Tesla Cybertruck event in 5 minutes

Tesla CEO Elon Musk just unveiled the Cybertruck, the company’s first electric pickup truck. There will be three versions of the truck - 250 miles, 300 miles, and 500 miles of range - with a variety of towing capacities and 0-60 mph capabilities. Musk unveiled the truck at a cyberpunk-inspired event with many, many lasers, and even a surprise ATV.
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  1. Question everything

    Question everythingPrije 2 sati

    He hit it quite lightly...

  2. Lukas Van Holle

    Lukas Van HollePrije 2 sati

    oh yeah, one more small thing, we also made an atv

  3. kekai volkoff

    kekai volkoffPrije 2 sati

    bullet proof sureee

  4. Deysi Henriquez

    Deysi HenriquezPrije 2 sati


  5. Ropsu _

    Ropsu _Prije 3 sati

    How this is top game videos list?

  6. Shido Sakurai

    Shido SakuraiPrije 3 sati

    This car is better then the Fiat Multipla!

  7. Al G

    Al GPrije 4 sati

    hopefully other car manufacturers come up with some regular looking electric truck, as a truck owner and home remodeling expert all i can say that thing is a joke

  8. Rana ahmad kamran

    Rana ahmad kamranPrije 5 sati

    I didnt knew you could drive a car in mincraft....

  9. Robinson Soares da Silva

    Robinson Soares da SilvaPrije 5 sati

    😈 🤑🤡☠🙈🙉🙊👁🕸🗣🛴⚓🌍👎

  10. Dave Encarnacion

    Dave EncarnacionPrije 6 sati

    Where's the side view mirror????

  11. roblox barnen

    roblox barnenPrije 6 sati

    I would not be surprised if the cracks in the windows will be on the sold cars too just for the meme!

  12. cruz936

    cruz936Prije 6 sati

    should have made it with optional bullit proof glass for more $$

  13. Joshua Porter

    Joshua PorterPrije 6 sati

    He didnt it hard like the other door

  14. ravikant reddy

    ravikant reddyPrije 7 sati

    They forgot to make those wheels square.

  15. KUYA

    KUYAPrije 7 sati

    Cybertruck 2077

  16. bssni touir

    bssni touirPrije 7 sati

    Designer: Do you want mirro- Elon: no

  17. I'M BOOGRI

    I'M BOOGRIPrije 8 sati

    I'm pretty sure mask's this project will never be succeed

  18. Andy production

    Andy productionPrije 8 sati

    I feel a sense of nostalgia looking at the cybertruck for some reason That or the cybertruck reminded me of ps1 Lara croft P O L Y G O N T I D D I E S

  19. xX1BrokenHeartXx

    xX1BrokenHeartXxPrije 8 sati

    What if you need to break out like your trapped inside

  20. Np26full

    Np26fullPrije 9 sati

    This Will be military

  21. RenardDavis88

    RenardDavis88Prije 9 sati

    Could Tesla use external airbags in place of front end crumple zones?

  22. this is cancer

    this is cancerPrije 9 sati

    MEME: maybe it was a little too hard 1:18

  23. Paul Lora

    Paul LoraPrije 10 sati

    The guy who threw the ball got fired lol

  24. Ze Yeetuz Maximus

    Ze Yeetuz MaximusPrije 10 sati

    Elon Musk didn't design that car, Roblox did

  25. Kingjp1

    Kingjp1Prije 11 sati

    He soon find out the memes help him sell the car

  26. Ant Studios

    Ant StudiosPrije 11 sati

    Cybertruck is probably the ugliest car in history! Good job Elon Musk! 😄

  27. Sassy Sasquatch

    Sassy SasquatchPrije 11 sati

    I really hope the pickup dodge, Ford,Chevy pickup trucks get cheap. I want one here in Australia, Victoria.

  28. Paul Butcher

    Paul ButcherPrije 15 sati

    Think someone installed the wrong glaaaaassssss! :D

  29. Boots Of Travel

    Boots Of TravelPrije 17 sati

    This will be great for robbing bank / prison break / kidnapping / road rage / etc etc

  30. Jeff Bezos

    Jeff BezosPrije 17 sati

    This is a must buy for bank robbers

  31. Xx venom xX

    Xx venom xXPrije 17 sati

    Uhh built in Duolingo Crowd: wwhoooohh

  32. SaltyDraco

    SaltyDracoPrije 18 sati

    Where are the side mirrors

  33. Richard Reveles

    Richard RevelesPrije 18 sati

    When he hits an normal car door goes hard Tesla truck he goes easy

  34. Clyde Denby

    Clyde DenbyPrije 19 sati

    If John Delorean had built a truck it would have been atrocious. Thank goodness he didn't. Too bad Elon Musk is going to.

  35. Jovon Quintanilla

    Jovon QuintanillaPrije 19 sati

    He hit the truck less hard

  36. Jovon Quintanilla

    Jovon QuintanillaPrije 19 sati

    He hit the truck less hard

  37. alexa piers

    alexa piersPrije 20 sati

    as i noticed nothing happened.. 😴

  38. Eric Carrillo

    Eric CarrilloPrije 20 sati

    Elon Musk : Breaths Audience : whoooooo *clapping*

  39. 이원수

    이원수Prije 21 sat

    in the future there will be flying cars future:

  40. DankBoi 81

    DankBoi 81Prije 21 sat

    Honestly never realized how big it was