omg dude mike tyson is ripped! at 53 hes super ripped! mike tyson shows off his ripped physique and shows off his ridiculous speed as he hints at his comeback happening soon!
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  1. Fight Hub TV

    Fight Hub TVPrije 9 dana


  2. WattUNeed

    WattUNeedPrije 9 dana

    He looked great for the cameras. Nice selling ticket but I'm not buying until I see him spar. Or hear he is doing well in sparring. he is an actor and has starred in films.

  3. ProDago USA

    ProDago USAPrije dan

    love this man!!

  4. Dailybg

    DailybgPrije 2 dana

    His hooks are still there.

  5. prince

    princePrije 3 dana

    Holy shit he can still move like that at his age? Unreal!

  6. Marr Power

    Marr PowerPrije 4 dana

    Mike Tyson on Mortal Kombat pls..

  7. DZomla Masina

    DZomla MasinaPrije 5 dana


  8. Sascha Scheer

    Sascha ScheerPrije 5 dana

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="25">0:25</a> for start.. Man tht turn was quick

  9. S Dew

    S DewPrije 5 dana

    hes 53..... get real!.

  10. Hilda Hernandez

    Hilda HernandezPrije 5 dana

    Mike at this age can still be heavy weight champ , there’s no contenders

  11. Drew Peacock

    Drew PeacockPrije 5 dana

    Idk. As long as you can hold it down for the first 3 min. You might have a chance after that. But that 3 min would be the scariest 3 min of someone's life. Bob and weave!

  12. Bad News

    Bad NewsPrije 6 dana

    What a Joke! The first time Mike gets hit by one of the elite heavyweights, he'll say to himself, "What the f%#K was I thinking!" Must be all-about-the-money because nothing else makes sense.

  13. Use2Earn Make Money Online Platform

    Use2Earn Make Money Online PlatformPrije 6 dana

    you are cool

  14. Gabriel Cuervo

    Gabriel CuervoPrije 6 dana

    MT's still got it. The guy's a mothereffin beast. His diet and excercise regimine gotta be insane.

  15. paccacio 29

    paccacio 29Prije 6 dana

    He still knocks somebody out

  16. TornadoF60

    TornadoF60Prije 6 dana

    His time is over !!! This is all joke not more not less.......

  17. axel blaze

    axel blazePrije 7 dana

    When he has that spark of soft voice you know he's prime again

  18. LL AA

    LL AAPrije 7 dana

    He went from having a white Tiger as a pet in he's younger days to having a white sheep...old age does that to you.

  19. LL AA

    LL AAPrije 7 dana

    Imagine being in a road rage with a car that has Black tinted windows and you stop your car to beat up the person and this guy jumps out like this with no top on and does this as warm up before beating you up. Would you shit your pants?

  20. Chris S

    Chris SPrije 7 dana

    Please punch the shit out of Joshua

  21. vsa ra

    vsa raPrije 7 dana

    It looked beautiful. Power, reason, will, measure, knowledge, skill, kindness, tenderness, distance, nature outside and inside!!! And all this with love for the cause, the environment, and the audience! Fantasy... Boxing in man!!! A LEGEND for all time. Success, health, love.

  22. Balmacara Scotland

    Balmacara ScotlandPrije 7 dana

    He would kill Beyoncé Wilder in the ring. Easily.

  23. g yones

    g yonesPrije 7 dana

    Mike, please fight Logan Paul and smash that idiot!

  24. Räuber HY

    Räuber HYPrije 7 dana

    For ever No.1

  25. L M

    L MPrije 7 dana

    I'm am so happy to see a guy that went through so much shit, was fucking taken advantage of and robbed financially in the corrupt world of boxing, and has gone on to have a good life.

  26. Michał Templariusz Marten

    Michał Templariusz MartenPrije 7 dana

    Comon Mike Tyson vs Anthony Joshua or Mike Tyson vs Bob Arum

  27. IRON X

    IRON XPrije 7 dana

    "keep it real, tell holyfield he's next in line, So let him keep his heart problems checked before he steps to mine!" 2pac.

  28. Denis Pranjic

    Denis PranjicPrije 7 dana


  29. Ивайло Асенов

    Ивайло АсеновPrije 8 dana

    Too many drugs fried his brain big time. Mike was kid dynomite when he was with atlas and rooney.

  30. Moeepps561

    Moeepps561Prije 8 dana

    He gotta get that gut together

  31. Borzoi Coursing 2

    Borzoi Coursing 2Prije 8 dana

    Mike Tyson vs. Tyson Fury.

  32. Ramon Yanez

    Ramon YanezPrije 8 dana

    Tyson looks jacked and strong enough to bite off the ears of other heavyweights.

  33. Teflon John

    Teflon JohnPrije 8 dana

    He kissed his dog and got the dogs fur left on his chin

  34. Bob Smith

    Bob SmithPrije 8 dana

    This should not happen. Huge fan but I don't think this is wise.

  35. Adam Finn

    Adam FinnPrije 8 dana

    How did I look hahahahahaha

  36. Neil Clarke

    Neil ClarkePrije 8 dana

    Shame about that gyno though...

  37. Abdulkader Aziz

    Abdulkader AzizPrije 8 dana

    Mike bewtfull hhhhh👑

  38. Matthew,Neufer Ruach of Yahweh

    Matthew,Neufer Ruach of YahwehPrije 8 dana


  39. Bob Foster

    Bob FosterPrije 8 dana

    F#cking ridiculous. I wish he wouldn’t mug himself off like this. The prospect of him fighting is depressing. You were great. The End.

