Tear the Worlds Asunder | Galaxy Slayer Zed Legendary Skin Trailer - League of Legends

A shadow falls over the heavens.
Galaxy Slayer Zed Login: hrgo.info/video/tcOhk6Wp0NKNj3c.html
Odyssey Site: universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/odyssey/


  1. William Engelbrecht

    William EngelbrechtPrije mjesec

    The animation for him forming his blades in-game, is inconsistent with his login screen animation. Why do his hands disappear when the blades form?

  2. Moises Sasson

    Moises SassonPrije 2 mjeseci

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="14">0:14</a> he just one-shot malphite with one e

  3. Kenneth Khu

    Kenneth KhuPrije 2 mjeseci

    I see no eyes

  4. My name is Jacob

    My name is JacobPrije 5 mjeseci

    Nice nips

  5. MidnightDarkness666

    MidnightDarkness666Prije 5 mjeseci

    Kayn: Yay! Daddies here to help me take over the galaxy and kill the Odyssey dorks >XD Rhaast: You have issues man...

  6. Sabath Sarum

    Sabath SarumPrije 5 mjeseci

    Report jung

  7. Aurelion Sol

    Aurelion SolPrije 6 mjeseci

    I have nev ebemi

  8. Bruno Diaz

    Bruno DiazPrije 6 mjeseci


  9. Matt Jeff

    Matt JeffPrije 7 mjeseci

    Kayn: I coming Zed wait me Zed: I don't need your help.

  10. Hoàng Minh Nguyễn

    Hoàng Minh NguyễnPrije 7 mjeseci

    this face so... :V

  11. Sparks Paint

    Sparks PaintPrije 7 mjeseci

    Justin bieber face

  12. Lavinia Mae Altura

    Lavinia Mae AlturaPrije 7 mjeseci


  13. Sober Cake

    Sober CakePrije 7 mjeseci

    Oh my gosh I got this skin on hextech and was about to trash it until I found out it was legendary 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  14. karenagen hunder

    karenagen hunderPrije 8 mjeseci

    inaccurate where is the zhonya and stopwatch

  15. s5H

    s5HPrije 8 mjeseci

    *This is why Zed has a higher ban rate*

  16. Max eronT

    Max eronTPrije 8 mjeseci


  17. TaigargodBG

    TaigargodBGPrije 8 mjeseci

    We offer you a choice Die now or Die later Captain Yasuo this is your crew your brother would be soo dissapointed Look at the SKILL LOOK AT THE MOVES LL STYLISH WHAT WAS THAT??

  18. imsad. ♡

    imsad. ♡Prije 8 mjeseci

    nobody: zed under mask is actually james charles zed: HI SISTERS

  19. The Ghost PH

    The Ghost PHPrije 8 mjeseci


  20. Andrija Djukic

    Andrija DjukicPrije 9 mjeseci

    Zed: Malphite we heard you were hard to kill... challenge accepted *ONE SHOTS HIM WITH HIS E*

  21. Jenry Agaid

    Jenry AgaidPrije 10 mjeseci

    where is Kayn when you need Him

  22. Banu The Ghost Banana

    Banu The Ghost BananaPrije 10 mjeseci

    Report Yasuo

  23. Victory 33

    Victory 33Prije 10 mjeseci

    Only jhin and zed new skin I like it t

  24. DanteMakesCoffee

    DanteMakesCoffeePrije 10 mjeseci

    Oh no he's hooot!

  25. ThodorasGr01

    ThodorasGr01Prije 10 mjeseci

    i take this skin from reroll

  26. Linh Cao

    Linh CaoPrije 10 mjeseci

    ?? No KAYN 😔😔😔

  27. matheus mathechan

    matheus mathechanPrije 10 mjeseci

    Which one is gorgeous? Odissey blue kayn or galaxy slayer zed??

  28. Belfast Belchan

    Belfast BelchanPrije 10 mjeseci

    Its called Cosmic Emperor Kayn btw the other is Dark Star Rhaast. Both are awesome in particles and animations but if you want to shine in battlefield choose GSZ, but Odessey Kayn is much better cuz you got 3 n 1 Skin package😁

  29. matheus mathechan

    matheus mathechanPrije 10 mjeseci

    Why zed resembles varus??

  30. Singed Marley

    Singed MarleyPrije 10 mjeseci

    It was James Charles

  31. Andrija Djukic

    Andrija DjukicPrije 10 mjeseci

    The Zed voice actor really outdid himself on this one

  32. ScarHydreigon87

    ScarHydreigon87Prije 10 mjeseci

    That actually looks like a purple Lord Zed from MMPR

  33. master_gamernst

    master_gamernstPrije 10 mjeseci

    Riot Can you release a Galaxy bla bla Shen

  34. Fantasma CSTRP

    Fantasma CSTRPPrije 10 mjeseci

    i want a rek'sai K/DA skin rito

  35. Quicksilver_Cookie

    Quicksilver_CookiePrije 10 mjeseci

    Vanilla Zed is still the most badass one IMO.

  36. Love To Me

    Love To MePrije 11 mjeseci

    I'm Venom :))

  37. Fizz

    FizzPrije 11 mjeseci

    BuzzFeed - Comment BuffZed - Like

  38. Shuu

    ShuuPrije 11 mjeseci

    i almost read it as 'tsundere'...

  39. Enzo Boa

    Enzo BoaPrije 11 mjeseci

    I wait a star guardian lissandra without helmet, i want see here eyes :)

  40. V

    VPrije 6 mjeseci

    Won't happen cause she is blind !

  41. Gakamis Gaming

    Gakamis GamingPrije 11 mjeseci

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="27">0:27</a> hold up.. is that a jojo reference?

