Coronavirus VII: Sports: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver discusses the sudden disappearance of sports due to coronavirus, how their absence is impacting people emotionally and financially, and the complications of bringing them back anytime soon.
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  1. Barrett DeCutler

    Barrett DeCutlerPrije 9 sati

    I really thought he was going to talk about esports when he said he was building to something.

  2. William Hung

    William HungPrije 9 sati

    Still a dork you are

  3. Maria Mihoc

    Maria MihocPrije 10 sati

    I love how he says squirrels, and he says it a lot.

  4. John C Mitchell

    John C MitchellPrije 10 sati

    If Vince McMahon ran for President I might have to toss a coin vs voting for a Dem for the first time ever. President Hand-Wave stole and corrupted my former party. Thanks, John, for making the bitter realities of our time a bit easier to endure.

  5. Davis Nordell

    Davis NordellPrije 10 sati

    Wait Mike Gundy voluntarily grew a mullet? I am so mad I’ve missed this for an entire year...

  6. Andrew Lee

    Andrew LeePrije 10 sati

    UF-Sea really is the perfect name

  7. Nightwishmaster

    NightwishmasterPrije 10 sati

    We should listen to Mike Gundy! HE'S A MAN! HE'S 40!

  8. MoruganKodi

    MoruganKodiPrije 11 sati

    Your hair is now as gray as the background. Time to change your background.

  9. Rahul Jha

    Rahul JhaPrije 11 sati

    I’ve been watching the marble league for a while and I’m just glad it’s getting the publicity it deserves. GO ORANGERS!!!

  10. mister smith

    mister smithPrije 11 sati

    fight Island is good. uf-sea is creative. you wouldn't call "fight club" fight house or fight shack. fight island needs more dynamics than an octagon. covid-19 is a scare tactic bioweapon. it only affects those with a bad immune system, as it is designed to get rid of the weak. eugenics at work, bioengineered in a lab with patents.

  11. Ziggy Ustar

    Ziggy UstarPrije 11 sati

    This man is one of the most interesting people I’ve been enjoying for years but thru this he hasn’t missed a step that’s why he gets awards every year because HE is all that & a bag of funny. Cheers

  12. mister smith

    mister smithPrije 11 sati

    if you don't know about the committee of 300, club of Rome or the book titled, Report from Iron Mountain. than your international/global politics are under educated.

  13. mister smith

    mister smithPrije 11 sati

    the covid-19 was invented in part by china, Bill gates, George Soros and more. this is a test. this is to control the mass of the populations. what will people sacrifice for freedom. obviously, everything for most. this is scary. they don't have to prove deaths from covid-19, medical facilities get paid 18,000+ per victim without proof. I am not saying its not real, its just no worse than the average flu. if you trade freedom for security, you deserve none.

  14. wreckcelsior

    wreckcelsiorPrije 12 sati

    "UF-SEA" Dana White apparently didn't like some aspects of your truly honest coverage, but grabbed the trademark and said "Thanks, John Oliver. I'm not giving you a cut, either." Who cares? Not John Oliver; as long as 'UF-SEA' is used, everyone will know that it was because of Last Week Tonight. Owned. cheers.

  15. wreckcelsior

    wreckcelsiorPrije 12 sati

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1197">19:57</a> Damn you John Oliver.. I just knew you were going to be the Jelle's sponsor and I started laughing with joy until I was laughing so hard I was dripping salty water from my eyes. You, are the BEST! cheers.

  16. Alexander Cooney

    Alexander CooneyPrije 12 sati

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="375">6:15</a> while she pulls up the video I pull up the prenup.. the arm bought her the house so she never has to work a day In her life..he’s always so anti male. There are ways to be pro women’s rights without taking every chance u can to shit on anything masculine .

  17. Diogo Oliveira

    Diogo OliveiraPrije 12 sati

    Make the 1% pay for the covid losses!

