NBA YoungBoy Under Investigation For BAD BAD Music Video

NBA YoungBoy Under Investigation For BAD BAD Music Video
The recent production of a music video BAD BAD featuring local rapper, NBA YoungBoy caused some concern when the artist was spotted handling objects during the video.
But YoungBoy wasn't the only one handling the questionable items during the filming.
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  1. TrueLooh

    TrueLoohPrije 8 dana

    he got the right to do it its the 2nd amendment

  2. Thang Thang

    Thang ThangPrije 21 dan

    In lousiana we don't give a fuck bout no police or no law, only thing we care bout is jail😂.

  3. Yung Aceington

    Yung AceingtonPrije 22 dana

    Who are these concerned people!!!

  4. Juice Box

    Juice BoxPrije 22 dana

    should've been in jail a long time ago for that ugly ass music he makes

  5. Cody Clark

    Cody ClarkPrije 23 dana

    Bruh y bro, they just tryna find every fucken reason to lock my nigga up

  6. TheOneAndOnly Icy

    TheOneAndOnly IcyPrije 27 dana

    I knew it fwm bs gone destroy his life

  7. Riko Law

    Riko LawPrije 27 dana

    these white feds str8 dickheads on Bloods 👌🏾.

  8. Zacharyq Jordan

    Zacharyq JordanPrije 27 dana

    Is it that hard to say gun

  9. davus

    davusPrije 27 dana

    He snithin himself bro stupid as fuck i dont even care if he end up behind bars

  10. Junior Unruly

    Junior UnrulyPrije 28 dana

    these young black dudes just dont value their freedom bruh

  11. YunGGin Music

    YunGGin MusicPrije 28 dana


  12. Xx. Asaa

    Xx. AsaaPrije mjesec

    leave yb alone bitch im tired of yall messing wit my fav rapper no bs 🤬😡💯

  13. kimberly allen

    kimberly allenPrije mjesec

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="94">1:34</a> young lyric if u watch the rap game season 1 young lyric

  14. Thts Rell

    Thts RellPrije mjesec

    wait if he is on probation what abt his concert on tha 13th

  15. Woods

    WoodsPrije mjesec

    This how people get caught up cause people like you and say cheese out here giving police information y’all making they job harder💯🗣

  16. Shane Phifer

    Shane PhiferPrije mjesec

    All he gotta do in the mean time of the investigation is go have props made or find some of all them guns, hell he got money, surely he would spend it on props to stay free when he spends more than that on jewelry and clothes

  17. Omega B.

    Omega B.Prije mjesec

    Rappers being stupid East a surprise

  18. Sam D Brwn

    Sam D BrwnPrije mjesec

    NBA WILDboy


    PANCHITO y CHUYPrije mjesec

    They should give this idiot 100 yrs in the pen

  20. Jaiden Rice

    Jaiden RicePrije mjesec

    Bro everyone after youngboy😔

  21. Jimin __ bvby

    Jimin __ bvbyPrije mjesec

    Y’all doing too much about this damn video💯

  22. Jyaire Lawrence

    Jyaire LawrencePrije mjesec

    This old

  23. Rakim Miller

    Rakim MillerPrije mjesec

    Y’all lil bitchs need to stop posting this shit y’all trying ta send lil top to Jill y’all some bitchs

  24. Rakim Miller

    Rakim MillerPrije mjesec


  25. baby. wav

    baby. wavPrije mjesec

    6ix9ine commin.

  26. Persian Music

    Persian MusicPrije mjesec

    Don’t he got herpes ? N he still gets more girls than me...should I be sad or content though ???

  27. fresh4u1994

    fresh4u1994Prije mjesec


  28. King Chambers

    King ChambersPrije mjesec

    Lol content

  29. Max Hammerstrom

    Max HammerstromPrije mjesec

    He doesnt even need proof that they are props. They dont have proof that they are real

  30. Keke Janae

    Keke JanaePrije mjesec

    The guns are props

  31. Al Reed

    Al ReedPrije mjesec

    That’s his lil brother

  32. Cleaning with Davis LLC

    Cleaning with Davis LLCPrije mjesec

    Fake news!

  33. Jamari Willis

    Jamari WillisPrije mjesec

    Those are props

  34. Tobias Newton

    Tobias NewtonPrije mjesec

    They don't want to see anyone with guns regardless the skin color DF 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  35. Somebody Nobody

    Somebody NobodyPrije mjesec

    This is all cap

  36. El_NaNo223

    El_NaNo223Prije mjesec

    Bruhhhh i went to the same Middle school as jeffery tate, i hope he innocent

  37. French Flacco tv

    French Flacco tvPrije mjesec

    In New Jersey even if it’s a prop my G you get caught using it as if it’s real as a felon you slain.. also if it’s anything that can propel a projectile like BB you can in some cases still get smacked with unlawful. As far as I read. I’ve never seen nobody get in trouble but I’ve seen one person get hemmed up at tsa for a fake gun

  38. Playboii Quez

    Playboii QuezPrije mjesec

    Good I hope his ass get locked up again matter of fact doesn’t get out

  39. Jeremy k

    Jeremy kPrije mjesec

    He don't have to prove they're fake not at all if the cops try to charge him they're going to have to prove they're real big difference

  40. Monque

    MonquePrije mjesec

    Prop guns. Why do police wanna be imbeciles for no reason?

