How To See Germs Spread (Coronavirus)

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  1. Mark Rober

    Mark RoberPrije 16 dana

    Please share this with anyone who doubts the science behind social distancing. The road ahead will be a bit bumpy, but we totally got this fellow Earthlings :)

  2. Mark Hutchins

    Mark HutchinsPrije 12 dana

    @4:30 Sorry to be a stickler, but most viruses are RNA viruses. I loved the video... And I loved your video filmed here in Western Australia with the boys from How rediculous. I live in Perth, too bad you didnt have a meet up event... I love your channel. It consumes many hours of my free time...

  3. Ana Alfonso

    Ana AlfonsoPrije 13 dana

    Very interesting.

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    CJT TVPrije 13 dana

    My School has now closed.

  5. Puppichino

    PuppichinoPrije 13 dana

    Mark Rober my family goes on 30 minute walks and we go to our friends houses, ring the doorbell with our elbow, then run back to the sidewalk and have a conversation like that.

  6. Marco Dal Molin

    Marco Dal MolinPrije 13 dana

    I have just reviewed the Italian subtitles and they are fine. If it's up to you @MarkRober please make them public

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    More great propaganda. Yeah!

  10. Jahangir Muhmmad

    Jahangir MuhmmadPrije 6 sati

    2020 will be remembered for covid-19

  11. Shelly B

    Shelly BPrije 6 sati

    Thank u Mark - awesome stuff! Is there a way u could compare wearing gloves to using hand sanitizer? (Cashiers/baggers). Also wearing a mask? I know u cant put this powder in ur mouth but maybe another idea to show results?

  12. Stupidbro

    StupidbroPrije 6 sati

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="377">6:17</a> Ooh! That reminds me! Someone should do a variation to see how much/little better fist bumps are than handshakes.

  13. Sean Ehle

    Sean EhlePrije 6 sati

    Any Invader Zim fans getting some nice giggles of nostalgia, here?

  14. Him

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  15. Alexander Busby

    Alexander BusbyPrije 8 sati

    Im very serious bout the virus because i wanna stay healthy not infected thanks for the information

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    Random Person that likes animePrije 8 sati

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  17. Julia Sowden

    Julia SowdenPrije 9 sati

    This is the best video I have seen so far explaining this. Thanks!

  18. puffystrike

    puffystrikePrije 12 sati

    Chinese media says its the Americans who spread the virus to China in the first place

  19. Enriching Exchanges

    Enriching ExchangesPrije 14 sati

    You are incredible. Seeing is believing, and there is no better demonstration of the critical importance of self-defense mechanism like social distancing and washing hands, which are entirely within one's power. Bravo! This is the definition of service.

  20. raptergaming •

    raptergaming •Prije 16 sati

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="514">8:34</a> ok we need to stop 8 year olds from playing fortnite

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    The Neal Bro's !Prije 18 sati

    My teacher showed me this in school

  22. Kevin Langner

    Kevin LangnerPrije 19 sati

    what you get : Better global community. what you pay : economy crash why the economy will bounce back: YOUR taxes

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    Polly ZhaoPrije 20 sati

    I feel bad for the children who didn’t get to shake the teacher’s hand.👩🏻‍🏫🤝this kind of helps 😷😉

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    Someone farted in the middle of my zoom class😂😂😂😂

  25. Jay McAllister

    Jay McAllisterPrije 21 sat

    The corona virus has no DNA. It's not "alive" like a bacteria. It does, however, have RNA. A virus can only have one or the other.

  26. TomataTales

    TomataTalesPrije 21 sat

    Anyone else had this assign to them by the teacher?

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    Holly JewettPrije 21 sat

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="251">4:11</a> the kid has a ninja shirt lol

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    i think i saw this guy in real life, but i didnt even know who he was before XD

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    Who’s watching this during quarantine out of complete bordem. Lol

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  33. Kailee Craig

    Kailee CraigPrije dan

    Great video! It would be nice to give shout outs to all the janitorial staff who have been going out every day to keep surfaces and equipment clean every day, especially with how this video ties back to the importance of surface cleanliness. There are a lot of them out there still working every day working and they haven't gotten a lot of recognition they deserve.

  34. D Aero

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    Reporting you for misinformation

  35. D Aero

    D AeroPrije dan

    Viruses and germs are two different things bud

  36. wormy Worm time baby

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="348">5:48</a> that's why you say it know to be relevant

  37. Jon Woodhouse

    Jon WoodhousePrije dan

    Don't worry Mark - when I run into you in the streets, I'll have nitrile gloves and sanitizer on tap so that we can do a proper handshake 🤝

  38. IyeCeeU2

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    we did this experiment in like 3rd grade

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    So I was going through corona virus videos and then it clicked were so I always go for science videos and that’s how I got here lol.

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    By any chance, do you have any relation with NASA?

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    This is really useful especially about the coronavirus thank you so much for uploading this video in fact make about plus one subscriber

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    I'd love to see the results from fist bumps compared to the results from the hand shake. Thanks for sharing.

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  57. Suchandra Dasi

    Suchandra DasiPrije dan

    but viruses are not the same as bacteria

  58. Riley Byars

    Riley ByarsPrije dan

    I'm all for social distancing, but if you're going to talk about science, you have to provide all the details. Specifically concerning your light. Link to which light, the wavelength of UV (is it UV-C?), etc. Really, I just want a handheld for our department and wanna know which light you have 🤣.

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    Grandioso trabajo amigoo I like yiur channel.

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    Here’s the problem MIT professor on USA Today did a study of sneezes and they travel 27 feet so if you think social distancing is just 6ft think again. Wear a mask or scarf or stay inside because 27ft is a long way. April 1,2020 just google it.

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    Scientists should develop a compound that covers the virus itself such that it does not connect itself to any receptor overall the compound also does not affect the Human cell...The compound should be injected to everyone so that any incoming virus can be stoped for doing so, also when the virus will be covered it would not be able to get into a human cell to reproduce and eventually end up dying ( Corona virus ) Edit : If I have done any mistake then be sure to tell me why cause I always like to learn more 😅😅😃😃 BTW I am Jay Dhabhi...😅😅

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