charli d'amelio most liked tik tok dances! @charlidamelio 😍😍charlie demelo

charli d'amelio most liked tik tok dances! @charlidamelio
charlie demelo charli damelio tik tok 😍😍
most liked dances! most popular!


  1. Stahrz S

    Stahrz SPrije 2 sati

    She is ugly

  2. angel park

    angel parkPrije 16 sati

    Even if y'all don't understand why she is famous she is still gonna stay famous so-

  3. Iam Eberitte

    Iam EberittePrije dan

    A pretty girl dancing, what's there not to like especially her personality? (averaging 4m plus likes on every video) Zombie brain can't comprehend logic u less it's hating. Thrive, Charli! 💪

  4. maha barrouk

    maha barroukPrije 2 dana

    انا المقطع العربي الذي تبحثون عليه😁😏👉

  5. i dunno

    i dunnoPrije 2 dana

    I want a body like her :3

  6. Terry Williams

    Terry WilliamsPrije 4 dana

    First one that's true but no hate love you charli

  7. ZNO Abrams

    ZNO AbramsPrije 4 dana

    Can you do a video of my videos my username is livysub123

  8. Pallavi Shukla

    Pallavi ShuklaPrije 6 dana

    Pata nai how she became dis famous. Like mehnet toh gadhe bhi karte h toh kya star bana de

  9. Asia The Thick Rat

    Asia The Thick RatPrije 7 dana

    Where’s tha energy 👀

  10. Vidovic Una

    Vidovic UnaPrije 8 dana

    she is overrated,period.

  11. Nariah Dean

    Nariah DeanPrije 9 dana

    Don’t be rude

  12. Sean Ferrier

    Sean FerrierPrije 12 dana

    Every one is like " why im confused why shes famous" this isnt even her best dances tbh :/ stop hating

  13. Harry Potter

    Harry PotterPrije 4 sati

    Ya if they don’t like her then why are they here like if your here to hate your life must be in some shit

  14. Wãsäbi Tøfü

    Wãsäbi TøfüPrije 3 dana

    Ikr, I'm with u bro!

  15. bitchiegirl youknowme

    bitchiegirl youknowmePrije 13 dana

    hate her

  16. Cookie Gamer

    Cookie GamerPrije 10 dana

    bitchiegirl youknowme exactly all she does is create small dances and post it,she’s good at it that’s okay but she grows like MILLIONS of followers just because she dances nicely? If I was that flexible even I could have done those dances

  17. Isabel the huge gleek

    Isabel the huge gleekPrije 16 dana

    Remember when she danced on her dad’s deathbed ?

  18. Halo Taylor

    Halo TaylorPrije 16 dana

    Anyone who says her dancing is average.... it’s tik tok these dances are made for average people. So watch her in competitions were she competes.🤦‍♀️

  19. Sania Hussain

    Sania HussainPrije 7 dana


  20. crystal nicole

    crystal nicolePrije 17 dana


  21. Kayla vyoral

    Kayla vyoralPrije 18 dana

    Charlie I'm your biggest fan

  22. sryidipped ariana

    sryidipped arianaPrije 18 dana

    for all the hate comments... It's not her fault people follow her! She's just a 16 year old trying to have fun dancing! And if you see videos of her meeting her fans, she's super nice and shy. ☺

  23. Chinh Peter

    Chinh PeterPrije 19 dana

    Charlie Demario how do you do TED Talks how do you do the dab can't you come to my house my birthday is at October and I'm only 7 years old

  24. Our Family channel Dramesisters

    Our Family channel DramesistersPrije 19 dana

    I like the say so

  25. Fabiola Orozco

    Fabiola OrozcoPrije 19 dana

    thats me and my sister

  26. Hanna Xd

    Hanna XdPrije 21 dan

    Why is everybody hating on Charli? Like she's just a person who enjoys dancing. Everybody can enjoy stuff

  27. Hanna Xd

    Hanna XdPrije 10 dana

    @Floria Msp Ohh ok!😊

  28. Floria Msp

    Floria MspPrije 10 dana

    @Hanna Xd I personally dunno what hhhhh mean's but I do know bb is short for " baby "

