The Road to PS5

PS5 lead system architect Mark Cerny provides a deep dive into PS5’s system architecture and how it will shape the future of games.


  1. MokerPrankzzz

    MokerPrankzzzPrije 6 sati

    Is he an A.I robot?

  2. Shyh Horng

    Shyh HorngPrije 8 sati

    Xbox camp managed to rally 116K worth of downvote. Impressive.

  3. Shit Hinny

    Shit HinnyPrije 10 sati

    I need a better console to beat Noobmaster69

  4. Qwesyz

    QwesyzPrije 10 sati

    I'm like :/ because I have a ps4 xD

  5. Slim diced Roberto

    Slim diced RobertoPrije 10 sati

    Can we just take a moment that playstion has way more subscribers then Xb....🤢 you know what I mean

  6. Ibrahim Inayat

    Ibrahim InayatPrije 10 sati

    Those who are thinking that Ps4 will become Cheap Hit like

  7. Александр Коротков

    Александр КоротковPrije 11 sati

    Gpu у новой плойки горячей мамки шевцова. Пойду куплю новый xbox пожалуй.

  8. Galy Guerrero

    Galy GuerreroPrije 11 sati

    I think I'm in the wrong online class... 😳🤚

  9. Emmanuel Aguirre

    Emmanuel AguirrePrije 11 sati

    ASMR at its finest

  10. Cashstrophe

    CashstrophePrije 12 sati

    Bro he sounds like he could help a person with sleep troubles

  11. Yusha Yu

    Yusha YuPrije 15 sati

    If FF7 remake cant play it on PS 5 , i stand with PS 4. Thats it !!

  12. SON INIMAGINABLE lnuYasha ultru mega

    SON INIMAGINABLE lnuYasha ultru megaPrije 15 sati

    playstation 200

  13. محمد احمد

    محمد احمدPrije 15 sati


  14. محمد احمد

    محمد احمدPrije 15 sati


  15. AKA CJ

    AKA CJPrije 16 sati

    Who's skip to look for the PlayStation 5

  16. Bo1t S

    Bo1t SPrije 16 sati

    Did they mention when they will release it cuz I’m too lazy to watch the full vid

  17. Tuấn z800

    Tuấn z800Prije 18 sati

    Put an RX 5700 XT GPU in it!

  18. Frank Castle

    Frank CastlePrije 18 sati

    He kind of sounds like Ryan Reynolds

  19. Weston

    WestonPrije 19 sati

    He looks and sounds like an fricken someone who hypnotize people... no wonder he was chosen...

  20. Edward Juarez

    Edward JuarezPrije 19 sati

    Vengo del futuro y solo vengo a decirles que Xbox Series X ya les metió toda la pirinola a los de sony🤭

  21. Alexis Cruz

    Alexis CruzPrije 19 sati

    As a fan of play station I had a lot of hype to know what ps5 will offer and after seeing what they announced I am disappointed as a consumer of play station.

  22. That one Canuck

    That one CanuckPrije 19 sati

    I love all the retards crying that this is boring. This generation is going to be nuts

  23. kean anargya

    kean anargyaPrije 20 sati

    dude what happend to console gamer bruhh console its not about the spek or the tecnology but its about all the gamee dudee ita doesn't matter if x box is better or ps 5 us better is not matter at all,the proof is when ps 2 release ps 2 is the lowest spek and tecnology between nitendo and x box but ps2 has the most best seller in the product thats is proof that this is not about the spek and tecnology blablabla is you want to batle spek or tecnology just buy pc you stupid,this is console not pc!!!.


    ASSASSIN SKILLZPrije 22 sati

    Bring back play station home

  25. Tasty_xperiences Instagram

    Tasty_xperiences InstagramPrije 23 sati

    I'll just wait buying until the sheep do it straight after the release so they can fix the bugs and provit the lower price eventually

  26. Joshua Kunda

    Joshua KundaPrije dan

    Sony. Can I speak for everyone in saying can you bring split screen back? Like need for speed is not even the same anymore

  27. Desk Top

    Desk TopPrije dan

    Not gonna buy a ps anymore. Never ever again.

  28. Light Yagami

    Light YagamiPrije 23 sati

    Why ?

  29. Gabriel Flores

    Gabriel FloresPrije dan

    Ps4 probably is gonna be the only ps console that i'm gonna skip entirelely, not only it has a small catalogue but most of the games are garbage. from sports games to bad sequels to remakes being like the 50% of the catalogue, if ps5 has ps1 ps2 ps3 compability, then i will buy it asap.

  30. Ezno Snopes

    Ezno SnopesPrije dan

    Not a single "ummm" or "errrr". He reminds me of Data.

