrije dan

    Wow jw bent nederlands ze zei wat ben je allemaal aan het doen man

  72. LukeWhit

    LukeWhitPrije dan

    I swear you're one of the only fitness youtubers to have actual quality content!

  73. SleeperReaperTV

    SleeperReaperTVPrije dan

    this happens to me but i just to something weird with my eyes i blur it more and something and it stops

  74. Ard Borsboom

    Ard BorsboomPrije dan

    4:40 lol😂

  75. Squidix

    SquidixPrije dan

    Why are you a underrated HRgor you deserve 2m subs

  76. Tigre! Tigre!

    Tigre! Tigre!Prije dan

    Hey Browney, any tips on encourageing my little brother to start living healthier? He's 17 and obese and it makes me sad he doesn't care for himself. If I could challenge him for €500 I would, but I don't have that money in my purse 😅💸 How can you change somebody's mindset without ruining your relationship with them? Thanks in advance 🙏

  77. The GRTF

    The GRTFPrije dan

    its so obvious that he is pretending his moves

  78. X-RAY _Gaming

    X-RAY _GamingPrije dan

    Love ur vids❤ Keep it up🔥

  79. Thomas Huffcutt

    Thomas HuffcuttPrije dan

    I really wanted this to be real.

  80. ST Channel12

    ST Channel12Prije dan

    Bro my height is 1.65 and I'm 75kg please help me im ganna have a heart attack out of stress and I even attempt a suicide

  81. Malakai Maher

    Malakai MaherPrije dan

    Browner deserves way more subs

  82. Polish England

    Polish EnglandPrije dan

    Man your sister is a beast

  83. Ocramovich

    OcramovichPrije dan

    Honest compliments!

  84. Nate Lahey

    Nate LaheyPrije dan

    She looks good in black hair

  85. Kostas 77

    Kostas 77Prije dan

    I promise that if i lose 5 kilos at least in 1 month i will try to kiss my goddam ass😂😂😂

  86. Aidan K

    Aidan KPrije dan

    definitely can’t ignore that his editing is really good

  87. Bacanak TV

    Bacanak TVPrije dan

    I SPEND. 🥰😍

  88. ꧁ K I R A ꧂2.0

    ꧁ K I R A ꧂2.0Prije dan

    She is so beutifull plz dont let her lose her motivation and keep up the good support

  89. Quinn Wicks

    Quinn WicksPrije dan

    what's up with the two watches

  90. noor Al

    noor AlPrije dan

    راح اضعف ،،انا أستطيع 👍🏻

  91. Luna Nora

    Luna NoraPrije dan

    I WAS WAITING FOR THIS VIDEO. amazing girl 😍😍😍 keep going!! YOU LOOK BOMB AF

  92. Lil Weaver

    Lil WeaverPrije dan

    7 day vegan challenge baby( solves all your problems)

  93. Officer i swear she was 19

    Officer i swear she was 19Prije dan

    i can do 24 push-ups in 30 seconds

  94. Dudley Dorval

    Dudley DorvalPrije dan

    im proud of you guys but this man can play soccer

  95. fidoguy

    fidoguyPrije dan


  96. David Galup

    David GalupPrije dan

    Video: The results are...V shred Ad pops up.

  97. Κωνσταντίνος Χλεμητόπουλος

    Κωνσταντίνος ΧλεμητόπουλοςPrije dan


  98. Der flosl

    Der floslPrije dan

    Damn you‘ve gotten such a good videographer and also mad props to your sister what she did is amazing 👏🏼👏🏼

  99. Time_On_Life

    Time_On_LifePrije dan

    5:58 This thing turns me on tbh