40 Days: Logan Paul's Countdown to Fight Night

November 9 will be biblical.
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I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.


  1. Elias Reddemann

    Elias ReddemannPrije dan

    I was so sure he'd dominate

  2. jupiter is a bean

    jupiter is a beanPrije dan

    this video is v well made

  3. Aarav _

    Aarav _Prije dan

    Logan: imma beat Ksi *so that was a fucking lie*

  4. Sacrilege Gaming

    Sacrilege GamingPrije dan

    Who is here before this video gets deleted

  5. Goku Sama

    Goku SamaPrije dan

    40 days to lose again

  6. Derek Whitmer

    Derek WhitmerPrije dan

    proper fighting is using no gloves

  7. Nono []

    Nono []Prije dan

    3:12 Well at least I am not the only one thinking it.

  8. Bored Man

    Bored ManPrije dan

    Logan: I think Im about to poo myself Shannon: let's go pamp

  9. King Men

    King MenPrije dan

    languane turkish ?

  10. Conor Halpin

    Conor HalpinPrije 2 dana

    Nice win

  11. Hadriegon

    HadriegonPrije 2 dana


  12. Yassinou Bouaricha

    Yassinou BouarichaPrije 2 dana


  13. Charlie Beck

    Charlie BeckPrije 2 dana

    Like I respect u bro u have ovs changed after the whole Tokyo thing but jake dude needs to stop being a prick, good fight mate

  14. Moe Lester

    Moe LesterPrije 2 dana

    HA! You lost 😂

  15. Guru Singh

    Guru SinghPrije 2 dana

    Wish you knock out ksi

  16. Mincke Meyer

    Mincke MeyerPrije 2 dana

    Logan this is an amazing video

  17. Peakz

    PeakzPrije 2 dana

    Ok boomer

  18. Zack rizzgaam rixx maattt

    Zack rizzgaam rixx maatttPrije 2 dana

    Who is here after Logan lost the match?

  19. shaykhriyadh

    shaykhriyadhPrije 2 dana

    All these documentaries all just add to the stupidity of it all now.

  20. Gamer ManPC

    Gamer ManPCPrije 2 dana


  21. Fraser

    FraserPrije 2 dana

    14:03 well then...

  22. PulseFrosty

    PulseFrostyPrije 2 dana

    Man i wish you won but i will love to see you in boxing

  23. Qui-Gon Jinn

    Qui-Gon JinnPrije 2 dana

    Training really worked!

  24. Spooder

    SpooderPrije 2 dana

    Well now we know that he ain’t shit

  25. puwa

    puwaPrije 2 dana

    Capable of loosing apparently

  26. 웃

    Prije 2 dana

    Dude You Lost

  27. Jerome Mcdee

    Jerome McdeePrije 2 dana

    Logan: “I need to send some mail” Shannon: “Lets go stamp!”

  28. Amna Zahid

    Amna ZahidPrije 2 dana

    Who is here after the fight btw KSI WON OOF

  29. Gabriel Valencia

    Gabriel ValenciaPrije 2 dana

    Logan: could you stop call me champ? Shannon: Ok champ!

  30. Flamin'

    Flamin'Prije 3 dana


  31. Jordan H

    Jordan HPrije 3 dana


  32. Neo Truth

    Neo TruthPrije 3 dana

    This video was all for nothing lmao 😂 I guess

  33. Ibrahïm

    IbrahïmPrije 3 dana

    All this verbal and he lost what a f'ing no nce


    BOBSAIDHI3 THE KINGPrije 3 dana

    Ill show you what i'm capable of. lol we saw xD you get destroyed

  35. Rambabu Gondala

    Rambabu GondalaPrije 3 dana

    Shut the fuck up!

