HEAT MAP Microwave- a NEW invention

Here's an idea I've had for over a year on how to make a waaaaay better microwave using Infrared and Heat Maps! I hope you guys like it. If you want one, sign the petition here: www.bettermicrowave.com/
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Special thanks to FLIR for some help with some of the IR shots.

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  1. Kylie Reed

    Kylie ReedPrije 3 godina

    mark is a genius. that's all I have to say.

  2. RocKITEman _ 2001

    RocKITEman _ 2001Prije 4 godina

    Hey, Mark! You should work for NASA! 《GRIN》

  3. Your cool Bro

    Your cool BroPrije 4 godina

    I would buy it

  4. Hyper_ Wolf

    Hyper_ WolfPrije 4 godina

    So cool

  5. Singh is King

    Singh is KingPrije 4 godina

    Liked, subscribed and signed! Thank you for your channel and awesome idea on the microwave.

  6. Tom Salty cookies

    Tom Salty cookiesPrije 4 godina

    u sir are a genius

  7. The Savvy Couple

    The Savvy CouplePrije 4 godina

    Sub for being awesome! and making awesome videos!

  8. revenaaaant

    revenaaaantPrije 4 godina

    mark i dont like this idea..... b/c when you get rich off of this you're going to stop making youtube videos..... =(

  9. Braselton94

    Braselton94Prije 4 godina

    I signed

  10. Brandon Pan

    Brandon PanPrije 4 godina


  11. Anthony Radin

    Anthony RadinPrije 4 godina

    First video i ever shared

  12. The Ng Thing

    The Ng ThingPrije 4 godina

    This is so creative and I know that cooking for my family and friends would be much faster and easier to do with this, I support it all the way :)

  13. brothergold100

    brothergold100Prije 4 godina

    Dear mark rober, I love your videos, I love learning and I always want to keep learning and your videos give me knowledge that i didn't have before, i am looking forward to new videos and the enjoyment of learning some new.

  14. mahoit

    mahoitPrije 5 godina

    who microwaves bacon...

  15. Tom

    TomPrije 5 godina

    Did it I want that 😁

  16. Gilbert Berg

    Gilbert BergPrije 5 godina

    I WANT 2...

  17. CMB

    CMBPrije 5 godina

    When will you post a new video?

  18. Scott Sherlock

    Scott SherlockPrije 5 godina

    You should pat more often. Like 2 times a month at least

  19. Richard perea

    Richard pereaPrije 5 godina

    that is awesome I would buy one

  20. Joris Van der Schoot

    Joris Van der SchootPrije 5 godina

    It appears that I'm not the only one that had this idea :-), would be nice!

  21. PAIN166

    PAIN166Prije 5 godina

    I like it, because it would make the sight-window uneccessary and that woult propably lead to a lower radiation-load outside the microwave and to lower energy consumption. Besides that I try to avoid using the microwave because of studies showing that the food becomes more unhealthy with using it.

  22. Mohruebi

    MohruebiPrije 5 godina

    Can you do sous vide with this?

  23. TheLurkingPanda

    TheLurkingPandaPrije 5 godina

    Who the hell disliked this?

  24. Lathan Gordon

    Lathan GordonPrije 5 godina

    where did you get your tshirt?

  25. Geoffr524

    Geoffr524Prije 5 godina

    Over range microwave ovens could benefit from this, since these appliances tend to be a lot more expensive than the countertop microwave. Microwaves with these features, would be the 'Pro' version of current ovens. I've done the microwaving a bit different lately, I would microwave the food for at least 3 or 4 minutes, then let the microwave sit for 5 minutes, then continue cooking, but with 30 seconds or so added to the cooking time. Seems to be fewer hot/cold spots that way. You would need this on foods, that require critical cooking times like 3 minute pizza, where adding just 10 to 15 seconds to the cooking time, will kill the pizza. The camera should have both infra-red, and regular video modes, plus the ability to pause the microwave from the smartphone. Another one is a smoke detector that stops the cooking in an instant, if the food is over cooking.