  18. Taylor D

    Taylor DPrije 12 sati


  19. Rubyoreo

    RubyoreoPrije 12 sati

    bruhhh wasting 10239390 corona tests on sports players and staff... thats so selfish.

  20. Michael Lemick

    Michael LemickPrije 13 sati

    I just ordered a Midnight Wisps T-shirt. I'm hoping that it will be there by the time the season starts.

  21. Merlin 4Real

    Merlin 4RealPrije 13 sati

    Sports are more important to our countriea health than social distancing. Mock battle is frequently the only thing preventing us from trying real battle. Notice how long without team sports it took to start burning businesses? Not a coincidence.

  22. Ryan kilgour

    Ryan kilgourPrije 13 sati

    Pro sports are a waste of money. The stadiums and equipment to the fans hard earned money. 12 billion dollar loss? No that means people have money in their pockets. Sucks for employees but how much money do ppl waste on this? I'm okay to see pro sports die. The one guy doesn't have a hoop? You play pro basketball.... buy one!

  23. Aella Lee

    Aella LeePrije 13 sati

    Can we change horse racing and other non human animal sports to marbles? Don't let LWT's sponsorship go to waste!

  24. jokyng

    jokyngPrije 14 sati

    Holy shit, this marble thing is awesome!

  25. jabunation

    jabunationPrije 14 sati

    I'm so glad we see eye-to-eye about Adam Driver. Chop my neck meat with your grabby beef mitts you oversized sex goblin

  26. erialeduab

    erialeduabPrije 14 sati

    i'm surprised there was no mention of e-sports

  27. Deevo

    DeevoPrije 14 sati

    Holy CRAP, I have been watching Jelle's for FOREVER. GO BALLS OF CHAOS! LET CHAOS REIGN!!!!

  28. Ollie Law

    Ollie LawPrije 15 sati

    If you're not overwhelmingly excited about the 2020 Marble Runs, you are a complete and utter two-faced lier.

  29. Mikhail Ivanov

    Mikhail IvanovPrije 15 sati

    What's his deal with Adam Driver?

  30. Derek Miskiman

    Derek MiskimanPrije 16 sati

    Is it possible we have all lost our marbles lol

  31. BrokenMaskPanda ThePerson

    BrokenMaskPanda ThePersonPrije 17 sati

    So... Gritty did a curtsey so does this mean that Gritty is secretly a female? 😆

  32. goflyakitefilms

    goflyakitefilmsPrije 17 sati

    They should bring battlebots back as a sporting event.

  33. yrureadingthisname

    yrureadingthisnamePrije 18 sati

    Honestly Bundesliga has been a fucking saving grace. So happy they are back and they seem to be doing a great job. Mia San Mia!

  34. k2lola

    k2lolaPrije 19 sati

    No coverage on Ahmad Arbery?? White silence white privlege all the same

  35. Travis Cutler

    Travis CutlerPrije 19 sati

    Why would they start caring about the athletes now?

  36. Carter Reid

    Carter ReidPrije 19 sati

    Oh my god guys we did it. We got hockey mentioned

  37. paul ducharme

    paul ducharmePrije 19 sati

    Audit of $187B Liberal infrastructure spending: 20,000 MISSING projects Canada

  38. Cari111111

    Cari111111Prije 19 sati

    This is amazing but how does a show that airs only once a week have thousands of dollars to donate? (No hate, serious question)

  39. Troll OnPatrol

    Troll OnPatrolPrije 19 sati

    Sports isn't essential.

  40. Karthic K

    Karthic KPrije 21 sat

    Chess is booming right now. It is huge and exciting. It can easily be played online in isolation.

  41. TheBlueArcher

    TheBlueArcherPrije 22 sati

    That marble thing is epic. The only thing it's missing is celebrity announcers.

  42. Rose Sha

    Rose ShaPrije 22 sati know there is esports, which many have been running smoothly....but I guess there are marbles too...