  36. Fnuky l-o

    Fnuky l-oPrije 3 dana

    بتحكي عربي على فكر وانا اسمي لوجان الرشق

  37. ZAINI Chickenman

    ZAINI ChickenmanPrije 3 dana

    Logan: I sneezed three times today Shannon: look at him yall

  38. CoolJJ504 ツ

    CoolJJ504 ツPrije 10 sati


  39. Ibrahim Hussein

    Ibrahim HusseinPrije 3 dana

    I SnEEzeD 3 TiMes

  40. Sidneyxblame U

    Sidneyxblame UPrije 3 dana

    Logan is a bitch black wins not white

  41. XxBamboxX

    XxBamboxXPrije 3 dana

    I feel sad for Logan 😥

  42. Filmer Zane

    Filmer ZanePrije 3 dana


  43. aaron white

    aaron whitePrije 3 dana

    Let me out let me out I don’t mess about

  44. Spencer Conio

    Spencer ConioPrije 3 dana

    Joe weller - 2019

  45. Jalwa N

    Jalwa NPrije 3 dana

    14:12 guess it’s you Logan 😅

  46. I steal Waifus

    I steal WaifusPrije 2 dana

    Oscar Solis lol you actually went and checked ? Didn't you get anything else to diss me for? Ha Who's the 6 year old now?

  47. Oscar Solis

    Oscar SolisPrije 3 dana

    Ur playlist is whack

  48. Oscar Solis

    Oscar SolisPrije 3 dana

    I’m not a logangster but I’m tired of people saying stuff to Logan when he has suffered so much Sit down u retarded shit Ur a 6 year old

  49. I steal Waifus

    I steal WaifusPrije 3 dana

    Oscar Solis lol sit down, you logangster

  50. Oscar Solis

    Oscar SolisPrije 3 dana

    Jalwa N lmao shut the fuck up kid

  51. JJ Passakorn

    JJ PassakornPrije 3 dana

    Logan: I think i wanna be a bassist. Shannon: Let's go amp.

  52. JJ Passakorn

    JJ PassakornPrije 3 dana

    95% ...phrase... let's go blank. 5% Who's here after the fight?

  53. Gaming Jazz

    Gaming JazzPrije 3 dana

    Can’t consider a loss Logan lost now what

  54. Shen Bapiro

    Shen BapiroPrije 3 dana

    So who’s life is gonna suck after November 9th again?

  55. Davis the Goat

    Davis the GoatPrije 3 dana

    He lost😂😂😂

  56. Halice Osman

    Halice OsmanPrije 3 dana

    Alright so I didn't make this but to all those people with like making those memes of "Lets go champ" the best one I heard was Logan: She cheated on me Shannon Briggs: Next hoe champ 😂

  57. How To Basic Kid

    How To Basic KidPrije 3 dana

    Love your video

  58. Shoaib Ahmad

    Shoaib AhmadPrije 3 dana

    Lol I got a G fuel KSI ad for this video

  59. divyansh jorwal

    divyansh jorwalPrije 3 dana

    Anyone after the fight?

  60. Creeper Gazer Minecraft CGM

    Creeper Gazer Minecraft CGMPrije 3 dana


  61. TersePlayz

    TersePlayzPrije 3 dana

    Girl on her period Shannon: LETS GO TAMP

  62. Wolffix

    WolffixPrije 15 sati


  63. Zach Hopkins

    Zach HopkinsPrije 3 dana

    Y’all are mad annoying w the comments none of them are funny

  64. Cowboy The Potcake

    Cowboy The PotcakePrije 3 dana

    HEY GUYS Having a bad day???😣😣😣 Click onto my channel and watch a video !!!!!!!😄😄😄😄

  65. _ Chicken

    _ ChickenPrije 3 dana

    Whose here after he took the L

  66. Ilay Tekbas

    Ilay TekbasPrije 3 dana

    Jo logan you remind me on connor mc Gregor with you'r beard 😂😂

  67. nmesoma obodoechi

    nmesoma obodoechiPrije 3 dana

    Jesus loves you

  68. SEMAJ

    SEMAJPrije 3 dana

    I see Logan as a beast now