Dua Lipa
Dua Lipa
Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa - IDGAF (Live)
Dua Lipa - Golden Slumbers
Dua Lipa - Room For 2

Dua Lipa - Room For 2

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Dua Lipa in Kosovo

Dua Lipa in Kosovo

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Dua Lipa - New Love

Dua Lipa - New Love

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  1. Authora Tasnim

    Authora TasnimPrije 55 sekundi

    What was your deepest Song and about what was is it

  2. Authora Tasnim

    Authora TasnimPrije 2 minuta

    What was your favorite Song

  3. lil roblox

    lil robloxPrije 3 minuta

    H&M type beat 🤩🤩

  4. Alonso PV 506

    Alonso PV 506Prije 14 minuta

    Very impressive

  5. Alonso PV 506

    Alonso PV 506Prije 14 minuta

    Ahes an amazing 💃 She's cool and always slayed on the stage

  6. kmgamingpie

    kmgamingpiePrije 21 minute

    i got few subs i count em...

  7. Russell Ko

    Russell KoPrije 25 minuta

    She learned a lot by touring with Bruno Mars in 2017-18 for sure! Claps!!

  8. Elizabeth Heather Lacsamana

    Elizabeth Heather LacsamanaPrije 28 minuta

    This music makes me wanna walk like a model

  9. Joaquin Lopez-Vargas

    Joaquin Lopez-VargasPrije 30 minuta

    Superb and mega catchy song! But on the other hand what a horrible and uninspired video. A real wasted opportunity. Trust me, I know about music videos, I’ve been watching them since the 80s on MTV and VH-1.

  10. Issa Youssef Issa Youssef

    Issa Youssef Issa YoussefPrije 31 minute

    Dua Lipa 2019

  11. Issa Youssef Issa Youssef

    Issa Youssef Issa YoussefPrije 32 minuta

    Dua Lipa 2019

  12. Fan Apple

    Fan ApplePrije 34 minuta

    One song like 2 million$$$

  13. Okta Vian

    Okta VianPrije 50 minuta

    Aku biduan

  14. Louie Ocampo

    Louie OcampoPrije 56 minuta

    She's so beautiful. Agree?

  15. Omar Mena Barrera

    Omar Mena BarreraPrije 58 minuta

    it's amazing this song greetings from Mexico

  16. Ketchupboyz

    KetchupboyzPrije sat


  17. Ketchupboyz

    KetchupboyzPrije sat


  18. obscvritas

    obscvritasPrije sat

    I'm disappointed I don't see any comments wondering where the dancers got the kerchiefs from towards the end of the performance?????

  19. Yafarinda Farera

    Yafarinda FareraPrije sat


  20. Berto Pichar

    Berto PicharPrije sat

    Es tan linda 😭❤❤😍

  21. alexa regalado

    alexa regaladoPrije sat


  22. KITKAT production

    KITKAT productionPrije sat

    2 billion views IAM so excited ❤️

  23. Fatima Nahar

    Fatima NaharPrije sat

    her best music video yet

  24. Ahri Arcade

    Ahri ArcadePrije sat

    yay the 5th element outfit just modern 😋

  25. Leollecass 1

    Leollecass 1Prije sat

    2:48 ❤️

  26. JocelyneM24 76

    JocelyneM24 76Prije 2 sati

    I love this song

  27. Mr. Di

    Mr. DiPrije 2 sati

    Please answer me, how do you manage to be so cute?

  28. Gymnasticsi8 Me

    Gymnasticsi8 MePrije 2 sati

    Denotation: great awesome beautiful song! Connotation: song that makes me feel uneasy not the video just the music because I heard the song constantly when things were hard.

  29. Carol Ataide

    Carol AtaidePrije 2 sati


  30. Jonathan Montes

    Jonathan MontesPrije 2 sati

    Esto es arte 🔥❤

  31. enesjesty

    enesjestyPrije 2 sati

    This is dangerous how many times i've listened to this song

  32. Carol Ataide

    Carol AtaidePrije 2 sati

    2:00 ✨

  33. Rebeca Agüero

    Rebeca AgüeroPrije 2 sati

    Dua Lipa , when will you come to Costa Rica?!!

  34. WiAmazing Cortez

    WiAmazing CortezPrije 2 sati

    yo, don't start me now or else

  35. Ahmad Khairil fitra

    Ahmad Khairil fitraPrije 2 sati

    Padahal kita berada di Channel Luar

  36. Suraj Avhad

    Suraj AvhadPrije 2 sati

    [email protected] £iPa FANS HIT LIKE HERE...