  43. Kate Hughes

    Kate HughesPrije 22 sati

    Dear John, I know I'm' gonna come out like a tiny whiny bitch, but for your information, I'm french. I would love if you could talk about BLM and how it has influenced us worldwide to fight against our own racism, so that the USA know that their not alone, but also that Europe may act fancy, but truly is a place of entitled motherfuckers. I'm half english and half Ivorian, and my dad is named John. So for no reason, I'm claiming that you owe me this (UK style baby!!). Do this, or you won't be able to eat french pâtisseries again. Truly yours, Non White People from Europe being fucked in silence while cooking your croissant.

  44. Johnny Booty

    Johnny BootyPrije 22 sati

    I was in love with you before you sponsored the marble league but now you are my hero.. good on ya...ya know when I said I love you I didn't mean in a butt pounding way I'm just a big fan that has a hard time expressing himself. Oh and when I say hard I don't mean .... oh fuck it I love you...

  45. Afton Davis

    Afton DavisPrije 23 sati

    This show is way more funny with a crowd.

  46. Stefan Decimelli

    Stefan DecimelliPrije dan

    You know someone’s legitimately funny when you laugh even without the audience

  47. useazebra

    useazebraPrije dan

    Next week's topic will be "sexual harassment lawsuits" brought to you by Adam Driver

  48. Aozotra

    AozotraPrije dan

    Fuck college sports man they’re good with kids contracting a deadly disease while the kids don’t get paid shit

  49. Natália Nery

    Natália NeryPrije dan

    you need to talk about brazil. Seriously. Bolsonaro's administration needs to be exposed to the world

  50. Андрей Щербаков

    Андрей ЩербаковPrije dan

    Я не видел людей уже несколько лет. Думал, после войны их нигде уже нет. Но сегодняшним утром... Я нашёл след! В мире мало воды, и её нельзя пить, Заражённая плоть всюду брошена гнить. Вам нужна катастрофа, чтоб оценить: Что есть мусор, а где Свет Жизни?! Припев. Это любовь уносит меня! Посмотри, она всюду! Эта любовь открыла тебя Для меня - и быть чуду! Помню: огненный шторм! Непроглядная тьма! Восемь месяцев ночь! И 3 года зима! Это люди сошли из-за денег с ума! Всё богатство людей - это грязь и гнильё! Так пускай мертвецы охраняют своё! Для меня же бесценно - встретить её, Эту новую жизнь вне смерти! Припев. Это любовь уносит меня! Посмотри, она всюду! Эта любовь открыла тебя Для меня - и быть чуду! Ты наверху ждёшь меня... Это как новая жизнь вне смерти!

  51. Gowerrr

    GowerrrPrije dan

    Sports and live entertainment are going to be a long time away

  52. iWasNeverGivenAName

    iWasNeverGivenANamePrije dan

    John UFC already doing it safely. We know you hate them because Dana supports Trump, but they are doing it safely. Jacare already had it when he came to the event and the UFC found out, got him and his family help, prevented them from spreading it, and no other fighters or staff got it from him.

  53. Funkopedia

    FunkopediaPrije dan

    I'm so glad Jelle is finally getting the recognition he deserves!

  54. Rock girl

    Rock girlPrije dan

    Man I spat out my coffee when they did that close up on the marbles with the F-1 sounds

  55. David

    DavidPrije dan

    Greetings from Germany😂😂

  56. maegan farrimond

    maegan farrimondPrije dan

    You've got to cover the protesting all over the USA. I would really like to hear the opinion of yourself and your writers on the police, protesting, looters and ofcourse the tweet/ comments made by trump

  57. Chi Willett

    Chi WillettPrije dan

    I love that John is the sole sponsor, bless

  58. Antoine Truffert

    Antoine TruffertPrije dan

    Of course Trump would only watch one baseball batter. After that his private jet is ready for him to take him to play golf

  59. Kara Mains

    Kara MainsPrije dan

    honest question here - why do people enjoy professional sports so much? what do you guys see in it? sincerely, someone who cannot be arsed to watch 10 mins of football and is much more enticed by Jelle's Marble Runs

  60. Bandit Playz

    Bandit PlayzPrije dan

    Do a police accountability 2

  61. Sahetup

    SahetupPrije dan

    Always nice to see John getting that extra sniff of the leather while in the Driver seat.