  26. Jason

    JasonPrije 5 godina

    I love it!!!!

  27. TBM Avenger

    TBM AvengerPrije 5 godina

    Mark Rober... Marco Rubio... Hmm...

  28. Ted McMahan

    Ted McMahanPrije 5 godina

    I want this

  29. Oriana 1

    Oriana 1Prije 5 godina

    Mark Rober has done it again!!!!!###!!!!!!##!!!!!!!!!!! Keep doing what you. Are doing mark Rober. Keep inventing new things and ideas

  30. Jay Apollo

    Jay ApolloPrije 5 godina

    wow we have gotten lazy i love it

  31. Education connection

    Education connectionPrije 5 godina

    You're so hot and smart. Your wife is a lucky lady!

  32. Raze Plays

    Raze PlaysPrije 5 godina

    Can you do a room tour

  33. matthew dickson

    matthew dicksonPrije 5 godina

    I'm looking forward to your next video when will it be out? (BIG FAN)

  34. Netbug009

    Netbug009Prije 5 godina

    One question though: if we're seeing white as perfectly cooked, how can we tell if it gets overcooked? This is awesome btw.

  35. Ben Collett

    Ben CollettPrije 5 godina

    Why hasn't this been invented yet! Solid ingenuity Mr. Mark... Solid.

  36. Britain Simons

    Britain SimonsPrije 5 godina

    I'm sure you are also pioneering a new way to garner funding. I hope it takes off. Props!

  37. Jimi257

    Jimi257Prije 5 godina

    Signed it. Shut up and take my money!

  38. Christian Varela

    Christian VarelaPrije 5 godina

    Honestly I luv this idea

  39. bigbri64

    bigbri64Prije 5 godina

    This is a really cool idea!

  40. Max1Million

    Max1MillionPrije 5 godina

    Will it work with the door open?!

  41. Karen Humphries

    Karen HumphriesPrije 5 godina

    Dude awsome idea!!!! ........you need to go on Shark Tank or Dragons Den if your in Canada like me lol best of luck!! p.s. I'd buy it!! :) at a decent price ;)

  42. Justin Beast

    Justin BeastPrije 5 godina


  43. Brad Scott

    Brad ScottPrije 5 godina

    I will TOTALLY buy this!!

  44. Rory Reade

    Rory ReadePrije 5 godina

    Thank you mark

  45. Esteban Zamarripa

    Esteban ZamarripaPrije 5 godina


  46. Nick Karamousadakis

    Nick KaramousadakisPrije 5 godina

    How come you ve found such a small thermal imaging sensor?? :-D

  47. bj

    bjPrije 5 godina

    I would absolutely buy this. I love technology and this is great!

  48. Frida Hägglund

    Frida HägglundPrije 5 godina

    Oh god its brilliant. Love it

  49. Andre L

    Andre LPrije 5 godina

    Good idea

  50. Cam B

    Cam BPrije 5 godina

    Pleeease!!..Please Make it so this invention can be customized. as far as the "background/wallpaper" on the display...a slide show?? when the microwave is not in use... -Different melodies for when the food is complete?? Haha! ur favorite song?? -different tones for button presses?? Etc. Etc =) Thumbs Uppp!

  51. erogone mc

    erogone mcPrije 5 godina

    Awesome, I wan't you to invent something to tell when my beer is cold too.

  52. seungnam kim

    seungnam kimPrije 5 godina

    Coool and Hoooot...improvement.. how to know the temperature of food coverd by a dish for not to be dry the food??

  53. Aidan Knerl

    Aidan KnerlPrije 5 godina

    im briggs's friend

  54. Onur Karatalay

    Onur KaratalayPrije 5 godina

    Mark, that's a really good idea!