  37. nunnes90

    nunnes90Prije 2 sati

    Good vibe

  38. carlosmagno

    carlosmagnoPrije 2 sati

    very unique, so good dua

  39. Alice Silva

    Alice SilvaPrije 2 sati

    Cadê os brasileiros 💚💛💙😆

  40. Meryl Rae

    Meryl RaePrije 2 sati

    Are you coming to Toronto?

  41. lin

    linPrije 2 sati

    Lol you are so funny

  42. Stephanie Allen

    Stephanie AllenPrije 3 sati


  43. Levi Henrique do Nascimento

    Levi Henrique do NascimentoPrije 3 sati


  44. Pieta Sofia

    Pieta SofiaPrije 3 sati

    Moment 1:09 Dua Lipa sing usa jabon usa jabon

  45. Alohni !!

    Alohni !!Prije 3 sati

    addicted to this song !! 🥵🥵🤩

  46. Karla Campos

    Karla CamposPrije 3 sati

    Yeah she is beatuiful a lot and she really nice in all of her songs I love you so much Dua Lipa

  47. Karla Campos

    Karla CamposPrije 3 sati

    Aditya Dwivedi you are rude be nice I don't like you bicth

  48. Karla Campos

    Karla CamposPrije 3 sati

    I love this song a lot in this world and Earth and my life

  49. Rafael Castro

    Rafael CastroPrije 3 sati

    Beautiful 😍😘

  50. Fernando XQ

    Fernando XQPrije 3 sati


  51. Pretty Amazing 1902

    Pretty Amazing 1902Prije 4 sati

    Certainly another Grammy on the way...

  52. Nelson Ruiz

    Nelson RuizPrije 4 sati

    2:50 that moment when you're too drunk and think whether keep going or quit the party

  53. Bruna

    BrunaPrije 4 sati

    Disco!!!!!! Oh yesssssssssss

  54. Ana Blanco

    Ana BlancoPrije 4 sati

    I love this song because it's on tiles hop.edm

  55. Manisha Kahol

    Manisha KaholPrije 4 sati

    @anonymous you’re right!

  56. M. M.

    M. M.Prije 4 sati

    This song is amazing ! 2019

  57. julia Cristina

    julia CristinaPrije 4 sati


  58. Smashmambo

    SmashmamboPrije 4 sati

    Daft punk style outro would have been perfect for this one.

  59. Cekku-W-9 GFO

    Cekku-W-9 GFOPrije 4 sati

    It's her Dad there singing along with Dua?

  60. Sir Giddimus

    Sir GiddimusPrije 4 sati

    Look at these grubby thots. No wonder our daughters are all sluts and whores now.

  61. Amy lunatica

    Amy lunaticaPrije 4 sati

    Cualestucoronalookdehoy??!!! 🤭🤟😘

  62. Psamid Lazo

    Psamid LazoPrije 4 sati

    A ka no usan jabón jajaja xd dx

  63. guadalupe berenice sanchez ruiz

    guadalupe berenice sanchez ruizPrije 5 sati

    Me gustó mucho bla canción

  64. bryan nuñez

    bryan nuñezPrije 5 sati

    Last year we were all excited that you came to Chile and that did not happen, I hope for this tour include us :(here you have many lovers🥰🥺🇨🇱

  65. María Solano

    María SolanoPrije 5 sati

    Goddess 💛👑

  66. Emile Sila

    Emile SilaPrije 5 sati

    1:01 it sounds like she was saying diamond

  67. Jwmess 24

    Jwmess 24Prije 5 sati

    This is flames, I don’t know how it’s at only 39 mil

  68. braw stars

    braw starsPrije 5 sati

    1,9biliona viwurs

  69. Robin Aerts

    Robin AertsPrije 5 sati

    Super awesome song! Why the blonde wig, though? You can see your real brunette hair (or black hair) we all know and love underneath. The sideburns give it away. Be real, Dua Lipa! No disrespect, I just don't get it.

  70. AlDaja ...

    AlDaja ...Prije 5 sati

    You and your dancers did great. Was an awesome performance.

  71. Anastasia Horvat

    Anastasia HorvatPrije 5 sati

    Kijaaa 👍❤️

  72. yuuhme

    yuuhmePrije 6 sati

    I love this song 😤

  73. helyssa101

    helyssa101Prije 6 sati

    BLONDE ayyyyyyyyyeee

  74. Andre Woitok

    Andre WoitokPrije 6 sati

    Dua Lipa 2019 : Top vocalist Dua Lipa 2119 : Top vocalist to place a bet !!!!!

  75. João Gabriel Gomes

    João Gabriel GomesPrije 6 sati

    Whattttttttttttt?!?! 🤤🤤🤤

  76. Gagan Singh

    Gagan SinghPrije 6 sati

    Why is no one talking about her beauty? Isn't she over cute? 😘