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YungLiV - Reality

YungLiV - Reality

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Polo G Big Jam Vlog
Polo G aka Mr DoTooMuch
Polo G aka Mr DoTooMuch  2
Polo G aka Mr DoTooMuch
  1. Dawn Darth YT

    Dawn Darth YTPrije 21 sat

    Play at 1.25x

  2. iiMerlin

    iiMerlinPrije 21 sat

    I wanna be like u when I'm older

  3. Supreme Vision

    Supreme VisionPrije 21 sat

    Polo G one the best rappers out right now and I love him he’s so talented and such a good lyrical rapper, we need more people like this that’s been through life, hell and back and makes amazing music and can rap about there life... much respect to the goat... 🐐 🔥

  4. deshane moore

    deshane moorePrije 21 sat


  5. Dcanaan Sueing

    Dcanaan SueingPrije 21 sat

    That song go hard

  6. Ruby Barajas

    Ruby BarajasPrije 21 sat

    ❌🧢 this shit 🔥

  7. Lahkenny3k

    Lahkenny3kPrije 21 sat

    Polo g is the best rapper of 2020 #bkacklivesmatter

  8. Humran Khan

    Humran KhanPrije 21 sat

    And the Grammy Award for song of the year goes to.....

  9. I ate your dog

    I ate your dogPrije 21 sat

    Why his mom sound like she’s super white no offense

  10. Michael Young

    Michael YoungPrije 21 sat

    That’s crazy like two years ago on never cared he said give this shit a year or two let’s see who get the farthest

  11. Alexander Fry

    Alexander FryPrije 21 sat

    The ending was beautiful, and the song Meant a bunch to people even me, and I’m just a 12 year old white boi. So we really need to start sticking up for the other colored people.

  12. Playboii Bj

    Playboii BjPrije 21 sat

    Man Idc wat nobody say polo g is gonna be up there with the greatest 🔥‼️🐐

  13. Mr Sword Dude

    Mr Sword DudePrije 21 sat

    Most underrated rapper keep up the great work man.

  14. Yeet Yeety

    Yeet YeetyPrije 21 sat

    Please God Dont Take This One. We lost many... 😭😭

  15. William Newman

    William NewmanPrije 21 sat


  16. Unknwn23

    Unknwn23Prije 21 sat

    How the FUCK this only got 12 million

  17. Manny Barnes

    Manny BarnesPrije 21 sat

    This nigga polo a young legend and will be just a straight legend 💯

  18. Yebs Yebio

    Yebs YebioPrije 21 sat

    Weee come from poverty we ain’t got a thanggg ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

  19. Savage EnforcerYT

    Savage EnforcerYTPrije 22 sati

    i love Polo g my guy

  20. Yeet Yeety

    Yeet YeetyPrije 22 sati

    OMG I LOVE THIS GUY!!! This shit needs to get Grammy Nominated

  21. KrOm FC

    KrOm FCPrije 22 sati

    Name another nigga who hearts his comments

  22. Unknwn23

    Unknwn23Prije 22 sati

    People just startin to know that Polo the goat of his generation

  23. Denise Peck

    Denise PeckPrije 22 sati

    Legends say his uncle is tupac

  24. chirag mahesh

    chirag maheshPrije 22 sati

    we need black panther

  25. Devil

    DevilPrije 22 sati

    U know polo u starting to grow on me man

  26. ChapzsDaStoner

    ChapzsDaStonerPrije 22 sati

    You know polo goin spaz every time he hops on the BEAT ! 😈❤️🤞🏾

  27. Bhaskar Bhasku

    Bhaskar BhaskuPrije 22 sati

    Die a legend was really great album. I still listen but goat really is boring dont know why

  28. manny y

    manny yPrije 22 sati

    I wish I could go back to the first time I listened to this

  29. nathan Gilbert

    nathan GilbertPrije 22 sati

    I’m white and I get scared for my black friends when there’s police around and we just go in the other Direction away from the cop

  30. yawrk

    yawrkPrije 22 sati

    "They killed Martin for dreamin and now I can't sleep."

  31. Kobeezy

    KobeezyPrije 22 sati

    this song is an instant classic

  32. stach terlaeken

    stach terlaekenPrije 22 sati

    This makes me want to tell my parents that they are adopted

  33. oVro

    oVroPrije 22 sati

    how does a 6ix9ine song have 1B views? swear to god people don’t understand music. stuff like this should get 1B views not 6ix9ine.

