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  1. Justin Moore

    Justin MoorePrije 19 sekundi

    Terrorists don't need to hijack planes if they can buy weapons straight from the source. Some people won't be happy until the US is attacked with their own weapons.

  2. Amaizing World

    Amaizing WorldPrije minute

    Just like ABC, CNN, and MSNBC...the impeachment hearing is a scam, a joke, a Hoax.

  3. Liz Dawkins

    Liz DawkinsPrije minute

    I saw this on the TV in the break room where I work just now. Had to sit and watch it. So so sad, but totally unbelievable. I can't imagine it happening at all let, let alone eight hours. Ur mind is always on ur kids. Sleepy, hungover, tired , it doesn't matter. U just took one to daycare. Where do think the other two are ; with you idiot. Not buying the excuse. Truely sad tragedy.

  4. Summers2bear

    Summers2bearPrije minute

    What is wrong with these people.....are they really that scared that trump is gonna win again...very

  5. jodi houts

    jodi houtsPrije 2 minuta

    So....maybe it was a bad idea to cover up Candida Auris? They said they didn't want to hurt the reputation of hospitals and emergency rooms.

  6. Varissa Varissa

    Varissa VarissaPrije 3 minuta

    Why they forced Koko to live like that sorry koko

  7. Johnny Zeee

    Johnny ZeeePrije 4 minuta

    Great job Deval ! A welcome check to the Sanders-Warren madness, and not for Medicare for all.

  8. Terry Charms Life & Beyond

    Terry Charms Life & BeyondPrije 5 minuta

    Theres nothing cooler than a doodler!

  9. thechariotcard

    thechariotcardPrije 5 minuta


  10. Nicky Krystals

    Nicky KrystalsPrije 6 minuta

    Note to all Americans!! *STOP GOING TO THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC*

  11. Terry Charms Life & Beyond

    Terry Charms Life & BeyondPrije 6 minuta

    That's soo cool

  12. Bill Costigan

    Bill CostiganPrije 8 minuta

    Your only message is Donald trump! True story. Nancy your a looser your loosing and you are on the defense from now on. Wo glad the people see you for who you are! It’s about time! Trump 2020 !

  13. A P

    A PPrije 8 minuta

    Optics are not good looking at those reporters.

  14. David Nierzwick

    David NierzwickPrije 9 minuta

    They investigate this but not Epstein?

  15. jeremy western

    jeremy westernPrije 9 minuta


  16. Diane laughalot

    Diane laughalotPrije 11 minuta

    Watching tRuMp shaking turkeys middle finger would be funny 5yrs ago🤣 but it's not🤤

  17. Leeanne’s Art and Stuff

    Leeanne’s Art and StuffPrije 11 minuta


  18. MR MEEP

    MR MEEPPrije 11 minuta

    Is that the same aircraft carrier from the battle of mid way?

  19. IF6WAS9

    IF6WAS9Prije 11 minuta

    This guy is the black version of Mayor Pete. He aint winning sht

  20. JL Lore

    JL LorePrije 12 minuta

    Well we know Vladmir Putin is one of them.

  21. Mark Nutt

    Mark NuttPrije 13 minuta

    “Sad That people rather know about the next lil pump then a knowledgeable nipsey hustle “ - just a random HRgo commenter...

  22. kathysue1968

    kathysue1968Prije 13 minuta

    Lasik ruined my vision. I have permanent damage to my corneas because of lasik. My eyes were very healthy prior to lasik. I just had severe nearsightedness. Now I have severe double vision, I can't drive, I can't look at a computer or read a book without headaches, and my eyes are no longer able to produce tears. I have to see a specialist every 3-6 months for the rest of my life to monitor for any new issues that probably will emerge. Lasik surgeons are nothing more than used car salesmen. I was told that I was the perfect candidate by a surgeon who is considered one of the best in the industry. Please, don't do lasik!