  40. Name Surname

    Name SurnamePrije 8 dana


  41. Smmmile:)

    Smmmile:)Prije 8 dana

    All those heavyweight earlobes better watch out bruh.

  42. Emily may

    Emily mayPrije 8 dana

    if they had a seniors league...

  43. Lewis

    LewisPrije 8 dana

    People are underarting him he's over 50 yeah he might not be able to compete with the biggest names in boxing but he's still a force to be reckoned with it would be a difficult fight for the best boxers of today if he got in the best shape he could get possibly get into.

  44. INKE G

    INKE GPrije 8 dana


  45. MAD MAX 19 Fury Road

    MAD MAX 19 Fury RoadPrije 8 dana

    Hes fighting for a bed in the retirement home

  46. norgoll1

    norgoll1Prije 7 dana

    53 years it's not 80 years....

  47. Lamouche Zebi

    Lamouche ZebiPrije 8 dana

    Where is 2pac

  48. Glyn Sayer

    Glyn SayerPrije 8 dana

    Horrible man

  49. Sergey M.

    Sergey M.Prije 8 dana

    He is still fast! I think he is faster than most boxers now)

  50. Tomas Lunacek

    Tomas LunacekPrije 8 dana

    Spirit of Mao.. Can somebody explain to me what it means? :D

  51. Tomas Lunacek

    Tomas LunacekPrije 8 dana

    Did Mike wake up beast within?

  52. Valereei Yasen

    Valereei YasenPrije 8 dana


  53. katsuo tamura

    katsuo tamuraPrije 8 dana

    God appear again on the ring,,,

  54. Anudeep sasi kumar

    Anudeep sasi kumarPrije 8 dana

    Mike should KO his opponent before he gasses out.....Ring rust and beyond 50 is a bit risky....Hope they select somebody at same level....

  55. tool inc. collection

    tool inc. collectionPrije 8 dana

    Am mike tyson and I need another paycheck

  56. fiyahdave

    fiyahdavePrije 8 dana

    Yeah for 7 seconds. Take it easy clowns.

  57. The one and Only Spook

    The one and Only SpookPrije 8 dana


  58. Danial Pham

    Danial PhamPrije 8 dana

    What a legend, we love you Mike!

  59. Deo Ananas

    Deo AnanasPrije 8 dana

    he's back is not broken

  60. free speech is no more fascism is alive and well 2

    free speech is no more fascism is alive and well 2Prije 8 dana

    He would get fucking destroyed.

  61. Darric Lengling

    Darric LenglingPrije 8 dana

    Am I the only one who sees the problem with this?

  62. Parnacio

    ParnacioPrije 8 dana

    Hell knock out floyd gone quick😀🐓

  63. RobotWookiee

    RobotWookieePrije 8 dana

    Take a breather, guys. He is not showing the speed that he used to have. He is SIGNIFICANTLY slower than he used to be. Also, he is incredibly wooden. He might be able to have a 3 or 4 round exhibition but he cannot fight against guys in their 20's even though the vast majority of HW's straight suck. His body has been through too much. Foreman was able to do it because he took 10 years off and didn't touch drugs or alcohol. Well, that and the fact that he was the most physically powerful HW champ of all-time. He didn't need to rely on speed when he came back because he had an incredible boxing mind. He relied on punches that would friggin' put God on the ropes. Mike can't do that at 53. He just can't. Cheers.

  64. sebastiaanbrandwijk

    sebastiaanbrandwijkPrije 8 dana

    Wilder claimed he would beat Mike Tyson in his prime.... hope he doesn't see this video...

  65. David Lopez

    David LopezPrije 8 dana

    I hope that he gets two or three big pay days wins and leaves the sport alone he's amazing and he has nothing else to prove.

  66. Issie wizzie

    Issie wizziePrije 8 dana

    Well I'm 53 and I look like shit....

  67. green fox

    green foxPrije 8 dana


  68. aLi Babek

    aLi BabekPrije 8 dana

    Великий Тайсон уважаю тебя, брат мой.👍👍👍👍👍

  69. SPAWN Strong

    SPAWN StrongPrije 8 dana

    Отлично !

  70. Sorcha Dunbar

    Sorcha DunbarPrije 8 dana

    Mike needs a lock of pound

  71. Ace48 _

    Ace48 _Prije 8 dana

    Heihachi in real life

  72. Jamie The Gun

    Jamie The GunPrije 8 dana

    Mike looking impotthibly good!

  73. Jeff Todd

    Jeff ToddPrije 8 dana

    Tyson vs Fury 2020

  74. Grizzy Lemms

    Grizzy LemmsPrije 8 dana

    KING NR1!!!

  75. shashaneka

    shashanekaPrije 9 dana


  76. Imjust Adreamer

    Imjust AdreamerPrije 9 dana

    Let's go champ

  77. дем кен

    дем кенPrije 9 dana

    53 yo????? what he is eating???? dynamite and C4?

  78. Blackbeard

    BlackbeardPrije 9 dana

    I guess a lot of people will die then.

  79. Michael Francis

    Michael FrancisPrije 9 dana

    Well rise my rent.

  80. Philipp Wagner

    Philipp WagnerPrije 9 dana

    He looks with 53 better in shape than he was, when he fought Lennox Lewis 💪🥊

  81. Simon Pukeho

    Simon PukehoPrije 9 dana

    Faking uncle Tyson is fine

  82. Ale Balriv

    Ale BalrivPrije 9 dana

    I broke my back, Spinal.