  34. Grap3 Ap3

    Grap3 Ap3Prije 22 sati

    Polo G can put an end to Chicago gang violence

  35. Mohamed Osman

    Mohamed OsmanPrije 22 sati

    Who's here cus this song randomly passed ur mind

  36. dareal Blasian

    dareal BlasianPrije 22 sati

    , I close my eyes and just listen ♥️🎶

  37. dareal Blasian

    dareal BlasianPrije 22 sati


  38. Marlon Hernandez

    Marlon HernandezPrije 22 sati


  39. Elizabeth Botuna

    Elizabeth BotunaPrije 22 sati

    i swear if polo g dies that will brake my heart everything i ever love will make no sense the way he raps just so amazing i hope he will have a long life a God will protect him because he has talent in him MY FAV RAPPER POLO G

  40. Mach da Savage

    Mach da SavagePrije 22 sati

    Who else listening to dis while the protest's going on

  41. Alfonson Baskin

    Alfonson BaskinPrije 22 sati

    dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm this nigga big af I though he was skinny

  42. Human

    HumanPrije 22 sati

    love from India🇮🇳🇮🇳

  43. Zion Palmer

    Zion PalmerPrije 22 sati

    Best rapper

  44. capazjin stroman

    capazjin stromanPrije 22 sati

    Perfect song for what’s going on rn

  45. aliazakasenserw Traman

    aliazakasenserw TramanPrije 22 sati

    There king von

  46. Ivar Svärd

    Ivar SvärdPrije 23 sati

    Rip George Floyd

  47. NotYourAverageHuman

    NotYourAverageHumanPrije 23 sati

    Polo G deserves to get an award for this. I mean they see black people speaking the truth like Tupac was and they wanna kill him. The world is honestly terrible, but with people like Polo G it can change.

  48. Tombe Morbe

    Tombe MorbePrije 23 sati

    When is the song with nba youngboy coming?

  49. Yo Yezid

    Yo YezidPrije 23 sati

    I love how polo g dont talk alot like nle choppa he is annoying

  50. Jenny Figueroa

    Jenny FigueroaPrije 23 sati

    Looks like i have a new fav song btw it's crazy how much likes thiz one got🤓

  51. RefuseToLose -

    RefuseToLose -Prije 23 sati

    Protect him✊🏾❤️💪🏽

  52. tw3rk4_. k3

    tw3rk4_. k3Prije 23 sati

    The GOAT

  53. Tombe Morbe

    Tombe MorbePrije 23 sati

    Polo is the definition of a real man 🐐✊🏽

  54. Foreign Bandzz

    Foreign BandzzPrije 23 sati

    need this typa polo 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Mamadou L Barrie

    Mamadou L BarriePrije 23 sati

    This is his best song right know 😔✊🏾

  56. Rodriguez 17

    Rodriguez 17Prije 23 sati

    they need to play this at the protests..


    CLUSIVERPrije 23 sati

    Yo this is so inspirational I really really respect everything on it

  58. chanchan6316

    chanchan6316Prije 23 sati

    Life has been testing me lately, this song gave me hope, thank you

  59. Elias Hernandez

    Elias HernandezPrije 23 sati

    Don't get hurt we love you #black lives matter

  60. JayDa Menace

    JayDa MenacePrije 23 sati

    Damn i see you polo From the prom music vid all da way to jcole commenting on you shit foe , Polo on his grind if you disliked you tweakin , if you don't like his music you a fu nigga he speakin real shit bro , aint nun happen to me and i hope it dosen't cause i just turned 14 bro

  61. Prod. Minty

    Prod. MintyPrije 23 sati

    best fucking artist ever. i came back here for the riot line with everything going on rn. stay safe everyone RIP GEORGE FLOYD

  62. Daniel Mainer

    Daniel MainerPrije 23 sati

    2 pac I meant

  63. Daniel Mainer

    Daniel MainerPrije 23 sati

    To pac is jumping up and down right now

  64. Evan Mog

    Evan MogPrije 23 sati

    Game changer👑🤩

  65. Jose Hernandez

    Jose HernandezPrije 23 sati

    “The government cutting checks but can’t cut a nigga some slack” that’s deep!