  62. NHL VAN

    NHL VANPrije dan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="299">4:59</a> "Giannis Antentecumpoo"

  63. Fernando Hernandez

    Fernando HernandezPrije dan

    Go Mellow Yellow!! This is your year!!

  64. Dylan Dukat

    Dylan DukatPrije dan

    VINCE MCMAHON LIKES BIG SWEATY MEN VINCE MCMAHON LIKES BIG SWEATY MEN #JoinUs (<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="525">8:45</a>)

  65. dean julian

    dean julianPrije dan

    i didnt hear a squeak when he moved, i think oliver is trippin

  66. Anime_Lover

    Anime_LoverPrije dan

    China lied people died!!

  67. TheNinthGeneration

    TheNinthGenerationPrije dan

    I used to work for the Saddle Dome (Calgary Hockey Arena) and my last day was the day they canceled the season

  68. Spruce Goose

    Spruce GoosePrije dan

    another episode of covid 19 tonight.......yay. this is almost as good as when the entire show was dedicated to trump for months. Can't wait to see you all next week for corona virus 8. pretty smart to use roman numerals so you don't need to put coronavrius 7 up there, looks way better.

  69. N P

    N PPrije dan

    What's this obsession with Adam Driver?

  70. sixdigit

    sixdigitPrije dan

    so, in a way, a marble racing youtube channel is now sponsored by HBO?

  71. Derick Writes

    Derick WritesPrije dan

    Hey you toucan fuck... jk I love you john just getting your attention I'm sure next week you will have a video about protests. I've got a few videos I'd very much like to share with you. This is a crisis point and I have a few things you need to see My birthday is the 11th if you could give me a shout out it would make my year.

  72. Devin McCabe

    Devin McCabePrije dan

    raspberry racers are going to roll the competition

  73. cerealk53

    cerealk53Prije dan

    #HazeAmaze! Still havent gotten over what the Savage Cheaters pulled...

  74. Tura Bura

    Tura BuraPrije dan

    The Running Man. Coming by the end of 2020.

  75. Tim Duke

    Tim DukePrije dan

    It sickens me that famous people corporations and these sports teams are making money off this tragedy!!! Should a face mask that’s meant to save lives cost 10 20 even 30 dollars??? All these entity seen a way to STILL GET YOUR MONEY and are taken advantage of it!!! question do these mask have a metal strap that closes over the nose tightly and fits tight around the face ?? Can germs still come in through the lose fitting sections??? I know here in the US we send billions in aid everywhere, why not take 2 maybe 3 days worth of money out of the 30/31days of the month we would send else where and provide mask FREE to all that needs or want them!!! Idk maybe it’s just my crazy 🤔

  76. G Mail

    G MailPrije dan

    Canada says hello. Live in Niagara Falls. Would anybody like a banner hung over the gorge beside niagara falls facing the USA? Tell me what to write america. Trying to support my American friends and their cause

  77. DNX3M

    DNX3MPrije dan

    Go Limers!

  78. Victor Krum

    Victor KrumPrije dan

    Why is this trending

  79. nobodys_winds

    nobodys_windsPrije dan

    Why don't the WWE just air older episodes? Call it WWE Throwback and market it as 'going back to simpler times' or something.

  80. Nwaiwu Enyinnaya Richard

    Nwaiwu Enyinnaya RichardPrije dan

    Does HBO just throw money at him so they don't have to deal with him? Either way I love it