Billie Eilish, Justin Bieber - bad guy (Lyrics)

Billie Eilish, Justin Bieber - bad guy (Lyrics)
Listen to "bad guy (with Justin Bieber)":
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[Intro: Billie Eilish & Justin Bieber]
Hmm, da-da-da-da-da
Da-da-da, hmm
Da-da-da-hmm (Yeah, yeah)
Oh, ah
[Verse 1: Billie Eilish]
White shirt now red, my bloody nose
Sleepin', you're on your tippy toes
Creepin' around like no one knows
Think you're so criminal
Bruises on both my knees for you
Don't say thank you or please
I do what I want when I'm wanting to
My soul so cynical
[Chorus: Billie Eilish]
So you're a tough guy
Like it really rough guy
Just can't get enough guy
Chest always so puffed guy
I'm that bad type
Make your mama sad type
Make your girlfriend mad tight
Might seduce your dad type
I'm the bad guy
[Post-Chorus: Billie Eilish]
I'm the bad guy
[Verse 2: Justin Bieber]
Gold teeth, my neck, my wrist is froze (So icy)
I got more ice than, than the snow
That guy, don't act like you don't know
That guy, so critical (Skrrt)
Tattoos on both my sleeves
Yeah, I don't sleep, please don't wake me
Loosen my tie up so I can breathe
It ain't political, oh no (Uh-uh)
[Chorus: Justin Bieber & Billie Eilish]
Yeah, I'm a bad guy
Ain't no holdin' back guy
Come off like I'm mad guy
Always got your back guy
Yeah, I'm the real type
Keep you full of thrills type
Show you what it feels like
Got an open invite
I'm the bad guy, woah-ooh
[Post-Chorus: Billie Eilish]
I'm the bad guy
I'm only good at bein' bad, bad
[Bridge: Billie Eilish & Justin Bieber]
I like when you get mad
I guess I'm pretty glad that you're alone (So icy)
You said she's scared of me?
I mean, I don't see what she sees
But maybe it's 'cause I'm wearing your cologne (Let's go)
[Outro: Billie Eilish & Justin Bieber]
I'm a bad guy (Damn right)
I-I'm a bad guy (Bad guy, aw, yeah, bad guy)
I'm a bad...


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    Cakes & EclairsPrije 5 mjeseci

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  2. Carl The Cute Fox

    Carl The Cute FoxPrije 4 mjeseci

    At 1:18 it says got not lie

  3. AJH280

    AJH280Prije 18 dana

    I don’t like Justin but I do like this version

  4. Daniel albruzo

    Daniel albruzoPrije 27 dana


  5. iiAd0reK

    iiAd0reKPrije mjesec

    This song is really good 🥰all these hate comments are really annoying

  6. Vjohn Eggie

    Vjohn EggiePrije mjesec

    Dude work on your gammar a bit No offense but u put a N at the end of HOLDIN

  7. Ahmed Oun

    Ahmed OunPrije mjesec

    Wtf jb really his voice is not for this song god🙄

  8. Elina Banerjee

    Elina BanerjeePrije mjesec

    but the part where justin moans is lame

  9. Ultimate_Master_Of_Creepypasta

    Ultimate_Master_Of_CreepypastaPrije mjesec

    But the part where you sent that 0w0

  10. Elina Banerjee

    Elina BanerjeePrije mjesec

    i love this song but last part of the song is the best

  11. Mustafa Ali

    Mustafa AliPrije 2 mjeseci

    Justin bieber is insane

  12. Mustafa Ali

    Mustafa AliPrije mjesec

    Yeah but justin bieber is justin bieber no one can be compared with him

  13. Ultimate_Master_Of_Creepypasta

    Ultimate_Master_Of_CreepypastaPrije mjesec

    But ur insane for hating uwu

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    This is on tiktok

  15. creep_theory zilch

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    I don't like Justin like that but this is an exception

  16. Design Legos

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    *Justins voice is HIGHER than Billie's*

  17. bhavs backup

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    Justin beiber singing it is technically killing the meaning of the song isn't it? :/

  18. AeeDeeh k

    AeeDeeh kPrije 3 mjeseci

    2:00 ♡

  19. zachary chase

    zachary chasePrije 3 mjeseci

    bruh justins part aint even that bad i mean his voice with billies doesnt match but the im a bad guy part he sang was fucking good

  20. ChillyChilli

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    Are you sure it's not "loosing my tie up" in the Justin Bieber verse?

  21. ThatRoseGuy

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    My inner cynic is seizing but the rest of me just wants to smile and groove to this like a puppy.

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    1:59: woAOoOoooOOOOOOooooOoOo... youre welcome

  23. El Loco

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    listening to this song while holding a black coffee mug with black coffee that says I had a bad idea

  24. alone-zo my bae

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    *1:35** - isn’t it loosen my tie up, so i can breathe?*

  25. Cat br baka :3

    Cat br baka :3Prije 4 mjeseci

    The justin bieber Spoled the your music .Im brazilien Otarios 😘 I love You billie Ellish but I dont like Justin Bieber OTARIOS😜👊🏿 Beijinhos no ombro recalcadas😘😘😘😘😘😘💋

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    I liiive this song

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    tbh this isn't bad the people shitting on this are a bunch of cry babies

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    I like this version, it's better then original for me

  32. Savannah Krebs

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  33. Banana Man

    Banana ManPrije 4 mjeseci

    In my opinion, I like this version more I thought Justin was a good edition and both Billie and Justin’s voice matched well with the beat the ending to the remix is not very good but most of the remix is..... also Justin's part doesn't make sense at all.

  34. pakistan talks

    pakistan talksPrije 4 mjeseci

    Getting into the groove...i dress up everyday listening to this track..

  35. Aubryanna Bigelow

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  36. Naivis Seva

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    I love it the Song...

  37. Haley Jekel

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    I love bille and im happy that doing this made her happy i just a stong disliking for justin bieber but hey you do you :)

  38. the donegan family. ella

    the donegan family. ellaPrije 4 mjeseci


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    Christian MonaldiPrije 4 mjeseci

    Billie eilish é meglio

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    weird noise at 2:29

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    losing my tired

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    The lyrics are wrong