  55. tearson

    tearsonPrije 5 godina

    my god hell yes

  56. CriticalThinkingGuy

    CriticalThinkingGuyPrije 5 godina

    I think you have a great idea, and I also think a lot of people would buy this. Even without the large screen, the automatic shutoff feature would be enough to make it a huge improvement. Personally, having grown up with a microwave and then learning how to use a toaster-oven, I far prefer the way food tastes coming out of a toaster-oven. Even if it takes far longer. Still, I hope this works out for you. I really hope the investors go for your idea. One last thought, having seen many messy microwaves, make sure the camera cover is easily cleanable; I know what happens when people don't cover certain things before putting them in. (Have you tested items covered with wax paper?)

  57. Harry Bains

    Harry BainsPrije 5 godina

    Hey Mark I tried my best to get the world out about yours idea

  58. Glenn Webster

    Glenn WebsterPrije 5 godina

    Awsome idea ....

  59. Mitch Olson

    Mitch OlsonPrije 5 godina

    So amazing

  60. George Haddon-Gill

    George Haddon-GillPrije 5 godina

    I am colour blind.

  61. Lynn Anderson

    Lynn AndersonPrije 5 godina

    I love this idea. Good job!

  62. Oother

    OotherPrije 5 godina

    Yeah I've been using my seek thermal for checking temps for a while actually. Actually having it inside would be even better than that.

  63. Vincent McAbee

    Vincent McAbeePrije 5 godina


  64. Brandon Maggie

    Brandon MaggiePrije 5 godina

    best idea i have heard in a long time….. i do agree with retrofitting old microwaves

  65. Sage Shepherd

    Sage ShepherdPrije 5 godina

    When do you think they'll be out to buy?

  66. Patchuchan

    PatchuchanPrije 5 godina

    Now this is a useful innovation. Though on burritos I just first defrost them and then cook them on 50% power.

  67. PSpurgeonCubFan

    PSpurgeonCubFanPrije 5 godina

    Mark, Bacon-differences aside, I'm glad I found your channel - awesome. Thank Destin for the sub. take care

  68. PSpurgeonCubFan

    PSpurgeonCubFanPrije 5 godina

    I would buy this. I will click the link. But if it truly gets invented, after I buy it I will *not* use it to cook bacon - bad Mark. Microwaving bacon is like pan-frying a hot pocket - it's just the wrong method.

  69. Zeeslang Yacht

    Zeeslang YachtPrije 5 godina

    Very cool! I would buy it right away and I'm going to tell all my friends about it!

  70. rogertopful

    rogertopfulPrije 5 godina

    Then why don't you design this and sell it and make lots of money.

  71. Xocezert

    XocezertPrije 5 godina

    Genius. +1

  72. Michael van der Gaag

    Michael van der GaagPrije 5 godina

    To be awfully honest: I have had this idea for the same reasons and I love you already for pushing this in reality! I have nothing to lose and little to give, but I'm in! What else can I do?

  73. Rikard Anders

    Rikard AndersPrije 5 godina

    Heat cam in micro wave owen seem to be a good idea.

  74. Bernd Wechner

    Bernd WechnerPrije 5 godina

    While I can't see a huge market in it, I would love to see a refit kit for existing microwaves. I detest the consumer market syndrome and while I would love one of these microwaves, truth is I have only ever used microwaves others upgraded from, i.e. saving them from landfill. The immediate problem I see of a refit kit is that it's probably not even economically if barely technically an option. No standard machine formats not control interface formats would be significant probable obstacles. If it costs as much to retrofit an existing microwave as to buy a new one, the idea is dead in the water.

  75. Daniel Vermeulen

    Daniel VermeulenPrije 5 godina


  76. Andrew Binkowski

    Andrew BinkowskiPrije 5 godina

    A true American Hero.....

  77. Richard Tan

    Richard TanPrije 5 godina

    *Love this in my microwave. Never will spill porridge again*

  78. pat poland

    pat polandPrije 5 godina

    have your programable foods like popcorn and so on and so forth

  79. Roger's dash cam and drone events

    Roger's dash cam and drone eventsPrije 5 godina

    Why is the bacon crunchy?

  80. Rob Kulys

    Rob KulysPrije 5 godina

    and this is how you become a milionaire one genius idea