  29. Hanna Xd

    Hanna XdPrije 19 dana

    @Alilo DZ what does bb mean and hhhhh

  30. Alilo DZ

    Alilo DZPrije 20 dana

    Hanna Xd hhhhh yes bb

  31. Sadie Pfeifer

    Sadie PfeiferPrije 21 dan

    Who else is here when she now has over 50million followers

  32. Manjola Xhafa

    Manjola XhafaPrije 22 dana

    what nomber have addisonre

  33. Rylee Frye

    Rylee FryePrije mjesec

    people need to stop thanking she is fat she is super skinny

  34. Kenaya Boketsu

    Kenaya BoketsuPrije mjesec

    I like this music too much and you can sign like that you think is so good I like this true😘😘😘😘😘😘😘💕💕💕💕💕😍😍👍👍 I love this to my God is so good and

  35. ErinBlueIce

    ErinBlueIcePrije mjesec

    apparently to youtube im not allowed to watch this on my phone or tv but i can watch it on my computer wtf

  36. Tia Hallett

    Tia HallettPrije mjesec

    I like you

  37. Vistik TikToks

    Vistik TikToksPrije mjesec

    I Have Too Upload This To My Channel

  38. nicola dollard

    nicola dollardPrije mjesec

    Why is she famous she does these stupid tik toks wow what an age we live in

  39. johncarlo santos

    johncarlo santosPrije mjesec

    hi 😍😍😍😍😍

  40. Jaida Zayed

    Jaida ZayedPrije mjesec

    Love you Charlie I watch you every day even at night

  41. Kaystel Dela cerna

    Kaystel Dela cernaPrije mjesec

    Charli is the best dancer on tik tok and shes my queen

  42. freya dunnett

    freya dunnettPrije mjesec

    you are so good at ticktok i love your videos

  43. Tyler F

    Tyler FPrije mjesec

    Making millions of dollars from doing this shit

  44. Do a genie buy

    Do a genie buyPrije mjesec

    she average and no ass bro

  45. Farhat Hayat

    Farhat HayatPrije mjesec

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="92">1:32</a> who knows this one

  46. Dragan Gajic

    Dragan GajicPrije mjesec

    charli loveeeee

  47. Hena Misechko

    Hena MisechkoPrije mjesec

    She is good no jk

  48. RJ Fernandez

    RJ FernandezPrije mjesec

    Her dances are fucking average and repetitive, give someone else fuckin attention

  49. Jared Aviles

    Jared AvilesPrije mjesec

    you use every song to only dance charlie dont only do dances

  50. Rylee Frye

    Rylee FryePrije mjesec

    i love charli

  51. Parthasarathi Banerjee

    Parthasarathi BanerjeePrije mjesec

    Guys please tell me the name of this song <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="129">2:09</a>

  52. Christoforos Christofi

    Christoforos ChristofiPrije mjesec


  53. Aryanna Natasha

    Aryanna NatashaPrije mjesec

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="151">2:31</a> song namee plzzz telll meeee

  54. esteban

    estebanPrije mjesec

    Only everybody is saying that why did she got famous it’s bc of her dancing everybody

  55. im just a sunflower

    im just a sunflowerPrije mjesec

    I can stand her but I can't stand Addison Rae, Hannah deserves more tbh

  56. Isabella

    IsabellaPrije mjesec

    came her to make an edit

  57. Silver Snow

    Silver SnowPrije mjesec

    *She has the whole package. She’s a confident, funny, caring girl with a girly and tomboy side. People are just naturally drawn to her personality. Of course she’s pretty and a good dancer. But there’s something really cool about her that I can’t put my finger on.*

  58. Luis Gonzalez

    Luis GonzalezPrije 15 dana

    She’s flexible

  59. c j

    c jPrije 18 dana

    Yup she has the whole package at 15 #lightsarcasm

  60. hello hello

    hello helloPrije mjesec

    Its cuz she stays genuine no matter how big she gets

  61. assad srour

    assad srourPrije mjesec

    Thank you so much for saying it everyone is hating on her for no reason she didn't ask to be famous we made her famous

  62. Girlsgotgame XD

    Girlsgotgame XDPrije mjesec

    Seriously check this out

  63. Angeline Saavedra

    Angeline SaavedraPrije mjesec

    la mejor tick tocker sigue asi

  64. Angeline Saavedra

    Angeline SaavedraPrije mjesec

    la mejor tick tocker sigue asi

  65. Angelica monrroy

    Angelica monrroyPrije mjesec

    I Love you

  66. Desi M

    Desi MPrije mjesec

    I guess you have to be in your teens to understand the hype behind this...I just can’t see it. It’s just average, I thought it was going to be some badass choreography. 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  67. Elson Gashi