  66. lil izzay

    lil izzayPrije 23 sati

    Polo g speaking fact 💯💯

  67. Malik Woo

    Malik WooPrije 23 sati

    U ain’t my color then you don’t know the struggle of living black, cops kill us and we protest what typa 💩 is that 🙏🏽

  68. Epose Dorian

    Epose DorianPrije 23 sati

    Honest to god this is the best song of 2020 rip George fuck police brutalities fuck racism this need to change now rip x rip juice rip lil peep rip pop smoke rip smoke dawg rip 2pac

  69. Retro Bourne

    Retro BournePrije 23 sati

    Powerful message ✊🏾

  70. swsmolly

    swsmollyPrije 23 sati

    who here after montreality?

  71. Honeybun Jr

    Honeybun JrPrije 23 sati

    One of his best songs no cap🔥 💯💯

  72. James 04

    James 04Prije 23 sati

    top of the game rn fr

  73. Santiago

    SantiagoPrije dan

    Bruh dis shit was inspiring 💯

  74. Riley Adamo

    Riley AdamoPrije dan

    HARDEST out right now

  75. Not a Expert

    Not a ExpertPrije dan

    i wont understand the struggle of living black since I'm white, but I respect everyone who is in poverty or is struggling to feed themselves. Big respect.

  76. bluegatekeeper

    bluegatekeeperPrije dan

    'you know the usual,we die for nothing' that really went hard ngl.

  77. AAndrew

    AAndrewPrije dan

    My favorite album ❤️Keep up the work ! Polo g

  78. Coleman Adams

    Coleman AdamsPrije dan

    He is the best rn

  79. Isabella Noto

    Isabella NotoPrije dan

    Polo g actually predicted the protests

  80. alma vargas MORENO

    alma vargas MORENOPrije dan

    “WHO IS HERE IN 2020 ??WHEN IT FEELS LIKE THE WORLD IS ENDING !!!!”riots ,quarantine what’s next ..

  81. itzJAE

    itzJAEPrije dan

    Real nigga is a dyin breed but im still maintainin. This what this video is about he is one of my top 5 best rappers

  82. TBR clipzo

    TBR clipzoPrije dan

    man, this still my favorite song

  83. Nahnah& Mimi

    Nahnah& MimiPrije dan

    Idk wat I would do if he pass away🖤

  84. Church Life Videos

    Church Life VideosPrije dan

    I promise you bro remind me of Tupac. What’s crazy I said this why before this song!! hrgo.info/video/ma-k255ntMhty5k.html

  85. David Jegede

    David JegedePrije dan

    This album is really Grammy deserving, Polos a different breed bruh.

  86. Kingy YT

    Kingy YTPrije dan

    After listening to this I started playing it for like 5 more times

  87. Nahnah& Mimi

    Nahnah& MimiPrije dan

    He is the cutest rapper eeva💛

  88. FortniteGodBFP

    FortniteGodBFPPrije dan

    Polo u up there

  89. Gray Maloney

    Gray MaloneyPrije dan

    the goat literaly

  90. rthevisionary999

    rthevisionary999Prije dan

    hope you get the recognition for pouring your heart out in every piece of work you make, real passion right there ❤️

  91. Clappz CD

    Clappz CDPrije dan

    Polo I’m only 11 but you helped me through tough times I cry to almost all you songs I love you bro🥺🖤

  92. YÑL keem

    YÑL keemPrije dan

    This song deserves a Grammy Award, I really hope it does #RipGeorgeFloyd

  93. Capt Ninja Gaming

    Capt Ninja GamingPrije dan

    Listening to polo g music making me chill

  94. Capt Ninja Gaming

    Capt Ninja GamingPrije dan

    Old and goated nigga goated song

  95. Darein Scott

    Darein ScottPrije dan

    Yea he the GOAT✊🏾✊🏾💯

  96. Tac Prxyz

    Tac PrxyzPrije dan

    I love you polo G ❤❤😪😪

  97. Tac Prxyz

    Tac PrxyzPrije dan

    Let's take a few moments of silence for the people who cant find this 🌕 song 😪😪😪😥😥

  98. Hendric Van Dee Veldt

    Hendric Van Dee VeldtPrije dan


  99. Benjamin Hernandez

    Benjamin HernandezPrije dan

    polo g really is the goat !

  100. someone special

    someone specialPrije dan

    God let him live because he knew that polo g is gonna be the goat of rap