  31. Shreeram Nene

    Shreeram NenePrije dan

    Yeah he is a teacher

  32. Bennybolo

    BennyboloPrije dan

    We he said "1GB divided by 100/mbs divided by 1.5*= 20 seconds Rough HDD SPECS" I felt that

  33. G Club

    G ClubPrije dan

    Sony pictures entertainment : 4.22 million subscribers PlayStation : 9.76 million subscribers But Sony as a whole 342K subscribers

  34. eu Eulaadoua

    eu EulaadouaPrije dan

    How much does it cost and when appear?

  35. asian rice boi

    asian rice boiPrije dan

    me: mom can i have a sony walkman? sony walkman at home:

  36. Matthew Lombard

    Matthew LombardPrije dan

    He is better than a warm glass of milk or counting sheep! I have trouble staying awake.


    CORPS EMPIREPrije dan

    Hello i am team series x. And the graphic on this console is incredible on series x byeee and you talk for nothing

  38. Sr. Jorge

    Sr. JorgePrije dan


  39. Mythical Prodigy

    Mythical ProdigyPrije dan

    For people saying "so again xbox is faster." Look at the statistics. As a example. Xbox one has slightly better graphics than ps4 yet who's made more sales? Playstation with 60 million more dollars. That's embarrassing. Power means nothing. It matters about the GAMES and what people want to play. Xbox one and ps4 are VERY close in stats. Same with xbox x series and ps5. I'm just saying power means nothing.

  40. NICK XP

    NICK XPPrije 11 sati

    Bigk3695 I don’t understand why you are referring to Xbox. The Xbox one was less powerful than the PS4 and the Xbox One S was less powerful than the PS4 Pro. Only the Xbox One X is more powerful than the PS4 Pro, and that was $100 more expensive than the PS4 Pro. So what you are saying, doesn’t make sense.

  41. Bigk3695

    Bigk3695Prije 11 sati

    @NICK XP power doesn't mean everything says the statistics that show sales numbers and revenue. 110+million PlayStations sold vs 48 million Xboxes. Just saying

  42. NICK XP

    NICK XPPrije 22 sati

    Mythical Prodigy power means nothing? Well, maybe to you. So speak for yourself.

  43. Si Filey

    Si FileyPrije dan

    Microsoft is prepared to give Xbox Series X away for FREE just to win more Xbox Adopters. Can Sony combat that?

  44. N4P_L0L

    N4P_L0LPrije dan

    Plz An original photo :T

  45. LR Nappa

    LR NappaPrije dan

    Maybe in May

  46. AbyssGamer

    AbyssGamerPrije dan

    Ps4 pro=Jet Fan Ps5=rocket Fan

  47. Никита Захарченко

    Никита ЗахарченкоPrije dan

    Говняная консоль однако PS 5 Xbox Series X - TOP!!!!!

  48. XproxLuxas

    XproxLuxasPrije dan

    I got a PS4 now I'm waiting for PS5

  49. T_A_R

    T_A_RPrije dan

    والله متحمس

  50. DustiNFrom YT

    DustiNFrom YTPrije dan

    All we need is the price... not the specs.

  51. Yash shah

    Yash shahPrije dan

    His voice is so soothing ❤️

  52. For Real?

    For Real?Prije dan

    This guy sounds like Ryan Reynolds

  53. P Javier Faundez Vergara

    P Javier Faundez VergaraPrije dan

    Arreglen las PS4 😤😡😡😡😡😡

  54. Master WolfGamerYT

    Master WolfGamerYTPrije dan

    I have PS4 Slim

  55. Thanos

    ThanosPrije dan

    Yep. Give him a raise

  56. Master WolfGamerYT

    Master WolfGamerYTPrije dan

    I Think ps5 beter at ps4

  57. Brassard Guillaume

    Brassard GuillaumePrije dan

    xbox series x is better

  58. Laser Skull

    Laser SkullPrije dan

    I just wanted to see the ps5 and see if it got better quality but i just learned so much I think im gonna go work for SONY

  59. Lesther Deza

    Lesther DezaPrije dan

    _Xbox fanboy in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!!!_

  60. Topankin

    TopankinPrije dan

    Amazed how he didn’t leak the console or controller at all in 52 minutes and spoke about everything in them

  61. NemesisUnknown

    NemesisUnknownPrije dan

    "Deep dive into the systems architecture" ahem

  62. Joseph Anderson

    Joseph AndersonPrije dan

    Didn’t even show the ps5 what the

  63. Topankin

    TopankinPrije dan

    Watch gta 6 have 10 minutes of loading screens


    IX SPECTRO XIPrije dan

    So the release date ?