    Elson GashiPrije mjesec

    My idol is you Charli i love you so much ❤️😍😘

  68. Ava Wyndham

    Ava WyndhamPrije mjesec

    Hello amigo so long Rocco Rocco Rocco Rocco Rocco Rocco Rocco Rocco Rocco Rocco

  69. Ava Wyndham

    Ava WyndhamPrije mjesec

    I am willing boy in the world why are you worried meant underwear if you are come down OK why you’re supposed to be for boys

  70. JassiaKassia

    JassiaKassiaPrije mjesec

    *That last one tho* 😂

  71. Nejra Sejdinovic sejdinovic

    Nejra Sejdinovic sejdinovicPrije mjesec


  72. Corbett

    CorbettPrije mjesec


  73. Ava Wyndham

    Ava WyndhamPrije mjesec

    What yes

  74. Ivy Rain

    Ivy RainPrije mjesec

    Soo she got famous for being a “pretty” white girl who does the same dances.


    JIANNA CAMPOSPrije mjesec

    charli is the best but she is going where we cant see her tiktoks just because her boyfreind!! so boring

  76. Zaina Allahdan

    Zaina AllahdanPrije mjesec


  77. Smith Kianna

    Smith KiannaPrije mjesec


  78. Sugarshack22

    Sugarshack22Prije mjesec

    I wish we didn't live in a world where you get rewarded for something you had absolutely nothing to do with...being born pretty. She's probably a great kid from a really good family and at 15 there shouldn't exist a platform for people to look at her body, or the need on her behalf to put it out for public consumption. I came here because of article on Blavity detailing the stealing of the Renegade dance created by the young African American dancer Jalaiah Harmon.

  79. Monique

    MoniquePrije mjesec

    Not to be rude but... There are far more talented people out there on tiktok..? I mean obviously I know she's just your average teenage girl but that's my point. When I heard she was famous I was actually expecting something a lot more impressive but to be honest... If I didn't know she was famous I would have thought she was just some random girl doing her own thing you know?

  80. Alexa

    AlexaPrije mjesec

    When I first heard about this amazing hype charli girl i was expecting to see an unearthly beauty and instead I see.. this? A fucking average girl with no talent. What is wrong with humanity?

  81. Jason Sheerin

    Jason SheerinPrije mjesec

    I love you charli

  82. Jason Sheerin

    Jason SheerinPrije mjesec

    I love you chatli

  83. Eliza Francoeur

    Eliza FrancoeurPrije mjesec

    My brother said your ugly Charlie

  84. Francesco Landi

    Francesco LandiPrije 2 mjeseci

    His story shows how to become famous in something it is enough to make others understand what that something is. We all have hidden talents!

  85. Lesli Bruks

    Lesli BruksPrije 2 mjeseci

  86. laugh out loud

    laugh out loudPrije 2 mjeseci

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="86">1:26</a> song?

  87. ali almeri

    ali almeriPrije 2 mjeseci

    charli i love you so much

  88. Amy Vajda

    Amy VajdaPrije 2 mjeseci

    I'm a big fan of her

  89. Michael S.

    Michael S.Prije 2 mjeseci

    I’m pretty sure she’s a nice girl, but I don’t see how someone who makes 15 second lip sync dance videos should have 44 million followers, go on jimmy fallon, etc. and she’s only 15 years old. I hope she is doing well mentally but I just KNOW her parents are using her power for money. Her dad’s a politician.

  90. Hannah Kehoe

    Hannah KehoePrije 18 dana

    Her parents seem lovely though

  91. c j

    c jPrije mjesec


  92. Juniperod _:V

    Juniperod _:VPrije mjesec

    Exactly! Like all of her tik toks Are sooo boring, like I don't even hate on her because she has money but like she is already rich and doesn't deserve it because she doesn't even appreciate it

  93. Phil Calzone

    Phil CalzonePrije 2 mjeseci

    I love your TickTock dances so much I

  94. Kevin M

    Kevin MPrije 2 mjeseci

    Here, let me give you your 900th downvote. Thanks! Bye!

  95. Natelie Arteaga

    Natelie ArteagaPrije 2 mjeseci

    do the renigad