  23. Angela’s Concreekations

    Angela’s ConcreekationsPrije 14 minuta

    Two of the dumbest ppl ever!! Bernie is for population control...Bernie the crypt keeper, is way past his expiration date.. I’m a “working people” won’t be voting for this tyrant ..

  24. Rickey Calhoun

    Rickey CalhounPrije 15 minuta

    I watched it live. bS propaganda report. I guess they think we don't watch TV or follow this crap as it happens

  25. Roger Borroel

    Roger BorroelPrije 15 minuta

    We forgave Robert E. Lee and his rebel gang after being traitors, why not her?

  26. Toni Rae

    Toni RaePrije 16 minuta

    The idea of AOC as VP with a man who may not live out his term is the most freightening thought ever. Thank God she said shes to young.

  27. Thincow

    ThincowPrije 16 minuta

    It all started when that dude started chasing her around with a knife.

  28. Audrey Belle

    Audrey BellePrije 17 minuta

    the result of supportive parents never ceases to amaze me. i always wonder how far i could go if my parents believed in me. i told my mom i wanted to be an artist and she told me i would end up being broke and its not a real career. i stopped doing creative stuff and convinced myself that i like helping people so i went to nursing school. i got severely depressed and couldnt pass my courses. now i'm thousands of dollars in debt and looking for minimum wage work where i can finally be creative again.

  29. your majesty mrmac215

    your majesty mrmac215Prije 17 minuta

    Put these white fuccs away... Sevystremble??? Or wtf ever her name was

  30. Diane laughalot

    Diane laughalotPrije 19 minuta

    The white house is nothing but a disgusting heap of dictators and greed. All u need to do is look around .... it takes more then one person to run a country! But only takes one fool to run it into the ground.

  31. Robert Vazquez

    Robert VazquezPrije 19 minuta

    I will work for free for that guy for the rest of my life

  32. ramms mutter69

    ramms mutter69Prije 20 minuta

    Sounds like the majority of business owners.

  33. htothejay

    htothejayPrije 22 minuta

    what a amazing thing to witness, at his age. sharp as a tac! what a man

  34. Sergio Vega

    Sergio VegaPrije 22 minuta

    Thoes Americans was traffickers for cartels they didnt pay up so they handle it where it hits you the worst to show people they aint playing but now they act like they didnt did nothing wrong

  35. blueshinystar

    blueshinystarPrije 24 minuta

    Julian Assange is a hero for humanity...

  36. Madamelogicbombdropper Black Women Multimedia T.V.

    Madamelogicbombdropper Black Women Multimedia T.V.Prije 24 minuta

    It's weird. People keep calling him black. But he is not black, he's mixed race.

  37. Gerhard Nieuwoudt

    Gerhard NieuwoudtPrije 24 minuta

    Brainwashed funded by soros girl

  38. Mary Busuito

    Mary BusuitoPrije 24 minuta

    I met Donald Jr At book signing in Las Vegas , beautiful man

  39. couchpoet1

    couchpoet1Prije 25 minuta

    Lol. It’s in the meat and water. Good luck

  40. So What

    So WhatPrije 25 minuta

    No comparison here: Bill is a rapist 😂 😆

  41. John Smith

    John SmithPrije 26 minuta

    Aren’t Kurds terrorists?

  42. Johnny Chingas

    Johnny ChingasPrije 26 minuta

    Man get rid of this orange bafoon asap

  43. T

    TPrije 27 minuta

    Why did not he run from the beginning then? Attention seeker.

  44. private name

    private namePrije 28 minuta

    Stephanie number is 224 623 7461 or 815 347 7282

  45. Nimori Kandara

    Nimori KandaraPrije 28 minuta

    The Commies are working overtime today.

  46. C&A MiniVans

    C&A MiniVansPrije 28 minuta

    We want to thank you for trying but Andrew yang got this in the bag.