    IX SPECTRO XIPrije dan

    @LR Nappa ok thx

  66. LR Nappa

    LR NappaPrije dan

    In holiday

  67. Necro1412

    Necro1412Prije dan

    The presentation is as dry as the desert

  68. LR Nappa

    LR NappaPrije dan

    Well we know how strong the Ps5 is

  69. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce WaynePrije dan

    itd be pretty cool if sony's speaker and t.v division steals some on this tempest tech. It'd also be pretty cool if sony used bravia's upscaling chip as dlss

  70. RioGamer

    RioGamerPrije dan

    Here's me on my OP PC. I've had the fastest ssd in my computer for over a year now.

  71. SilentGuy

    SilentGuyPrije 22 sati

    RioGamer I’m personally a PC gamer but it is interesting to watch and listen about how well put together the machine is. Consoles are generally cost effective while still offering an impressive amount of performance even when compared to your average gaming PCs. They use the hardware much more efficiently than any PC does. Oh but still PC Master Race

  72. Void

    VoidPrije dan

    This guy should voice a salarian.

  73. Logical Phallusry

    Logical PhallusryPrije dan

    I'll pass till you sort backwards compatibility for PS3, thanks. Been waiting for it all of PS4's lifetime.

  74. axcel zedd

    axcel zeddPrije dan

    is this fake?

  75. LR Nappa

    LR NappaPrije dan


  76. GoPro Ray

    GoPro RayPrije dan

    When does it come out then

  77. DubplateSuitcase

    DubplateSuitcasePrije 2 dana

    Did they really just slap a fake silhouette of an audience on here? Why?......Just why.....🤦‍♂️

  78. Eric Wu

    Eric WuPrije dan

    I think those are real people; they do move from time to time.

  79. DOLKEW

    DOLKEWPrije 2 dana

    PSSD 5

  80. Haydar Başar

    Haydar BaşarPrije 2 dana

    BİTCOİN Winssssssssssss Mining 😁

  81. Allan Bundi

    Allan BundiPrije 2 dana

    he finally stammered <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1184">19:44</a> TO <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1188">19:48</a>

  82. Benji Valle

    Benji VallePrije 2 dana

    Whoever thought they would get to see the ps5 is dumb the video said road to ps5 not ps5 reveal road to ps5 means how they got there and how ps5 became ps5. Basically how they created the ps5 and how it would be better then any other console

  83. Mark W

    Mark WPrije 2 dana

    I really enjoyed this Dana Carvey ASMR

  84. スターコフグレブ

    スターコフグレブPrije 2 dana

    *I like this guy’s tone. His voice is perfect to make long speeches or be in the audio books.*

  85. Eddggressive

    EddggressivePrije 2 dana

    So bored!!! I prefered math classes!!

  86. David Geru

    David GeruPrije 2 dana

    Maybe a bigger fan

  87. Sascha S

    Sascha SPrije 2 dana

    Sony war noch nie dafür bekannt , eine einfach zu handhabende Hardware zu haben . Jedoch mit Erfahrung und Geschick der Programmierer gelang es über die Jahre hinweg immer beeindruckende Spiele für die jeweilige Playstation Plattform zu entwickeln . Ich sehe großes Potential als auch die Gefahr das Sony gegenüber Microsoft die weniger potente Hardware ins Rennen schickt . Blanke Zahlen haben auch noch niemals irgendwas über Spielspaß ausgesagt . Das sieht man bei jeder Konsolengeneration bei Nintendo . Die zaubern aus vermeintlich Leistungsschwacher Hardware einen Spielehit nach dem anderen . Das ganze erinnert mich sehr an die Playstation 3 wo man auch mit Zahlen beeindrucken wollte . Am Ende zeigte Microsoft Sony trotzdem was in ihrer vermeintlich schwächeren Xbox360 steckte .

  88. wimer gamer

    wimer gamerPrije 2 dana

    Can u put roblox game

  89. LR Nappa

    LR NappaPrije dan


  90. Spiral Gamer

    Spiral GamerPrije 2 dana

    We still waiting PS5 to come out this year Sony I really enjoy PS4 PRO so I can wait for the next gen console

  91. Juamee Cuasay

    Juamee CuasayPrije 2 dana

    When will ps5 come out?

  92. 25 Billion

    25 BillionPrije 2 dana

    Juamee Cuasay Most likely November 2020

  93. Xuyang J

    Xuyang JPrije 2 dana

    For people looking for speech mistakes. Here is one <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2158">35:58</a>

  94. Badreddine Wreqs

    Badreddine WreqsPrije 2 dana

    The secret to not make mistakes while showing a presentation? Practice it for 1000 times or be a robot, i think this dude chose the 2nd one.

  95. MokerPrankzzz

    MokerPrankzzzPrije 6 sati

    Artificial Intelligence