  41. Tge FAB

    Tge FABPrije mjesec

    How do you know this information EVERYTIME ??? YOU THE FEDS

  42. Mr Bleezy

    Mr BleezyPrije mjesec

    Correction YoungBoy was living in gonzales at the time of his probation he recently moved out the state on a court order I actually been to his house and was lead out by a random person in a brand new Porsche with no liscense plate

  43. s9bber

    s9bberPrije mjesec

    Shot to death walking home wtf

  44. deathdude

    deathdudePrije mjesec

    I miss the old Dom intros oh no say it ain't so


    NO_FRIENDZ JAZZOPrije mjesec

    Damn this internet shit str8 up fu. Dude damn near took Akademiks whole shit😂😂

  46. NeedsClout

    NeedsCloutPrije mjesec

    That’s not even his brother 🤦🏽‍♂️....

  47. shay grant

    shay grantPrije mjesec

    Why they be fuckin with him 12 ain’t got shit to do

  48. Xcvii Scorpio

    Xcvii ScorpioPrije mjesec

    Karma gone catch um🙏

  49. J. Doe

    J. DoePrije mjesec

    Being a rapper nowadays is just risky all around you have to watch the laws and worst of all your own damn ppl.

  50. Lightning

    LightningPrije mjesec

    BAD BAD slaps tho

  51. Tre Collins

    Tre CollinsPrije mjesec

    He do not to have guns or you going to jail or we won’t have more music u mite die

  52. JewelsVR

    JewelsVRPrije mjesec

    But how can they prove it was a real gun and not a prop? Such a weak case that will just cost people money.

  53. ahoyy. ahoyy.

    ahoyy. ahoyy.Prije mjesec

    Mahn if yb not the modern era Tupac, idk who is

  54. Lynx Flxre

    Lynx FlxrePrije mjesec

    If u know what gonna happen if u did what nba young boy did why tf are u gOnNa Do iT

  55. Thebronxhomie

    ThebronxhomiePrije mjesec

    Bro its all fake chill like yall after him OD

  56. Marrglizzy1

    Marrglizzy1Prije mjesec

    Youngboy good did y’all forget he’s off probation which mean he can smoke weed and carry fire arms?😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  57. Athan Jonea

    Athan JoneaPrije mjesec

    Omg my dam god ynw melly had ak47s in muder on my mind and blood they ant inveatsteagae him but youngboy just got bats and guns like what the hell people just dam haters I love NBA young boy song bad bad

  58. Andrew Ashby

    Andrew AshbyPrije mjesec

    This is a dumbass young motherfuker right here and these are the people y'all choose to make famous I tell you you got to be the country's motherfuker this side of the Mississippi to record yourself with guns that you're not supposed to be around or half NBA youngboy I'm pretty sure they will be other clowns for this year but you are the clown of the year in my eyes stupid m*********** somebody help this dumbass generation they either dying or going to jail for stupidity not only does he have a blood infection but this stupid m*********** can't stay out of trouble even with all that money how come the dumbasses always get blessed with money while the real or struggling I got to work five or six jobs why this clown is motherfuker gets Millions for a dumbass song that makes no lyrical sense not hating just doesn't make sense dumbass young n***** that's what I call him dumbass young n***** they love saying the word n***** so damn much

  59. 318 LOUISIANA

    318 LOUISIANAPrije mjesec

    Yb in California now he better keep the strapps

  60. 318 LOUISIANA

    318 LOUISIANAPrije mjesec

    You can take the nigga out of Louisiana but you cant take Louisiana out the nigga

  61. Erik Musta

    Erik MustaPrije mjesec

    Bad music too

  62. Sleez

    SleezPrije mjesec


  63. Darryl Wilson

    Darryl WilsonPrije mjesec

    They just props

  64. Vashti Thomas

    Vashti ThomasPrije mjesec

    These dummies cause their own demise 🤦🏽‍♀️

  65. Makhi Hooks

    Makhi HooksPrije mjesec

    Could the news just say it was a fake fire on I stopped home to charge him

  66. XX_TERENCE21 _

    XX_TERENCE21 _Prije mjesec

    bezzy has the draco

  67. Dexter Vester

    Dexter VesterPrije mjesec

    Damn what I'ma listen to if he get locked up 😶

  68. charlez

    charlezPrije mjesec

    Bruh he’s allowed to have guns 😂

  69. Ryan Lopez

    Ryan LopezPrije mjesec

    He not very smart

  70. Javarion ollison

    Javarion ollisonPrije mjesec

    Leave him alone DAMN

  71. Charnella Mcdowell

    Charnella McdowellPrije mjesec

    This how ik this fake bc he made the music video 4 days ago when you made the video

  72. OMO Jay

    OMO JayPrije mjesec

    Not again bruh.

  73. Brayden SB

    Brayden SBPrije mjesec

    No duh he gone bust at people he was getting shot at first before he shot its self defense common sense that’s why he didn’t get years in prison lmaooo smh

  74. Derrion Henry

    Derrion HenryPrije mjesec

    I been a nba youngboy fan scene freedawg

  75. Single Stitch Mitch

    Single Stitch MitchPrije mjesec

    They gon RICO his ass for that 4kt shit- the problen with starting your own set is that when shit hits the fan- YOU- are the number 1 target...

  76. Isaiah -

    Isaiah -Prije mjesec

    How you gonna act a fool right after you get off? 🤦🏾‍♂️📴

  77. Waving

    WavingPrije mjesec

    Do they not know what a prop is ?

  78. B Garnet

    B GarnetPrije mjesec

    Leave the nigga alone, mfs having fun.

  79. c d

    c dPrije mjesec

    this is all publicity stunt for his new album trash

  80. c d

    c dPrije mjesec

    definition of retarded, all that money he can’t afford a brain

  81. M C

    M CPrije mjesec

    Stupidity is the case that they gave me. 😂

  82. Cosmic I

    Cosmic IPrije mjesec

    Man throw the book at them niggas, hire some help... sick of these niggas.

  83. baa w11

    baa w11Prije mjesec

    Damn niggas can’t do shii👌🏾