  42. Kise G

    Kise GPrije 11 mjeseci

    This Zed skin reminds me of Venom

  43. Igson

    IgsonPrije 11 mjeseci


  44. Mr Kali

    Mr KaliPrije 11 mjeseci

    Make galaxy slayer kata pls!

  45. Kimberly Jemena

    Kimberly JemenaPrije 11 mjeseci

    why zed look like varus???

  46. MarquisVonMonster

    MarquisVonMonsterPrije 11 mjeseci

    Will you guys just make this a cartoon series already?!

  47. Retro_WrathX13

    Retro_WrathX13Prije 11 mjeseci

    He looks like he’s made out of wood

  48. Neil Hendrix Bayeta

    Neil Hendrix BayetaPrije 11 mjeseci

    Omg zed is a hottie

  49. willy susanto

    willy susantoPrije 11 mjeseci

    From an edgy skin inti an even edgier skin unless there is an edgy skin i forgot about

  50. Alero17

    Alero17Prije 11 mjeseci


  51. Nada Markovic

    Nada MarkovicPrije 11 mjeseci

    did anyone noticed that yasuo has electrecute?

  52. Joshua Austria

    Joshua AustriaPrije 11 mjeseci

    Teemo Would Be Proud To See This

  53. Haruard `

    Haruard `Prije 11 mjeseci

    Oh my

  54. some yum kid

    some yum kidPrije 11 mjeseci

    Zed is James Charles?

  55. Chris Gerald

    Chris GeraldPrije 11 mjeseci

    Can't you play get a skin with yasuo ): plss go name mastererd yasuo ill be happy

  56. Norman Soliman

    Norman SolimanPrije 11 mjeseci


  57. Joshua Colminero

    Joshua ColmineroPrije 11 mjeseci

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="48">0:48</a> HAHAHAHAHA I laughed along with Zed's face.😂😂😂

  58. Jerome Villocog

    Jerome VillocogPrije 11 mjeseci

    Cancer yasuo

  59. R.R ;3

    R.R ;3Prije 11 mjeseci

    I play mobile legends

  60. halorocker2

    halorocker2Prije 11 mjeseci

    Is this the new Venom sequel?

  61. 俺わ単推しなついろまつりのパパ

    俺わ単推しなついろまつりのパパPrije 11 mjeseci

    Ohw!! Look at the skill Look at the move What was that.

  62. Phước Rey

    Phước ReyPrije 11 mjeseci

    - mặt zed ac vãi lol:))

  63. Frisk Kun

    Frisk KunPrije 11 mjeseci

    Horrible please delete and make soraka skin much better

  64. Francopabito

    FrancopabitoPrije 11 mjeseci

    Lets see how moontom copy this masterpiece

  65. Chicken Emperor

    Chicken EmperorPrije 11 mjeseci

    I know the reason why they change the mask but why???

  66. Zeds Dead LOL

    Zeds Dead LOLPrije 11 mjeseci

    Played with this skin last night and I love it. Carried a team 24/6 and every animation is so fluid and smooth I now prefer it over championship, shockblade and deathsworn now.

  67. Frisk Kun

    Frisk KunPrije 11 mjeseci


  68. Mohammed yassine B.A.

    Mohammed yassine B.A.Prije 11 mjeseci


  69. Jackson Angley

    Jackson AngleyPrije 11 mjeseci

    Urgot needs a templar/crusader skin.(preferably ultimate rarity)

  70. Mike Litoris

    Mike LitorisPrije 11 mjeseci


  71. Nishikichi-san

    Nishikichi-sanPrije 11 mjeseci

    Report Yasuo Feeding and Griefing

  72. Medeja

    MedejaPrije 11 mjeseci

    basically 1v5 and zed wins, they captured that perfectly. they know there's no balance and they're owning it. lol

  73. Tyler Moore

    Tyler MoorePrije 11 mjeseci

    get good

  74. Neil Hudson

    Neil HudsonPrije 11 mjeseci

    How come his shadows dont do the same when he laughs? One downside of the skin

  75. Donatas Nu

    Donatas NuPrije 11 mjeseci


  76. Jonathan Chen

    Jonathan ChenPrije 11 mjeseci


  77. mateusz wojdas

    mateusz wojdasPrije 11 mjeseci

    Więcej skinów do tego zjebanego champa

  78. Jordan Albee

    Jordan AlbeePrije 11 mjeseci

    We are perfection *we.* *are.* *g r o o t .*

  79. Salvador Dagoon

    Salvador DagoonPrije 11 mjeseci

    they should call tis skin oddyssey zed

  80. Rafał Szczęch

    Rafał SzczęchPrije 6 mjeseci


  81. Salvador Dagoon

    Salvador DagoonPrije 11 mjeseci

    hahahaa. yasuo uses w before zed could even ult

  82. Valky Viktor

    Valky ViktorPrije 11 mjeseci

    His bare face still look weird no matter how many time i look at it

  83. Tuấn ML

    Tuấn MLPrije 11 mjeseci

    Nano skins

  84. Miguel Manuel

    Miguel ManuelPrije 11 mjeseci

    this is more like venom or the other silver venum(forgot the name).

  85. Stanley Chen

    Stanley ChenPrije 11 mjeseci

    Yasuo (Optimus) vs Zed (Megatron) Transformers 6...Megatron Reigns.

  86. David Mclean

    David McleanPrije 11 mjeseci

    Why does Zed look like Varus... Bro come on. I'm getting the skin but I'm disappointed

  87. Frisk Kun

    Frisk KunPrije 11 mjeseci

    exactly don't get it it's horrible skin, well zed in general is horrible