  47. Matthew Hensley

    Matthew HensleyPrije 29 minuta

    so funny, illegally parked n thinks they're entitled to break the law and use violent acts on a person and then becomes resorts back to being a victim when something bad happens to them because they was illegally parked and got violent!

  48. evilsbrother

    evilsbrotherPrije 29 minuta

    His squeaky voice is annoying. His arrogance is annoying. His empty platitudes are annoying.

  49. Patric6319

    Patric6319Prije 29 minuta

    Pretty weak interviewers, they did hit back at his lies, they just let him rabbit on with his crap.

  50. Gracie Thankful

    Gracie ThankfulPrije 30 minuta

    DON'T BE LEFT BEHIND accept JESUS CHRIST as your personal Savior. Who's in control of the weather. GOD. He's trying to tell people to accept JESUS CHRIST as your personal Savior

  51. elsbeth

    elsbethPrije 30 minuta

    How can he be sooo stupid to do this.

  52. Johnny A

    Johnny APrije 31 minute

    unsupported assertions abound. democrats hate logic. they despise it

  53. Drake

    DrakePrije 31 minute

    I always think about how you can live your whole life fine and out of no where end up dying by something so random. Fate is weird

  54. arles jaime

    arles jaimePrije 31 minute


  55. Shailen Mistry

    Shailen MistryPrije 32 minuta

    In real life he's basically the exact opposite of Raj. Which means he's also a great actor.

  56. harvey weinstein

    harvey weinsteinPrije 33 minuta

    What happened to due process?

  57. Elba V

    Elba VPrije 34 minuta


  58. des mit

    des mitPrije 34 minuta

    Maybe she was strangled from "natural causes".

  59. ZKP

    ZKPPrije 34 minuta

    "I'm tired of being a victim." - Said the white terrorist with a shotgun.

  60. eboniz

    ebonizPrije 36 minuta

    “they aren’t doodles it’s his imagination coming to life” isn’t that what doodling is anyway

  61. jason morgan

    jason morganPrije 37 minuta

    That's not Kosher guys . Everyone knows this is BS.

  62. Simply Timm

    Simply TimmPrije 37 minuta

    Oprah hair style makes her head look big, or is it big? lol

  63. Rajan Sachdeva

    Rajan SachdevaPrije 38 minuta

    time wasted

  64. Patriot MJB

    Patriot MJBPrije 39 minuta

    All I heard was Tyler Perry doesn’t like other skin color. RACIST!

  65. John Cats

    John CatsPrije 39 minuta

    Make 20 more FRIDAY'S & ILL WATCH'MMM ALL B4 I DIE.

  66. Hf Li

    Hf LiPrije 40 minuta

    It’s so damn misleading..... they use a picture and ask them whether they know the picture.... They didn’t even ask whether they know “64 学潮/风波” ( the name of the event). Of course we know the event, we just don’t know where that random photo comes from! Our parents and relatives could be one of the protestors! How can we not know? Jesus Christ wake up ppl!

  67. primadayna

    primadaynaPrije 41 minute

    Yet another reason I've lost a TON of respect for Oprah these last several years. WHY is no one speaking of the women he raped before this woman lost her life? Three previous women, including a 12 year old. Sick.

  68. Daffy Duck

    Daffy DuckPrije 41 minute

    Canadian cartels killed them!

  69. Neal McEneaney

    Neal McEneaneyPrije 41 minute

    He is the man

  70. Arcaine

    ArcainePrije 42 minuta

    Nobody: Dr Patterson: "I wonder if gorillas are capable of complex cognitive behaviours?" Koko: *in her mind* "Woah... this is exponential neurogenesis time." Rest in peace Koko, you were truly beautiful and incredible.

  71. Gary Sheldon Jr

    Gary Sheldon JrPrije 44 minuta


  72. art sky

    art skyPrije 45 minuta

    Nice, great time for kayaking

  73. Jay Dragon

    Jay DragonPrije 45 minuta

    We tried this once, forget it!

  74. no name

    no namePrije 46 minuta

    both junkies

  75. Soinas Doyi

    Soinas DoyiPrije 46 minuta

    RIP the service men who were on that ship

  76. doumby

    doumbyPrije 47 minuta

    Bruh thats what the second amendment is for

  77. Hans Guzmán

    Hans GuzmánPrije 48 minuta

    Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution

  78. David Brown

    David BrownPrije 48 minuta

    Jezebel Tuna Whorebags

  79. Devon Matthews

    Devon MatthewsPrije 48 minuta

    I love you trump jr.

  80. SweetVibez

    SweetVibezPrije 49 minuta

    I’m a White American and I SUPPORT Tyler Perry’s Studio!!!🤝Kudos to the man! I definitely understand and know where he’s coming from!! It’s about dam time someone knew what had to be done!!

  81. John Bacon

    John BaconPrije 49 minuta

    Now this is what people coming together can do......... I hope a year on she is doing well and the donuts are still selling fast.

  82. EdinTGT

    EdinTGTPrije 50 minuta

    lol my math book is also with doodels , well , more drawings and ideas for Games etc.

  83. further records

    further recordsPrije 50 minuta

    Drum groove feels weird. But so nice to see this song back on

  84. andrew barrow

    andrew barrowPrije 50 minuta

    all the conspiracy videos are shut down... somethings up... but we still got guns, we will always have guns.

  85. Snake Plisskin

    Snake PlisskinPrije 51 minute

    He speaks so well.

  86. Milo & Otis _FoxyThings

    Milo & Otis _FoxyThingsPrije 51 minute

    Me and this kid are both 10-year-olds, and, I gotta say, he draws better than me. I mean, my drawings are not too shabby, but this kid is lit

  87. Climate C. Heretic

    Climate C. HereticPrije 53 minuta

    "Heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who... Heard it from another you’ve been messing around" REO Speedwagon... aka Adam Schiff

  88. page Turner

    page TurnerPrije 56 minuta

    Between Deval and Bloomberg, I Consider them a Distraction.

  89. Amit Desai

    Amit DesaiPrije 57 minuta

    “Too many words, Too Many Notes” spoken with an exaggerated Indian accent?

  90. Climate C. Heretic

    Climate C. HereticPrije 57 minuta

    Where were these so called diplomats when Obama consented to wiretaps on candidate-Trump? Or when Ukraine was faking a dossier through U.S. channels? The whole thing is FUNNY. Democrats losing big time over this. We should all send Nancy flowers... and congratulate CNN and CBS for being the clown show!

  91. Sandra Richardson

    Sandra RichardsonPrije 58 minuta

    The thing is if fowl play is the issue how do you handle the matter "!.

  92. murrrmur

    murrrmurPrije 58 minuta


  93. page Turner

    page TurnerPrije 58 minuta

    Is he just Trying to get his Name out there??

  94. Jim Escrow

    Jim EscrowPrije 59 minuta

    the white man’s plan is lock up all black men to decrease their competition

  95. Sandra Richardson

    Sandra RichardsonPrije 59 minuta

    Could be fowl " play involved " it should never be ruled out "!.

  96. sxccerskvn

    sxccerskvnPrije 59 minuta

    I have a friend thats autistic and we are just literally best friends for life. :D

  97. Eileen Schoreck

    Eileen SchoreckPrije sat

    I agree they all should be in a box lmao

  98. page Turner

    page TurnerPrije sat

    Don't Need Another Person in the Race, this is Like a Circus, We Need to Put Our Chips Together to Win 2020, Not divided the Party, what does he have to Offer that No One Else does??

  99. Joe Kerr

    Joe KerrPrije sat

    He’s Deval for all but not Medicare for all. Pass..

  100. MakeOrwellFictionAgain

    MakeOrwellFictionAgainPrije sat

    Trump is a joke. Let me correct that. Trump is a lying bag of trash.